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2019 Popular Jewelry Style From Instagram

If you ask any fashion enthusiast where they find any upcoming trends and the answer will be Instagram. The fact is trends are born on runways but flourish on the sites that they flourish.

Instagram is a good platform to shine the light on emerging trends and accessories brands. Already Instagram influences were wearing the biggest jewelry trends.

In the Instagram world, shells, anklets, layered necklaces and stacked rings were part of the seasonal array of options. As 2020 draws near, there will be a return of hoop earrings, layering necklaces, shell jewelry and many more.

Clearly, these insta-trendy pieces of jewelry are not popular by observation, but also on retailer’s shelves. We have made it easier by listing the most popular jewelry trends on Instagram at the moment so that you can stock up for the next coming season.

  • Anklets
simple anklet
Simple Anklet

Nostalgia is the main driver for many of the summer’s hand-crafted, Instagram-first jewelry brands. Anklets stole the spotlight off-winter periods all over Instagram.

This included shell, chain and beaded iterations. Simply this was the 2019 version of chockers that added a fun look on the sleek summer looks. You accessorize these anklets with strappy sandals or a minimalist heal to give a layered look.

  • Layered Necklaces
layered necklace
Layered Necklace

This trend is not a new look per se, but this year, it has been how many multiple chains you can style up — pairing it with a sundress, simple T-shirt, and jeans to adding a unique touch to any outfit.

Designers have described layering necklaces to adding an eclectic and vintage look. I liked how the layered necklaces could add a little edge to a sunny dress or a sleeve top. It personalizes your look.

  • Hoop Earrings
hoop earrings
Hoop Earrings

Social media cannot be complete without hoop earrings. You may be used to the sleek metal hoops, but this year saw a variety of bolder and more structural iterations.

Large gold hoops could be styled with a tee and jeans are styled up for evening wear. Most Instagram influencers wore oversized statement styles or multiple on one ear. Instagram influencers described hoop accessories as the ultimate go-with-everything jewelry.

  • Shell Jewelry
shell bracelets
Shell Bracelets

Shell jewelry was deemed to be one of the stylish jewelry in summer/spring 2019, and Instagram spotted the notion. The styles seen all over social media ranged from anklets, mismatched earrings and gold-dipped necklaces.

I don’t know what these styles remind you off but they take me to the late 1990s when pukka shell jewelry was to-go-for. The good thing about shell-jewellery is that it can be styled with a classy dress for spring and with a casual look.

The 2019 shell jewelry is different in that it included a mixture of pretty golds, the shells look more glamorous if you need to spice up your wardrobe, I would advise you to try some shell jewelry.

  • Mismatched Earrings
mismatched earrings
Mismatched Earrings

If you want a style that is polished but not stuffy, mismatched earrings will give you that look. Asymmetrical earrings have been growing in popularity, and lots of celebrities have been sporting the look.

This spectacular look has also seen some love on the fashion runways this year. Mismatched earrings are bold and confident and require a shift from your comfort zone to pull off the look.

True, they can be odd and even weird, but they make you take notice and lean in for a closer look. You should have fun with mix and match earrings because they promote so much creativity. You can try out a stud earring with a long drop or a colored button with a shell earring.

If this seems intimidating, countless brands provide unmatched sets for you to kick off. To avoid looking like you mistakenly put on two wrong earrings, it’s important to find some connection between the two pieces.

  • Sunglass Chains
sunglasses chains
Sunglasses Chains

Take a look at any pictures from the past fashion month, and you will see a variety of celebrities and models with a new trend. Yes! Glass chains, the type your grandma used to wear so as not to lose her frames.

This is a new style. Surprising huh! This style is fun and pretty. They have invaded Instagram feeds. This trend is perfect for those days where you just want to mix the makeup and throw on a pair of oversized sunglasses.

Not only are the chains easy to wear but they ensure that you don’t lose your sunglasses.

  • Coin Jewelry
coin jewelry
Coin Necklace

I find coin jewelry very cute. It is definitely one of the most popular Instagram trends and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The best thing about this coin pieces is that they are effortless.

They are so versatile, which means you can style it with anything in your wardrobe. Additionally, there are so many types of coins you can choose from.

Therefore, your jewelry can be unique just suited to your style. Talk about vintage trend present in the coin jewelry. You can choose jewelry with one coin or more than one coin.

  • Personalization

The trend that I have always believed in is personalization. Personalized jewelry provides you with a double whammy. You get a great looking piece of jewelry plus a keepsake that means something special to you. 

From birthstones, hard engraved jewelry to other customer elements, there is something special about a piece of jewelry that is customized just for you. This trend was seen all through 2019 and is extending in 2020.

This year we have seen a real increase in the number of celebrities and influencers choosing to wear personalized jewelry, either featuring their name or a message that’s close to their heart. Original, intimate personal will always be the trend in the coming years. Go ahead and invest in one.

I love these trends for their versatility which allows you to incorporate various styles depending on your personality and taste.

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Choose one or more of these jewelry trends, and you can count on walking down the streets and turn plenty of heads in the next season.

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