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How To Choose Styles To Increase Wholesale Jewelry Business?

The jewelry industry is a competitive one, and the future success of your business rests on a solid foundation. Starting a Jewelry Business is quite an exciting and amazing option.

Evaluating various considerations, it is necessary to start wholesale body jewelry accordingly. No matter how long we’ve been in the wholesale jewelry business, there are always more ways to increase wholesale jewelry sales.

There are specific kinds of jewelry styles that can help improve your closing ratio and drive more revenue to your retail jewelry store.

Identify the Type of Jewelry You Sell

Any type of jewelry can convert sales online. Take the time to identify and define what type of jewelry you want to sell. This will make things clearer for your customer base, and save you time and energy in the long run. This is the categories you need to know about.

  • Fine Jewelry
fine jewelry
Fine Jewelry

Jewelry that incorporates high-quality metals and precious stones like diamonds and sapphires, executed with superior craftsmanship.

It highlights the high quality of materials over unique craftsmanship. Expensive materials can be cost-prohibitive, but mean higher returns when you make a sale.

  • Handmade Jewelry
handmade jewelry
Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry often shows not only the skill of the jeweler, but their artistic style, as well. Semiprecious stones and more unusual materials are used to create unique pieces.

Customers are drawn to this one-of-a-kind quality. It allows them to purchase something that feels truly special, without having to splurge on fine jewelry.

  • Costume Jewelry
costume jewelry
Costume Jewelry

This type of jewelry is often fun, on-trend, mass-produced, and made from inexpensive materials. This makes it super affordable to consumers, but also means that you will have to sell a lot to turn a considerable profit.

  • Vintage Jewelry
vintage jewelry
Vintage Jewelry

Vintage and estate jewelry have become an increasingly popular option for e-commerce. Some folks just have a great eye and love scouring flea markets and estate sales. Vintage jewelry allows buyers to buy something fairly unique and something with history.

Find Your Niche

Men, women, old, young; everyone loves jewelry. But the type of jewelry that different people appreciate varies tremendously. The best way to make a profit from the wholesale jewelry business is to narrow down the category further and dig out a more focused business niche.

It can be anything, including specialized silver jewelry, diamond jewelry or a particular jewelry item such as bracelets, earrings, or wedding rings. The more specific your business niche is the more competitive edge you will have over your rivals.

Being an expert on a particular jewelry type can win you more customers and a prominent spot in the market as the expert of that jewelry line. This also helps you target your customers neatly and focus more on tailoring their needs.

Find out Your Specialization

Indeed, customers never go to wholesalers that offer items available on every second jewelry store. Now it depends on how you stand out among the rest of the lot.

You must choose to do some jewelry designing courses to learn designing trendy and fancy jewelry items or at least have the knowledge of how it is done. Design your Wholesale Jewelry items keeping in view your customers’ needs.

Remember that jewelry is for body decoration so it must appear glamorous and make the wearer feel special. You should offer a variety of items that suits different occasions (both formal & informal) and at the same maintain high quality to satisfy your customers so that they choose to come back to you again.

Even if you are starting on a smaller scale, remember not to imitate others or let the style, quality, and individuality of your items go down.

Develop Your Jewelry Store Brand

Brand development and marketing can be overwhelming terms when you’re figuring out how to sell jewelry online, but they’re simpler than you might think.

Now that you have defined your type of jewelry and your niche, you’re ready to tell your target customers a story about your brand. Write something simple that communicates why you started this business, and what makes your jewelry special.

Invest in attractive, on-brand packaging when you ship out your products. Consider adding a thank you note, or even a discount code for their next purchase to encourage more transactions.

Decide on the tone that you want to use when communicating with your audience consistently. Dropshipping kooky, trendy fashion jewelry? Let your tone be more playful, silly and on-trend. Selling thoughtfully thrifted, one of a kind pieces?

You should come across as an expert, who’s excited to share and explain the historical and stylistic details of the pieces you’re selling. Crafting labour-intensive, unique jewelry? Opt for sincerity all the way.

Consider Versatility

Jewelry buyers have a desire to experiment with trendy jewelry while still building a collection of ” responsible ” pieces that can be used in a variety of different settings is greater than ever.

The hottest trend here is adjustable chains. Necklace lengths can be tricky to navigate – with the need for different lengths for every possible situation.

With the ability to go from choker-length to opera-length, a single adjustable-length chain takes care of that issue. Consider stocking a variety of this and your business on the right track.

With a nod to the dramatic fashions of twenty years ago, the present trend in jewelry is fearless and fun. You may want to revamp some of your older versions of favourites like the anklet or hoop earrings to bring them in line with the latest variations.

For great deals and more information on the latest jewelry styles, check out our fashion trends here.

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