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Top 8 Popular Jewelry Styles In 2019

In 2019, florals were big; linens had major moments, fine jewelry has taken over. From delicate hoops, flowers and shell motifs, these tops trends made 2019’s summer and spring playful and fun.

A few years ago, we could not have seen a pairing of conch hoops completing an evening gown. But again we are not complaining. If you consider yourself a jewelry fiend or want to catch up on the latest trends to know, continue to discover the biggest jewelry street style trends from fashion month and shop to best pieces to get ahead for the next season.

Even if the jewelry trends in this article don’t feel like a good fit for your personal style, you can take inspiration from them and easily fit your own style. No matter how you define your style, there is a take below that will complement your unique style.

  • Chunky Chains
chunky necklace
Chunky Chains

Arguably, the most popular that span across 2019 was the chunky chains.

Chunky chains have taken the place of dainty jewelry more and more lately, and if the recent runways are any indication, the trend is only going to gain steam in the coming seasons.

The chains can be considered a contemporary classic. Both silver and gold iterations popped up in the forms of edgy chockers or statement bracelets.

If you are new to this style, you can try out short necklaces and layer it with daintier styles to bring out a dynamic look that does not feel too precious nor too punk. With these of-the-moment styles showing no signs of disappearing, shop the must-have ahead of the season.

  • Colored Jewelry
colored jewelry
Colored Earrings

We always think of summer being bold and full of beautiful colors. But what you can do is accentuate your fall and winter wardrobe with color too.

2019 saw the trend of colored jewelry all over — the more the color, the better, especially if it is fine jewelry. The search for color block designs was on the trend all over the searches.

The present colored earrings have a modern scheme that impresses many. What I like about this fashion is that it is fun and playful. Classic jewelry is normally serious. Adding color to it brightens the mood.

  • Personalization

The trend that I have always believed in is personalization. From birthstones, hard engraved jewelry to other customer elements, there is something special about a piece of jewelry that is customized just for you.

This trend was seen all through 2019 and is extending in 2020. Original, intimate personal will always be the trend in the coming years. Go ahead and invest in one.

  • Literal Statement Earrings
literal statement earrings
Literal Statement Earrings

We saw fashion move from the graphic T-shirts, wordy hair accessories and now wordy earrings. The best way to wear your heart in 2019 is to wear them on your lobes.

Not only did dangling phrases prove to be the most popular, but also stud sentiments were abounding. Wearing earrings with different names and wordings were a statement in 2019.

  • Feeling Hoopy
feeling hoopy
Cute Earrings

Hoop earrings go out of style. Guess what? They are back in – way in! Worn either in single or pairs, hoops made rounds in different shapes and sizes this year.

Hoops surfaced as nods, bamboo and massive coloured hoops that graced the fashion runways. If you have multiple piercings, adding hoops in increasing size in one or both ears, make a dramatic statement.

Choose a hairstyle that will show off this look. Long straight locks will bring back memories of Cher on her 1970s TV show! A natural Afro with large hoops is a fond acknowledgement of Pam Grier’s foxy lady look.

The versatility of hoop earrings is perhaps the best quality of this fine jewelry tend. Small hoops also accentuate cheekbones and eyes if you pull your hair back into a severe ponytail or bun.

The thicker the circle, the more noticeable the glow. Shop ahead of the season. However, the best way to choose the right hoops for you is to try them on and determine the shape and size that best suits your style.

  • Brooches
beaded brooch
Beaded Brooch

When we talk about brooches, your mind goes to your grandmother. Resurrecting the vintage styles of antique brooches is a fun way to honour the past and the present.

They don’t look anything like what Grandma used to wear! One of this year’s hot jewelry styles is large, gem-encrusted brooches. Well, in 2019, the classic pin was a modern pin.

From gold hashtag brooches to pretty delicate pins, this fine jewelry designs made a comeback in 2019. Brooches are versatile in both use and design.

  • Pearls
pearl earrings
Pearl Earrings

Pearls are not only picking up steam this season but this time around they’re being updated in polished, baroque-inspired designs. The new wave of pearl jewelry is sleek and modern.

Perfectly spherical pearls are set to eclipse the freshwater pearl shapes that dominated this summer and a new classic is emerging: cameos. Whether you’re wearing leather or lace, consider mixing in some of your grandmother’s pearls.

This winter with an infusion of ladylike layers that will bring just the right touch of elegance to the party. Seek styles that have a slightly modern or head-turning aspect, though, be it varying sizes of pearls, sculptural designs, or unusual shapes.

  • Single Earring
single earring
Single Earring

Earrings went solo this season with runways models achieving this look. There’s something avant-garde and unexpected about wearing just one earring.

A matching set of statement earrings makes an impact, but a single sculptural earring breaks the rules for an even bolder effect. You can go with a jewelry piece that makes enough to stand out on its own. If you want to create a statement look.

Why? No one expects to see one earring on you. Definitely, you can buy a set of earrings and choose to wear one but I am seeing so many brands selling singular earrings.

You need to get on ahead of time and grab yourself some of the trendy styles. Nihaojewelry provides you with a wide variety of styles that can complement your wardrobe. So go ahead and check the styles out and thank me later!

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