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Now there are more and more products offered for wholesale, but do you know which products are the most profitable?

As we all know, choose the right products for wholesale to get a good profit, if your business sales of products and public taste do not match, then you can imagine what kind of a sales volume.

Today, NIHAO and you share retailer wholesale more and more profitable top9 categories, we hope your business can be bigger and stronger.

Colorful Rings for Women

One of the most important features of the best-selling products for wholesale is that they are in high and steady demand, such as colorful rings for women.

You can find a wide range of colorful rings at NIHAO, resin rings, plastic rings acrylic rings for women and teenage girls. Chunky Esthetic Trendy Colorful Cute Stackable Jewelry, Bulk Rings… Each style brings color to life.

Colorful Rings for Women

Gold-plated Necklace # Letter

Are you looking for the best wholesale program, if so, you have come to the right place. A necklace with letter initials carries the identity and personal meaning. It is the materialization of everything. They are timeless pieces that you can style in your own unique way.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Necklaces

For Guys Fashion Trends

Jewelry is becoming increasingly popular with men, making it a profitable item for wholesalers. Moreover, jewelry is not seasonal and can be sold in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

men's jewelry

We have selected bulk fashionable men’s jewelry for you to wholesale, including various styles of men’s bracelets, men’s rings, men’s necklaces, etc.


Brooches have become women’s favorite jewelry for a long time. They can be worn at weddings, banquets, and other specific occasions.

Are you looking to wholesale brooches for women online? Just come here! Our brooches adopt advanced materials and have lots of shapes and colors. If you want to catch this chance to make more profit, we can provide you the fashion and cheap brooches in bulk.

Wholesale Brooches

Hair & Wigs

The beauty products market will be a huge niche market, and more and more people, especially women, like wigs. Wearing wigs allows them to change their hairstyle as they like and avoid the damage of perming, coloring, and pulling their hair.

Wholesale Hair & Wigs

As a wholesale wig supplier, Nihaojewelry offers human hair wigs, cosplay wigs, synthetic wigs, and other colorful wigs. The more you order, the lower the price!

Nail Art & Tools

Women’s love for nail art is comparable to that for fashion accessories. Wholesale of nail art accessories and products for resale is definitely profitable. The nail accessories we offer are of high quality and non-toxic. You can easily create beautiful and attractive nails at home with more fashion accessories!

Nail Art & Tools


Clothing is also a good wholesale product, especially women’s clothing, every woman wants to wear beautiful clothes, so for your business, wholesale clothing is definitely a wise choice.

This article can also be useful for you: Wholesale Clothing from China – What retailers need to Know

Check out our top collection.

wholesale tops

Lingerie & Pajamas

With the continuous development of Lingerie and Pajamas, we are not only pursuing comfort, now many people start to pursue fashion and sexiness, no matter what our users pursue, NIHAO can meet you, here are comfortable Pajamas made of comfortable fabrics and luxury sexy lingerie made of lace and satin materials.

Wholesale Lingerie & Pajamas

Fashion Bags

Bags have now become a must-have item for every woman going out, as shoulder bags, backpacks, and handbags. So fashion bags are also a more profitable category for you to start a business, not to mention Nihaojewelry can meet all individual needs.

fashion bags

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