Is Selling Jewelry on Amazon Profitable?

Selling jewelry on Amazon is like poetry. It has been around for a long time and has a huge market base. Most people don’t trust that selling jewelry is profitable. Due to this, many people are wary of delving into the jewelry business, even though millions of people shop for it online every day.

selling jewelry on Amazon
Selling Jewelry on Amazon

History of Amazon

Amazon is the largest online e-commerce website based in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the earliest companies to establish e-commerce on the internet.

The company was started in 1995, and it began as a book sales business. The company has currently grown to a wide range of products to become the most extensive retail product variety.

From Amazon, you can get unique new and refurbished and second-hand goods to customers such as music, books, clothing, toys, food, home gardening suppliers, digital downloads, baby products, footwear, jewelry, movies, sports and outdoor products, home gardening supplies, electronics, and computers personal care products and automotive, industrial products.

Currently, Amazon has become the biggest retailer of users, mainly surpassing eBay, Walmart, and China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba.

According to a report done in 2011, about 20% of the world’s independent users used the auction and retail sites on Amazon, and the global number of independent users also reached 282.2 million, ranking first in the world.

Statistics Amazon has 35.4% of users from North America, 31.8% of users from Europe, and 24.1% of users from the Asia Pacific.

Selling Jewelry on Amazon

Amazon jewelry
Amazon Jewelry

Amazon provides a variety of string advantages over the single brick-and-mortar store. In a traditional store. It is hard to create a long-time connection that will establish trust.

With online purchases, we often see five to eight rounds of communication between the seller and a potential customer before the purchase is completed. All this happens in the buyer’s ” comfort zone “, not face-to-face with a salesperson in the store.

An additional advantage is the ability to show potential buyers how a gemstone, sapphire, for example, can be transformed into hundreds of different designs.

Using 3D modeling and rendering, it is easy to generate images and descriptions for all those designs without wasting the buyer’s time.

The buyer controls the information that they want to see, without the need for physical items. Not only is your audience fuller, but your content is also more accessible and dynamic.

Amazon provides data about listings and buyers that cannot be found in the offline world.

Jewelry sellers can easily collect and analyze this data, then use it to fine-tune their selling strategies or even design their product lines. New products can be developed entirely virtually and created only when an order is received.

You can leverage the traffic that comes to, which is 150 million people per month in just the United States. These are customers who are ready to buy.

Not every customer will be in the site looking for your products, of course. But for those who visit the site and then search for products in your niche, you’re in best position. As mentioned above, this can be a great way to reach new and first-time customers.

Amazon is a trusted brand. One of the biggest hurdles facing any new internet entrepreneur is getting prospects to trust them enough actually to buy something.

When you operate under the Amazon umbrella, there’s already a built-in level of trust. Being in a place where people regularly make purchases is a great thing!

Considerations If You Want to Maximize Your Profits

Much of jewelry is trend-based. There will always be timeless pieces that never go out of style, like gold bands, diamonds, pearls, stud earrings, and pendant necklaces.

But the more significant portion of jewelry is centered on what’s currently hot — gemstones go in and out and back in fashion, colors rotate their popularity, and metals go up and down as well.

You’ll want to read the most current jewelry blogs so you can stay three steps ahead of what’s hot and what’s about to be relegated to the back burner.

Another option is to set up a Google Alert for something like ‘jewelry trends’ so you can stay on the up and up.

Market accordingly. If you’re selling affordable jewelry, write up the descriptions, so buyers feel like they’re still getting a treasure. If you’re selling high-class jewelry, do your homework, so you’re only getting high-quality pieces.

And whatever you do, stay away from the fakes. Selling fake jewelry that’s listed as real is enough to get your account closed down in a quick hurry.

A lot of selling jewelry on Amazon has to do with trust and reputation. Buyers don’t get the chance to examine your pieces in real life, so they’re taking your word for it that what you’re selling reflects what you’ve written about it.

Find a credible supplier and keep that relationship going so you have the utmost confidence in what you sell. If you’re just starting, find the right supplier whose part of the BBB Reliability Program, and try to avoid Chinese suppliers if you’re thinking of going with branded products.

Since the jewelry market is so competitive, you’ll need a way to stand out. Fairtrade jewelry is an excellent choice, especially with the increasing knowledge of ‘blood’ or ‘conflict’ diamonds.

But if you’re going to be marketing and selling fair trade jewelry, be explicit about backing it up. Leave as many cookie crumbs to the source as you can so buyers know with absolute certainty they’re getting fair trade pieces.

Another option is charity-based jewelry. This is when you donate a proceed of the sale to a charity. Buyers get both the piece they want and a bit of feel-goodness by indirectly donating to a charity.

On the other hand, you get to increase your exposure — and smartly-used exposure increase is a reliable way to lead to increased sales and profit.

Because the jewelry industry is so competitive, unless you are a hugely-known seller, you’re not going to have much luck in selling jewelry to every type of style/person possible.

Instead, target audiences precisely, whether that’s men and jewelry that doesn’t look like jewelry, bohemians who want to play up their free spirit look, or pieces that are wedding-oriented.

Final Word

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