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10 Tips To Find Chinese Suppliers For Wholesale China.

Wholesale suppliers in China.
Wholesale suppliers in China

Chinese goods have always found a way to our doors, do you know why? Because they tend to be cheap. Many will argue and say the cheapness is attributed to many factors. Like they are of low quality, or it’s because China has high labor and other factors. But the fact will remain that Chinese products are always cheap.

Many of us would want to buy quality things, but how much can we afford the “quality”? Where do we get these quality things and if we then can we able to afford them?

Well, my point is not that Chinese goods are not of quality. However, the point is that Chinese goods are affordable and easily available. This is why many people will go for Chinese products. You can get anything you want. This is why nearly everything is written made in China.

Well, we all know that when it comes to the wholesale business is where someone buys goods in bulk and goes to sell them in smaller quantities. In the USA, the wholesale business is everywhere.

Just like any other countries, many people in the states enjoy Chinese products. This is why we have sites where people can buy these goods in bulk or wholesale.

These sites are well known to sell Chinese products ranging from electronics, motor vehicles, clothes, and vehicle spare parts. All these and other products can be ordered and be bought online on sites like Ebay.com,wherehouse115.com, chinabrands, AliExpress, and many others.

The advantage of the wholesale market of Chinese goods is that the goods bought in bulk can be later sold into smaller quantities that will generate maximum profit.

Chinese Wholesale goods can also be found in other countries, like Mexico, where people enjoys affordable and reliable china products.

The goods can be ordered online by the leading china wholesaler, which is Chinabrand that is located in China but sells wholesale goods in over 200 countries. The goods range from clothes, shoes, artificial hairs, toys, beauty products, and many others.

Many traders benefit fully from these businesses. Another important site that must be mentioned is the Nihaojewelry, which are Chinese suppliers of jewelry. They have elaborate fashion jewelry with many all kinds.

More importantly, they share the latest trends information and update products everyday. Their products are affordable, and they can easily be shipped. Of course they also offer many shipping methods. Their customer service desk is always open in case you have any questions.


While dealing in Chinese products is easy, sometimes to find the suppliers can be a hassle. Then you need to find them anyways because you need to do some business and make some profits. Here are some ways you can find suppliers of Chinese goods.

  • Google

Well, Google has everything. So some of these suppliers have their brands listed on Google. When you search them, you can easily get them.

However, this method has a problem because you do not know how authentic and trustworthy the companies are. You will later have to proof check with these companies to know which one you can deal with.

  • Attend trade shows and trade fairs

Many companies will always attend these shows to promote, introduce, or advertise their companies or their products. By attending these shows, you will be able to meet some wholesale china companies with whom you can start a business with. The direct interaction with potential suppliers will allow you to see their abilities up-close and personal.

  • Chinese Market places

Do you want goods from China? Then why don’t you to a market where you will get Chinese wholesalers. However, again, you don’t have to go there, because you can get them online personally.

The most common sites are the Alibaba and AliExpress which are leading in wholesale products from China. The two sites allow many manufacturers to sell goods through them. It like the American Amazon.

  • Outsource to a sourcing agency

There are several agencies that you can easily get information from where you can easily locate wholesalers. Though not all companies can be trusted, a few like 80/20 sourcing, easy Ones, and others.

  • Use of online supplier directories

Online supplier directories are among the most reliable way of getting to know the supplier. Many times, you should use the well-known sites that will give the best information.

  • Visit the suppliers

Many at times you can visit the suppliers in person to make arrangements and see for yourself what you may need.

  • Use trading companies

Trading companies are always middlemen. When you want to buy something, some of these companies can give you the name of factories or suppliers. Some companies though, will not give you to avoid competition.

  • Visit the manufacturers

Many traders will want to get products straight from the manufacturing plant. So by visiting the plants, you can easily make a kill. The manufacturers will give you better deals compared to the middlemen dealers.

  • Use wholesalers of overstock

Some wholesalers buy products, and they later notice that the products are just too much for them. So they sell them to others at a reduced price.

  • Find a Chinese local to help you

If you want something from China, then you need to have a Chinese friend who will know China wholesale suppliers.

Some suppliers have been listed are listed in various stock exchange in many countries. Some of the suppliers have appeared on the USA stock exchange. Alibaba, which is a major player in supplying wholesale goods, is one of the companies that appears to be listed more frequently.
AliExpress is also listed.

It turns out that Chinese goods are reliable and easily found. From many markets all over the world, you will find Chinese products. It is always important to know what you want exactly. The market is crazy.

Many people will buy things that are duplicated and say they are from China. Yes, some goods that duplicated come from China but not all of them, so you have to be careful.

The success of your business will always depend on how well you know the market. You have to know the exact means of getting your products.


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