What Are the Most Popular Online Products in Mexico in 2021?

Would you like to know what the best-selling products online are in Mexico and how to find the best suppliers? You have come to the right place.


Mexico is the second-largest economy in Latin America and the second-largest trading partner of the United States. Mexico is a free market economy and ranks second in strength in Latin America. It has 85 million Internet users and a penetration rate of 65%. There are 81 million mobile Internet users, with a penetration rate of 72%.

According to data, online sales in Mexico increased by 81% in 2020, accounting for 9% of the country’s retail industry. AMVO CEO Pierre Claude Blaise said that compared with the number in 2019, it has almost doubled.

If you don’t know what to sell in your online store, choosing popular products is a safe choice. Even with the prospect of more competition, sales are likely to increase due to the high demand for products.


In Mexico, apparel and accessories seen as the most popular products purchased online. Computer equipment and consumer electronics come next in the list of physical purchases made online, followed by furniture, appliances, and equipment.


Mexico’s passion for fashion and jewelry

Mexico is an attractive market for accessories sellers as one of the 10 most popular online purchases is jewelry. Both women and men choose joyas (jewelry in Spanish) as an element of self-expression and also to mark most of the religious milestones of their life. Sales of precious adornments are generally on the rise in the nation, and that is definitely reflected in the e-commerce market.

A typical Mexican girl first encounters jewelry shortly after her birth when her ears are pierced, and she receives earrings as a gift. Within three months of her birth, she usually receives a Virgin Mary charm on a golden necklace to mark her baptism. Then, a customary gift for her Catholic first communion is a silver bracelet with her name engraved on it, and more jewelry will arrive for her quinceañera, a special party held on her 15th birthday.

There is also a common tradition for jewelry within Mexican families: for example, a diamond engagement ring or an elaborate gift of precious metals or stones upon the birth of the couple’s first child is very common to purchase.

Therefore, it can be seen that the status of jewelry in Mexico is very important, and the demand for jewelry in Mexico is constantly increasing. In recent years, as the e-commerce market in Mexico continues to open up, many online stores have appeared. Sales of these stores are also uprising. Because they found the right supplier-Nihaojewelry.

nihaojewelry home page
nihaojewelry home page

Nihaojewelry is the top jewelry wholesale website in Mexico. High quality and low price are important factors for Nihaojewelry to attract many online sellers. If you are more familiar with Spanish, don’t worry, Nihaojewelry has a dedicated Spanish website and customer managers. As a website specializing in fashion jewelry and apparel, Nihaojewelry has always been the largest online wholesale supplier in the Mexican fashion and jewelry market.

For the trendy jewelry style that Mexicans prefer, Nihaojewelry focuses on style research and production, and its products have always been loved by Mexicans. In order to give Mexicans more affordable prices, Nihaojewelry provides a duty-free logistics method, so it’s very cost-effective to source goods at Nihaojewelry. Mexicans  OXXO payments are supportive at Nihaojewelry. In addition, Nihaojewelry provides a logistics method that cooperates with Mexico, which is faster, cheaper, and safer.

According to the data above, it’s a good time for Mexico to develop online businesses, so start your action now. If you have any thoughts about online sales in Mexico? Please tell me your ideas in the comments.

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