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7 Valuable Tips for Buying Wholesale Jewelry

Jewelry is a necessity for both men and women. It gives the ordinary outfit an additional sparkle and also provides a person with a sense of uniqueness and style. While some people prefer wearing jewelry made of platinum, silver, or gold, others prefer wearing jewelry made of different materials such as ceramic or tungsten.

For people who wish to start a wholesale jewelry business, it is important to note that the jewelry market will continue to increase and become more profitable than it already is. This is because more and more people are learning how to accessories their fashion, especially for fashion costume jewelry.

If you like to cash in the jewelry market and make money for yourself by buying at wholesale and selling it to people, there are many ways you can get it done.

buying wholesale jewelry
Buying Wholesale Jewelry

How to Buy wholesale jewelry?

Understand the Types of Jewelry Pieces You are Looking for

If you are not certain of what you are looking for, it will be easy for you to make a mistake. To avoid any errors, have a perfect understanding of the types of jewelry pieces that you want.

Some of the things that can help you decide the types you want to buy include the demography of your target customers, the trendy jewelry pieces available, and the kind of brand you want to build.

Find a Trustworthy Wholesaler

The most important thing about buying wholesale jewelry online is finding a supplier that you can trust. To get quality and durable wholesale jewelry, you should only go for a trusted and legitimate wholesaler.

Foremost, search for the wholesale jewelry suppliers that sell the types of wholesale jewelry you are looking for and then browse through their collections.

Later try to search for any positive feedback about the specific business; if you found many negative voices about the business, then stay away from it before losing money and time.

Also, verify their contact address to know whether you can reach them if there is an issue. At this stage, you should have a couple of suppliers that you are interested in their products.

Compare the Offers of Different Wholesale Suppliers

Do not go for the first wholesale suppliers you come across; check different suppliers, and see their prices. You may be lucky to see a wholesale supplier that offers excellent discounts on their jewelry.

So, take your time to browse through the websites of various wholesale suppliers, or you also can find some rankings such as the top ten wholesale jewelry suppliers list so that you can obtain some valuable information through the ranking offered by other professionals.

Be in Tune with the Trends

To ensure that your jewelry business is profitable, you must know the jewelry trend as most of your potential clients will likely want to purchase fashionable jewelry pieces. Take your time to read magazines and blogs that talk about jewelry and fashion.

Having known the trends and what your customers need, you will be able to get wholesale jewelry that they will be willing to part ways with their money for.

Look at Your Profit Margin

Profitability is vital in any business. You should look into how much you would be making from buying wholesale jewelry. Will the profit margin will be worth all the time and effort?

Be sure to answer these questions as you are browsing online for wholesale jewelry. Until you are sure that the profit margin is worthwhile, continue looking for the best suppliers that offer great jewelry at reasonable prices.

Place Trial Orders to Test the Products and Quality

Start placing small orders before bulk orders to test the wholesale jewelry supplier. You can buy several pieces of wholesale earrings to see if their jewelry quality is good enough to meet your requirements.

If you do not like the trial order, then you are very flexible to switch to other wholesalers without losing too much financially.

No Middlemen Mean Reduced Cost

You do not want to miss any chance to reduce the value of your jewelry. Shrinking the supply chain, i.e., eliminating the middlemen, will do precisely the same. The reduced cost will mean an expanded market and more opportunities.

Therefore, you should also consider the number of mediators between you and your wholesale jewelry supplier. This benefit can be availed with Nihaojewelry as they are the manufacturers and suppliers. Hence no middleman is involved.

Things Should be Considered When Select the Perfect Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

Certification is Important

The most important thing is to check the certification of the wholesale jewelry supplier. Which authority has certified the jewelry that he is selling, and what all quality checks does it pass?

Reviews are Reliable

Always go through the reviews & comments section before placing your order. This will inform you about the first user’s experience of buying jewelry from the supplier that you are considering.

Comparison Never Harms

Jot down the names of different wholesalers and do the comparative analysis. It will not only help you find the best options available in the market, but who knows, you could come across some fantastic new trends which otherwise went unnoticed.

Minimum Order Quantity

You know the scale at which you are operating and what your requirements are. For instance, if you are new to the business, then you do not want to order large quantities of stock, as you are not sure about the response you will get.

Availability of Stock

You do not want your customers to be waiting for something which they have been desiring for so long. This is the reason, precisely why you should be sure about the availability of stock with your wholesale jewelry supplier. And sufficient supplies ensure that your customers have a great shopping experience as well as your credit.

Payment Environment

You should know whether the payment environment of the jewelry supplier is safe or not. And what kind of payment methods do they offer?


If you are wholesaling from a local jewelry supplier, you may not need to worry about delivery time and shipping costs. But if you are wholesaling jewelry from overseas, such as importing products from a jewelry wholesaler in China to the United States, then you need to be concerned about its delivery.

How many ways do they ship to your country? Air or sea freight? About how long will it take to receive the goods? How much does it cost for shipping? Will there be any customs duties? How do you deal with customs issues? All these questions need to be clearly answered.

Return Policy

Even after doing a fair share of research on your part, it may happen that when you receive your order, you are not satisfied. You cannot avoid uncertainties. The return policy is essential.

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Wholesale jewelry offers a wide selection of unique, top-quality, and durable jewelry options at reasonable prices. Dedicate an ample amount of time to conduct your research since finding a genuine wholesale jewelry supplier is not an easy task.

Ask all the questions you need to ask and follow the tips mentioned above to purchase authentic wholesale jewelry from anywhere in the world.

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    You made a good point that it’s important to consider the payment methods as well when planning to buy jewelry. I’d like to find a good store soon because I’m planning to invest on precious metals and stones in the future. I think that would be a relatively safe way to protect my assets in the future.

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