How To Find Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers And Sell Retail?

Jewelry business is highly competitive. The global jewelry market size was valued at USD 249.02 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% from 2022 to 2030, according to Grandviewresearch.

us jewelry market
us jewelry market

So are you ready to start your wholesale jewelry business? There is a lot of competition in this industry as well as enormous chances for fast growth of the wholesale jewelry business.

But the key point of successfully running a wholesale jewelry business is to find a safe and trustable wholesale jewelry supplier. After all, a stable supply of goods will give your customers a great shopping experience.

Therefore in this post, we will share something about how to find wholesale jewelry suppliers and how to sell fashion jewelry online.

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How To Sell Fashion Jewelry Online?

Jewelry is a popular piece of item that can either be used for personal wearing or for giving away as a gift. So there is a high demand for jewelry. Online jewelry business is also a trend now.

Below you’ll find some advice that can help you determine the preferred route for you to take in making a living on selling jewelry.

Find The Best Websites To Sell Fashion Jewelry

  1. eBay
  2. Etsy
  3. Amazon
  4. Artfire
  5. Nihaojewelry

Here’re four of the best websites to sell fashion jewelry I have found, and a couple of pros and cons for each.

a. eBay

ebay website

eBay is for more than just selling your old electronics, they also provide many kinds of fashion jewelry.


  • You can list up to 50 items a month with no listing fee. After that, you pay pennies per listing.
  • This is another site that boasts lots of active users — more than 160 million, in fact.


  • Auctioning off your jewelry can be intimidating. Of course, you can add a minimum selling price to ensure you get at least the price you want for your products.
  • The fee for selling your item is assessed as a percentage of the final value. Be sure to factor this fee into your profit and loss considerations if you choose eBay as your selling choice.

b. Etsy

etsy website

You had to know this was going to be on the list of best websites to sell jewelry, right? I mean Etsy is considered by many people to be the No. 1 website for selling handmade goods!


  • Etsy claims it has 30 million buyers around the world, which is a lot of traffic for a startup like you. Lots of people know what Etsy is, and trust the platform as a place to buy handmade goods.
  • There are no monthly fees to keep your stuff on Etsy. Once you pay the listing fee, your goods can sit in your store until you sell them. (At least that’s the case as of the time of this writing.)


  • It costs pennies to list each one of your items for sale. Even if it never sells, you are out of the cash. That may not seem like a lot, but if you have a large inventory, listing all of your goods can add up quickly.
  • The flip side of popularity is that Etsy now has around 1.8 million sellers. That’s a lot of competition. Your stuff might never be seen on their site.

c. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites. So if you want to sell jewelry, you can use Amazon’s traffic to win customers for your goods. Is Selling Jewelry on Amazon Profitable? YES!


  • Amazon traffic is worldwide, with 150 million visitors per month in the U.S. alone.


  • Competition is fierce. there are many visitors to Amazon and, by the same token, many sellers. You may have a hard time standing out from so many competitors.
  • When your stuff sells, you pay a commission. On top of that, Amazon has referral fees, fulfillment fees, and other fees you might spend.

d. ArtFire


This Tucson-based marketplace allows customers to post “wanted” ads for items they’d like to commission, potentially opening another source of revenue for jewelry artisans willing to accept custom orders.


  • It only costs pennies to list your goods for sale in a standard shop, and you can have up to 250 active listings.
  • There are no ads on shop pages and no ads on the item pages either.


  • You are going to be paying at least a few dollars a month to keep your shop open. Popular and Featured Shop plans are more.

e. Nihaojewelry

nihaojewelry website
nihaojewelry website

When it comes to fashion jewelry, you must have to meet Nihaojewelry. You will have a wonderful jewelry journey here. Providing all kinds of fashion jewelry to satisfy your customers’ demands.

Nihaojewelry is not just a wholesale jewelry platform, you can also use Nihaojewelry’s free website builder to set up your own jewelry store to sell your products.


  • You can get the first-hand resource on fashion jewelry here to attract more customers.
  • You just need register an account, then you can open your own jewelry online store by creating a free eCommerce website.
  • After establishing store, easily make brand promotion through Facebook. Click here for detailed steps.
  • Provide quickly refund policy.


  • Sometimes, some popular products will be out of stock, so it takes some time to wait.

Establish Your Own Online Jewelry Website

After trying, testing, and analyzing each of them, we can say without any doubt that these four builders are the best of the best for selling jewelry online.

Here’s a quick overview of how they scored in our ratings:

One of the main reasons for using an e-commerce builder is the amount of time it will save you, and also can free up your time for other important tasks.

Sell Jewelry By Social Network

There’s no doubt that a network is a great tool to increase your online jewelry business. Like Facebook, Instagram…

  • Instagram
  1. Take Top-Notch Photos: On Instagram, the photo is the most important aspect of each post, so make sure that your posts show your jewelry in a modern and aesthetic way. You can take the photos yourself or hire a professional photographer for the best results.
  2. Write Enticing Descriptions to Match: Images are great for showing off your products, but your customers are going to want details, such as whether a necklace chain is sterling silver or just silver-plated.
  3. Harness the Power of Hashtags: Hashtags make it easier for viewers to categorize posts and find the images they are looking for. Choosing appropriate hashtags can make the difference between your audience finding your posts and those posts just floating around unseen.
  4. Engage with Your Audience: One of the best things about social media platforms is that they allow you to really engage with your audience. Rather than just forcing ads in front of them, you are starting a conversation and getting them involved.
  • Facebook
  1. Create a Facebook Fan Page: Facebook has come a long way in developing tools for businesses and groups to better interact with their fans, and they put these tools in the Fan Pages section, not in your individual Profile.
  2. Make a Plan: Start with manageable goals, write them down and then tack them by your monitor.
  3. Write Great Posts: This is the hardest part of all, but don’t be intimidated. Again, write out what you want your posts to accomplish on a sticky note and put that on your monitor.
  4. Be Patient: When it comes to building up a strong following on social media, you shouldn’t expect it to happen overnight; you’ll need to be consistent to write great posts.

How To Find Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers?

Next, I will list some amazing wholesale jewelry websites. Besides, I also will introduce several fashion jewelry exhibitions.

  • Best 5 Wholesale Jewelry China Websites
NihaojewelryFashion jewelryChina
SOQ JewelryFashion jewelryChina
  • Best 4 Wholesale Jewelry US Websites
Welman GroupJewelryUS
Ruby ImportsJewelryUS
Jewelry MaxJewelry US

Want to know more about these websites: Best 13 Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors In China/US/UK.

Buying In Bulk From Jewelry Exhibition

Many jewelry exhibitions are held every year. This is a great chance for you to find high-quality jewelry for wholesale, you should seize it!

a. International Gem & Jewelry Show

International Gem & Jewelry Show is one of the most comprehensive jewels and gem show in the world.

The event features a variety of gems, beads, and jewels from all across the globe based on the latest trends and innovative ideas and technologies.

b. HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewelry Show

The HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewelry Show is the perfect stop for international and regional jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, buyers and designers to meet and tap into the global markets.

This sparkling event features themed zones showcasing magnificent finished jewelry products.

Major exhibit categories include antique jewelry, brand name watches & clocks, fine jewelry, finished jewelry, IT solutions for Jewelry, jade jewelry, jewelry accessories, jewelry display and packaging material, jewelry tools and equipment as well as silver jewelry.

c. Shenzhen International Jewelry Fair

Shenzhen International Jewelry Fair is the largest and most successful trade fair ever held in Mainland China. It is the most glamorous showcase of the best jewelry design in China.

It also unveils the prevailing jewelry consumption trends in the years to come. And product displays like diamond jewelry, diamonds, gold, jewelry, jewelry, machinery, pearls, platinum jewelry and more.

d. Aisa’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Fair

Asia’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Fair is the only international trade event dedicated to the fashion jewelry and accessories industry where buyers can source a wide range of quality products and see the latest trends.

Asia’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessory Fair is a product like Base metal jewelry, bead jewelry, enamel and pewter jewelry, glass jewelry, natural material jewelry, plastic jewelry, etc.

e. India International Jewelry Show

India International Jewelry Show features a display of hand-cut Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Precious and semi-precious stones from around the globe, silver jewelry, antique jewelry, stone beads, natural stones, pendants, earrings, rings, chains, pressed glass, Venetian and Murano beads, silver, copper, pearls, chains, wire, cords and tools and hand-made jewelry, etc.

There are too many choices of wholesale suppliers of each jewelry exhibition. What you should do is know more different suppliers and make comparisons between them.

After that, you can have a deep understanding of their products, and what services they provide. Don’t rush to decide on your wholesale supplier!

Pro Tips For Selling Fashion Jewelry Online

Now that you have a clear idea about how to find a wholesale jewelry supplier, as well as what you will resell, we’re going to offer you some pro tips to keep your store up and running.

Tip 1: Find a Suitable Jewelry Website Builder

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then an e-commerce website is your jewelry store’s best friend!

An e-commerce website builder is an online platform that helps you build your very own online store.

You’re in control of everything, from your design to your website address and the products you list. All you need is an internet connection – no coding or tech skills necessary.

Tip 2: Know The Industry Trends

If you want to truly connect with your target customers, you have to make an effort to stay in tune with the latest trends.

Fashion is always evolving, and your customers will constantly be on the lookout for the hottest new trends. You have to have your finger on the pulse of what matters to your customers.

Tip 3: Target A Niche For Branding

Get a specialization for your jewelry business. Doing this will, enable you to know the jewelry option to focus on and the type of costume jewelry that will distinguish you from your competitors.

For instance, you decide to focus on selling vintage replicas, fashionable jewelry for young women or teens, handmade artisan costume jewelry or designer costume jewelry brands.

fashion jewelry

Tip 4: Take Advantage of Social Media

Putting your work online won’t mean much unless you can get people to look at it. A business social media is a great way to funnel an audience towards your work and highlight some of your individual pieces.

Share daily content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Take some time at the beginning of each week to photograph some of your pieces, take pictures of a behind-the-scenes moment, or gather some relevant quotes.

Use tools like Buffer to schedule your posts ahead of time. There’s a lot to learn about social media marketing, its etiquette and how to grow a following.

Quality images and videos are a must for all businesses none more so than one in the arts category.

Tip 5: Shoot Great Product Photos

To entice customers with just a photo, is an art in itself with the aim of drawing them in and showing them why they should pick your work. Take the time to shoot professional, well-lit photographs, or images. Less is more.

Focus on simplicity–use a simple, white background and don’t add too many distractions. Make sure your product stands out. Shoot a few different photos from different angles so your customers can see exactly what they’re purchasing.

Tip 6: Provide Clear And Informative Descriptions

You can just have a pretty picture however it’s going to be more effective when it’s supported by a good description.

What are the dimensions of the work? What are the materials used? Potential customers need this kind of information to help them decide on their purchases.

And to seal the sale, give a little insight into the inspiration behind the piece and a story about the techniques you used to create it. Personal details will help your item come alive for the shopper.

At last:

So much for today’s share, dive in, start an online jewelry store, and see if your business can make an impact. It’s time to turn your passion into profit.


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