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Autumn Fashion Jewelry Trends In 2019

Hello, guys! Autumn is coming soon.

Somehow, I always feel that the autumn is the most beautiful season among four seasons. Cause the temperature in autumn is very comfortable, the feeling that autumn gives me is warm and retro.

More importantly, due to the wonderful weather, girls can dress up to their fullest, whether in clothing or fashion jewelry, there have enough space to match.

Properly wearing jewelry that suit yourself can make you look more charming and add highlights to your overall look. Let’s have a look what kinds of fashion jewelry you should have!

  • Long Earrings

Be it crystals, pearls, tassels, or link chains, long earrings come in all forms. Long earrings instantly add a touch of drama to your look and extend a classy upgrade instantly. In addition, it can better modify the lines of your face, which render your face look more perfect. So don’t hesitate, go for some long earrings!

  • Single Earring

Symmetry is not so necessary for current fashion trends. Wearing only one earring is popular in autumn in 2019. Wearing one earring is also a great way of rocking something beautiful and blingy in a non-gendered, and if we may add, it’ll make you feel a little pirate-y, too.

  • Mismatched Earrings

Wearing a different earring on each ear is also a great way of making yourself look more special, but it can also be a good idea to show your emotions.

If your dress style is relatively simple, but you want to make your overall look more attractive, then mismatched earrings is your good partner!

  • Twisted Earrings

There is a modern art vibe of twisted earrings, which were made of metal that was worked and twisted into fluid shapes. So if you prefer to dress up more artistic in autumn, why not try to wear twisted earrings?

  • Multi-Chain Necklace

Multi-chain necklace is also a trendy items in autumn in 2019. It makes you look more attractive.

  • Simple Hair Band

In autumn, having a simple hair band is necessary. Sometimes it can become a great tool for matching your outfits. It can be a single color with a logo or some letters, or with a knitted. Leisure sports style hair band make you look more casual and cool. Knitted hair band will make you look more cute and sweet.

  • Retro Hair Hoops

Recent year, retro style is hot. Personally speaking, autumn gives me retro feeling. So I prefer to using retro fashion jewelry to dress up. Thus retro hair hoops is a better choice.

  • Leaf-Shaped Fashion Jewelry

Autumn is a season of deciduous, with many different kinds and textures of fallen leaves. Making these textures present on fashion jewelry, it’s so special. Wearing leaf-shaped fashion jewelry is just like embrace with autumn!

  • Punk Style Fashion Jewelry

Actually, fashion is a reincarnation. Punk style prevails in the seventies and eighties. Now, more and more teenagers or adults enjoy punk style. Put on a leather jacket, paired with skinny jeans and booties, and then properly wear some punk style jewelry. There is no doubt that you’re so cool and shinning in the autumn.

  • Normcore Fashion Jewelry

Normcore fashion jewelry tends to be simple, but full with design sense. When the color of your outfits is colorful, you can wear normcore fashion jewelry to neutralize it to look more soft. On the other hand, wearing normcore fashion jewelry makes you look more spell able, especially for office ladies.

  • Pearl Fashion Jewelry

Pearl elements fashion jewelry has been around for a long time. No matter you’re cute, sweet or elegant, pearl fashion jewelry can meet all your demands.


Here’s what I shared today. After reading that, are you looking forward to the arrival of autumn like me? Hope this article can give you inspiration about dress up yourself!

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