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The wholesale business is becoming more and more popular. Why is wholesale becoming more popular? By selling in bulk, retailers can sell their products at lower prices, reducing processing time and costs. If you want to start your own wholesale business, here are some profitable wholesale products to consider, scroll down carefully!

NIHAO highly recommends # 925 silver jewelry

The beautiful and high quality of 925 silver jewelry has always been preferred by the public, and wholesale silver jewelry at a good price is definitely one of the profitable products.

Nihaojewelry provides bulk 925 silver jewelry wholesale online, including 925 silver necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All of them are qualified and have certification marks.

Elegant Heart Shape Sterling Silver Inlay Zircon Bracelets
Elegant Heart Shape Sterling Silver Inlay Zircon Bracelets

Stainless Steel Bracelets

The bracelets are very trendy ones for this summer and they are the perfect bet for your most partying or beach looks. They are the perfect jewelry to decorate your arms in summer and to bring a change to your aesthetics by changing the traditional bracelets for this very stylish accessory.

Nihaojewelry is a great place to wholesale stainless steel bracelets and titanium bracelets. cheap price available: most of them are under $10. Find more fashion bracelets here!

Wholesale Stainless Steel Bracelets

Jewelry Packaging and Display

If you own a jewelry business, you need these wonderful items to display or package your jewelry. Your customers need them too, of course, because whether they’re men or women, jewelry has become an integral part of their daily wear, and most of them have their own jewelry that needs to be stored.

Nihaojewelry offers jewelry bags, jewelry boxes, and display stands in different colors and sizes.

Bridal Headwear

From romantic to modern styles, bridal headwear is making a comeback. Bridal headbands are a beautiful and elegant accessory, and NIHAO has an endless selection of wedding hair accessories, from barrettes to hair bands.

Wholesale Bridal Headwear


Belts have always been a classic accessory, no matter what your look is, a stylish belt can add flair to your look and accentuate your figure.

Whether you are looking for women’s belts in classic or fashionable styles, you can find them at Nihaojewelry. Wholesale lady’s belts now from $1.

Two-Piece Sets

Opt for a two-piece outfit or a matching suit to create a perfect match. Two-piece sets not only save a lot of time for the wearer but also avoid mismatched tops and bottoms.

Welcome to wholesale clothing sets from NIHAO. We have various styles of matching suits available for different occasions, such as wholesale jogging suits, wholesale sportswear suits, and other wholesale women’s two-piece suits. The more you order, the lower the price.

Women's Sexy Sweet Tie Dye Spandex Polyester Printing Skirt Sets
Women’s Sexy Sweet Tie Dye Spandex Polyester Printing Skirt Sets


The demand for children’s clothing is increasing. If you are looking for fashionable and comfortable boys to add to your wholesale business, then Nihaojewelry must be your preferred supplier, where children’s clothing has many styles and interesting, comfortable fabrics of good quality, and there are 2000+ products for you to choose from!

Wholesale Boys

Kids Bags

It’s the frenzy leading up to the back-to-school season, so kids’ bags must be one of the more lucrative products in wholesale resale.

It’s the frenzy leading up to the back-to-school season, so kids’ bags must be one of the more lucrative products in wholesale resale. Every kid needs a bag that will free up their hands while they’re out playing, going to school carry a few essentials. Come check out our collection of kids’ bags and order what your customers might like from a variety of styles to make a killing before the school year starts.

Wholesale Kids Bags

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen essentials are indispensable to us, not only do they make our cooking more efficient, but good-looking tools and equipment will boost our mood and appetite.

NIHAO has a wide range of wholesale kitchen supplies including dishcloths, utensil organizers, portable trash bag holders, and other kitchen gadgets and tools to make cooking easier and the kitchen tidier. Here you can find all kinds of interesting and creative kitchen supplies at cheap prices.

Wholesale Kitchen & Dining

Updated daily with new products, we keep up with the latest trends and styles and are committed to providing small business owners with the best customer service, fast and efficient order fulfillment.

Join Nihaojewelry, like thousands of store owners, e-commerce brands, wholesalers, jewelry stores, and boutiques to increase your income.

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