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2020 Women’s Clothing Trends & Outfit Ideas

When it comes to women’s clothing ideas in 2020, what will we see? If you have gone through your closet and feel that you are ready for a wardrobe update, it is time to get inspired by the next women’s clothing trends from the best of the best. 0These outfit ideas range from fresh tailoring to classic clothing with an updated twist. In this article, you will get a myriad of outfits ideas for everyone’s personal style.

Puffy Sleeves

puffy sleeves
Puffy Sleeves

And just like that discos not dead. Absolutely anyone can wear these statement sleeves. You can wear this fashion in the form of a dress, jacket or top.

This style is perfect for those ready to retire their more utilitarian winter staples for something a bit more fun. The puff sleeves are here to stay. They make women feel more confident and elegant.

They also come in a variety of different sizes, from barely puffy to full-on, steal-the-show big! This means that whatever your style and preference, there’s a puff sleeve piece out there for you!

To get the look, style fun and feminine puff sleeve top with a pair of black cropped flares. Also, don’t forget about expanding puff sleeves from dresses and tops into outerwear or sweaters to ensure the detail’s longevity into next year.

the Disco Collar

the disco collar
the Disco Collar

The 70s revival is still going strong, and in 2020, it will only get stronger. A more surprising trend, however, is the return of the disco collar, the elongated, exaggerated style reminiscent of Studio 54. Shirts with long, pointy collars were among the stand-outs this season with tucked out and layered over the lapels of blazers and jackets in typical 70s fashion. 

Chunky Boots with Feminine Dresses

chunky boots with feminine dresses 
Chunky Boots with Feminine Dresses

Who said looking feminine has to include uncomfortable footwear! It’s time to show off your womanly strength without losing your femininity. A practical, comfortable, yet classy girly look of pairing chunky boots with feminine dresses is back with a brand new twist.

You might even find that a pair of these chunky boots actually accentuates your girlish look and all of the strength that’s inside.

Not You Grandmothers Crochet

Crochet are getting cooler during the spring and summer. Just think of an evening wear, ultra-feminine dresses that has a special touch of crochet. As the style and fashion continues to becomes sustainable, the trend has leaned on handmade techniques that are passed down from one generation to another.

Lots of fashionistas dream of hot weather, as they really want to show-off their individuality, by wearing these beautiful and on-trend frocks.

Hot Pants

A lot of us wears shots. Hot pants have gotten their way during the spring of 2020. The leg-baring look is practically one step past wearing underwear in public, but if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?

No matter what your body type may be, the idea of wearing these retro short shorts doesn’t have to be so intimidating, especially if you know which style fits you best.

Polka Dots

polka dots
Polka Dots

Some prints come and go and prints that stand the test of time. Polka dots most certainly fall under the latter category. Indeed, most seasons, you’ll find this darling dotty pattern at some point or another.

And this season it continues to be especially popular. Today’s playful polka dot fashion statements are fluid, sophisticated, and surprisingly versatile for wearing to work, going out with friends, and dressing up on dates.

The great advantage to polka dots if you can literally wear them anywhere, from the most casual days to the swishiest of occasions. You could wear a polka dot tee with your jeans and sneakers, or a polka dot blouse with a pair of black pants for work, or a polka dot dress for a summer wedding. The options really are endless.

Bike Shorts with Blazers

bike shorts with blazers
Bike Shorts with Blazers

Athleisure is the trend that keeps giving, and its latest offering is as unexpected as it is stylish. The bike shorts were worn with blazers by many style-savvy showgoers this fashion month. Offering a fresh blend of sportswear and tailoring, the look was both striking and chic.

Of course, while it may not be appropriate for either the office or the gym, the outfit is perfect for strutting the streets or attending Sunday brunch with your best friends. So, don’t be afraid to try it for yourself.

Bucket-Style Bags

bucket-style bags
Bucket-Style Bags

Secure your products in style in a bucket bag. Originated by Louis Vuitton in 1932 to keep champagne fresh, now they’re the hottest accessory trend. With a long body and round shape, these handbags offer a lot of room, and they’re incredibly cute.

Match the shade to the rest of your outfit or make a statement by wearing a completely different color. It’s easy to complete any ensemble with this style, and its practical too.

Bra Top Craze

Everyone is wearing these nowadays, plus they are the next big thing in fashion. They are supremely stylish and incredibly functional, as well. Wearing a bralette is no different than wearing your bra, but the opposite is not true.

And, there’s more than one correct way of wearing a bralette. You can wear them under your sheer, fancy or see-through tops, under backless tops or dresses, broad front or back neck outfits or simply under your regular outfits the day you want to feel good.

Final Thoughts

By following the above 9 fashion trends, you should be able to get some important ideas for 2020. These Outfit ideas are easy to incorporate in your wardrobe without much fuss.

The list is quite lengthy and therefore you can find something which suits your style and personality. If you know what you need, browse through Nihaojewelry and get the best deals this season.

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