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Best 7 Marketing Tips For Fashion Jewelry Business

Having a marketing strategy is important to any business. From marketing jewelry store to marketing online, there are some important consideration you need to have to make your business successful no matter the platform you choose to sell your products.

Marketing of fashion jewelry is no longer an option for brick and mortar stores. So how can you improve your jewelry sales opportunities in this developing space of e-commerce. Today you might be interested by the various online stores like and get yourself a pearl hair accessory.

More so, most buyers purchase all year round mainly for themselves. You don’t need to conform to your previous marketing tactics because the consumer market is changing.

To help your business evolve, here are some tips you need to put into consideration.

1.Take A Look At Your Website

Take a step back and rethink about the design of your website. Is it up to date, current, and is it providing sufficient information about your business? Is your website easy to navigate and are the pictures clearly displayed or it needs constant refreshing?

All this points make a huge difference for customers. Most customers are attracted to the website that is easy to navigate and make their experience easy to order.

The price and product description need to be detailed and clear. You also need a persuasive language to draw in the customers. Do you know what I mean?

2.Leverage Your Online Brand Advocates

Social media is very important in the current day business. It is the modern day word of mouth marketing and the biggest brand advocates are the customers.

If your business does not have any presence in social media, make it your aim to create a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. To get your brand advocates, all you need is to be active on the social media platforms.

Your brand message needs to be friendly and welcoming. Customers need to trust you.

When a customer posts any of your products to their peers, they are recommending you. You can reward these customers with gifts for purchase, exclusive offerings or discounts to keep them coming or recommend you to more people.

3.Invest In High Resolution Photography

First impressions are the always the last impressions. Marketing of jewelry is not only about pictures and clear description. You need a high quality picture that captures the intricate details of your pearls or metal.

Photography is normally understated. Use clear photos that will help customers understand what you are selling when they visit the product page.

Prospects will see the beauty and quality of the products they are buying. Take a look at the jewelry pictures posted on this website.

4.Include Different Angles

There is reason behind websites listing more than five photos for a single jewelry product. This is because the more you display different pictures of a ring, the less likely you will hide any flaw.

This is essential, especially when it comes to jewelry.

Customers want to see the intricate details from different sides. Take Nihaojewelry for instance, for every product, they upload about 10 pictures all taken from various angles.

5.Create Holiday Promotions And Discounts

Holidays! Holidays! These are the best times to increase your sales and market your products.

I grew up knowing that people are normally looking for the holiday season to buy products due to the discounts that are normally issued by different companies.

It’s a matter of making your customers believe that your jewelry pieces are the best gift for different occasions. The end year is the best time to entice customers and clean house with a deal.

6.Online Reviews Matter

To build a successful fashion jewelry business relationship and trust is key.

Currently, customers who are not well conversant with a particular employer or have not purchased from a particular seller look up for online reviews to gain the confidence. Consider going above and beyond with your brand advocates.

With them, you will be comfortable to solicit reviews from them. If you focus on building that online platform and offering great customer service, you will have amazed at how many customers will get confidence with your products.


For a fashion jewelry website, blogging is a complementary marketing tool. Blog articles are a good opportunity to add more traffic to your website. An updated blog keeps you up on Google and other search engines.

Search engines like to see websites that are frequently updated. This should not be a problem because you will have a post with every jewelry piece, right?

Blogging is also important because it gives you a platform to reveal your expertise on jewelry. Make sure you highlight your unique selling proposals.

With jewlery business, your blog does not require so much but creativity, engagement and clear information. This will have people coming back over and over!

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