How to Wear Brooch with 3 Must-kept Secrets?

Do you like wearing brooch in your daily life? Perhaps some of you think the brooch is not enough trendy or even a little old-fashioned. But actually so long as you master the skill of wearing brooch, you will surprisingly find the beauty of the brooch.

Why Wearing Brooch?

  • Make you look like the queen.

Compared with other jewelry, such as necklace, earrings and ring etc., the brooch better has a sense of presence, and is the best partner for the professional lady.

Have you ever noticed Mrs. Thatcher always wore a brooch? That made her look more serious and convincing.

Mrs. Thatcher wears a gorgeous brooch.
Mrs. Thatcher
  • Add highlights

Most of professional ladies inevitably have single color clothing, sometimes it maybe too monotonous. Then if you wear a brooch, not only can it add highlights for your overall look, but also add a layered feel, making a regular clothing look new one. Princess Kate is a typical example. Most of time she wear a solid color suits with a brooch to attend events.

  • Express your emotions

Different from earrings, necklaces and bracelets, because of the variety of shapes, the brooch can inadvertently express your emotions.

When you go to visit clients to talk about business, you can choose a owl brooch. Cause the owl is a symbol of wisdom in Western countries. Thus wearing it can give you a psychological hint.

Owl brooch.
Owl brooch
  • Especially suit autumn and winter.

In autumn or winter, you will wear more clothing. Then wearing a brooch is more convenient. If you like wearing sweater, choosing a brooch as a ornaments is a excellent idea!

  • Make you special.

In fact, you maybe notice that not so many people tend to wear the brooch. So choose a brooch that suits you and make you stand out from the crowd.

How should the brooch be worn?

The brooch, as the name suggests, is to be worn on the chest. The most classic wearing method can be seen in Elizabeth II: wear on the upper left side of the chest.

Elizabeth II.
Elizabeth II

This is the most traditional way to wear the brooch. Let’s see what other ways to wear it is both professional and fashionable.

  • Neckline

Wearing a brooch on the neckline of your shirt can make you noble and elegant.

And you also can wear it on necklines of your coat, suit or sweater.

  • Wear multiple brooches together.

If the brooch is small, then you can consider wear multiple together, which will make you look more special and attractive.

  • Waist

Wearing a brooch at a suitable position around the waist creates an illusion and makes the waist slimmer.

  • Else

Besides the above-mentioned several methods of wearing the brooch, it can also be worn on bags, hats, sleeves and scarves. So it’s really a practical tool for you to dress up yourself.

Anyway, you can put it on anywhere you want!

How to choose a brooch that suit yourself?

There are too many shapes and colors of the brooch, so how to choose a suitable brooch? Here are several principles need to be noticed.

  • The brooch is larger that’ll make others feel more stressful.

Just like if you have a interview to find a new job, please don’t wear a larger size brooch, cause it will give interviewer a sense of oppression.

  • The slimmer you are, the smaller the brooch you choose.
  • Choose a brooch that contrasts with the color of clothing so that the brooch is more stand out.

Finally, there are two points that must be reminded:

  • Choose the size of the brooch according to the material of clothing.

Many summer T-shirts or shirts can’t bear large and heavy brooch, it’s easy to deform clothing after a long time. So in general, summer clothing are suitable for small brooch, winter coats and sweaters are more suitable for complex shapes of big brooch.

  • Your overall look has a focus.

There can only be one focus on your overall look. Don’t wear rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets together. Remember: we are not Christmas trees!

At last:

After reading this article, hope you can master the skill of wearing the brooch. And if you don’t have a brooch, just go to buy one. The brooch is both an accessory and a tool.

It can help women to tie up beautiful clothing, or it can be a link between gorgeous clothing and another piece of accessory. If you don’t have a brooch, just go to buy one. Enjoy the fun it brings to you!

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