The Largest Wholesale Market Of Costume Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Imitation Jewelry In Yiwu, China

The inevitable issue is where to get suppliers to start your jewelry business. Are you looking for fashion jewelry wholesale market in China?

jewelry wholesale market
Jewelry Wholesale Market

Jewelry is one of the most competitive industries in Yiwu, China. Yiwu is a global market located in Zhejiang Province, China.

Yiwu wholesale market has a large variety of good-quality yet cheap commodities and has been named as the base of the country’s market economy. Talk about imitation jewelry, fashion jewelry and costume jewelry.

Most of the suppliers in Yiwu jewelry market produces jewelry in and around Yiwu area, right at their production. Yiwu also holds the largest fashion jewelry manufacturer in the world.

The Wholesale market occupies an area of about 6.4 million square meters with more than 70,000 booths inside showcasing different fashion products. The market receives thousands of suppliers than 400,000 different kinds of products.

Why Yiwu is the Best Places in China?

  • Lowest Wholesale Prices

The jewelry market in Yiwu is well organized with suppliers of the same products concentrated in one place. Therefore, competition among the operators is very fierce, making the price to be relatively low.

  • Low MOQ for Small Business

What does MOQ mean? In Yiwu, $150 is enough for every product in stock. This means that you can buy different styles in plenty to see which product will be a hot-sell, but it is not easy to work like this in the trade show.

Low MOQ is good for small businesses. If you want to do your business online, you can purchase in Yiwu to buy all types of fashion, imitation, costume jewelry and consolidate them in one shipment.

  • Sufficient Packaging Suppliers

The packaging is the cover of a product which affects the first impression. If you need it exquisite or normal, you can find them from suppliers in Yiwu at affordable prices. You can also tailor your package and private label them to suit your brand.

  • Constant Trade Shows

Apart from wholesale markets, there is a constant trade show help in Yiwu annually that you can go for import where you can find real manufacturers.

This includes the Yiwu International Commodities Fair and the Canton Fair. If you want to wholesale big and find suppliers with sufficient budget, then you can check the trade fairs.

How to Buy from Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Yiwu wholesale market
Yiwu Wholesale Market

One thing you need to know about Yiwu Wholesale market is that it could be overwhelming from the number of shops that showcase their products. Before you buy jewerly from the stores, consider the following factors.

  1. Consider learning something about the city and its customs. Know the opening and closing times (9-5 pm) and educate some spoken language. Many sellers in Yiwu market can only understand basic English. When you see a product at a booth, you can use signs language.
  2. Prepare funds and sometimes because you cannot visit all the shops in open day. You can also change the currency although some shops can accept other currencies
  3. Get an agent. This will help you avoid language barriers and make work easy. All you will do is pick your products.
  4. Pick the right products. Yiwu offers products for mass purchase. You should take our time and check different booths and select the one that appeals to you.
  5. You should also organize the foreign trade personally.

How to Find a Wholesale Market Supplier?

Whether you are going for an agent or translator, I suggest you look at different suppliers to get the best prices. Suppliers of the same product are found in one place; all you have to do is to locate them.

If you are not familiar with them, you can get help from agents who will show you around based on the product categories.

You can know more click here: Wholesale China? Here’s what You Need to Know.

How to Deal with Yiwu Market Suppliers?

  • Choose Suppliers with Specialized Categories 

Some suppliers in the Yiwu market are specialized in doing one category, and some others do the various categories of products at the same time.

For specialized suppliers, their prices will tend to be better, the quality of the products will be more secure, and the suppliers are more familiar with the products.

The suppliers that deal with a lot of categories often have multiple cooperative factories. The suppliers who do various categories are not as professional as those who have specialized in just one category.

  • Confirm Product Quality

While purchasing from Yiwu markets, one very important thing is to emphasize to the supplier that the quality of massive production must be the same as the quality of samples. 

Never assume as long as you place your order based on the sample seen in the market, your product quality will automatically be the same as that of the samples. 

The truth is that if you do not do the double confirmation with the supplier, in most cases, you’ll be surprised at what you receive, the product material, size, weight or color, etc. could all be different from the samples.

  • Tips on Price Negotiation 

For price negotiations, the price of different quantities will not be very different. Generally, the quantity of about 1000 pieces can be offered at a great price. And sometimes, the supplier will give you a little discount of about 3-5%.

Some customers think that if they directly ask the supplier whether the price of 10, 000 pieces will be lower, they will get a low price of around 10-20%. But this is not true, as even after doing this, the price will still be the same as that of 1000 pieces.

You don’t have to be surprised, because this is normal. Since suppliers don’t believe you will buy 10,000 pieces. They think that this is a trick of you asking them about the lowest price possible.

So, when you hear that the price of 1000 pieces is almost the same as that of 10, 000 pieces, you shouldn’t be surprised.

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