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How to Wear Earrings with Sensitive Ears?

Even when we are well aware of the risks involved, most of the fake (inexpensive) earrings on the market are super cute. In addition to the cuteness, there’s also the cheapness element. 

We cannot all afford genuine sterling silver or gold earrings, which means that our next best option is to buy inexpensive earrings.  There’s nothing wrong with this–I mean, just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly cool! 

And this way you don’t have to invest in a pricey pair, only to be over the trend in a few months or years. Here’s a handy guide to learn how to choose the best earrings for sensitive ears.

Apply Clear Nail Polish

apply clear nail polish

If you are reacting to your pieces, interestingly enough, the clear nail polish on earrings advice works! Yes, we’ve tried and tested it. 

I have to admit I was wary of this tip when I first read it–wouldn’t nail polish also be irritating? It turns out, it is the most effective trick for making cheap earrings less irritating.

They sell a product called ” Jewelry Shield ” on Amazon that is basically just a bottle of clear nail polish. The trick is to apply two coats, wait for it to completely dry and reapply it every couple of weeks (because it wears off).

You can also use it on other types of jewelry to make them less irritating. If this trick works for you, you’ll need to reapply nail polish every few weeks because the older layer will chip off soon, especially if the earrings are your go-to.

Wear Ear Cuffs Instead

ear cuff

To avoid the pain and discomfort, you might want to stop wearing the dangly earrings for some time. Screw backs and clip-on are often problematic for most of us too, but ear cuffs seem to do the trick even though they are not actual earrings.

The cuffs often work well because they will fall off quite easily. Note, however, that the cuffs are not replacements for good earrings, and there’s also the thing with glasses – you cannot wear your glasses with the cuffs on, comfortably.

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The use of Vaseline on fake earrings is one of the oldest tricks in the book, it may or may not work. First, you need to apply peroxide on your earrings before coating the earrings with Vaseline.

After application, let the earrings sit for some time. But as mentioned above, this trick may or may not work, and it sure didn’t work for most of my friends or me. The next best alternative to Vaseline is Neosporin. Neosporin, like Vaseline, creates a protective barrier, and it also helps deal with allergies.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil will not only make your hair shinier or your skin hydrated, but it could be what you’ve been missing to make your cheap/fake earrings bearably wearable. Coconut oil will act as a barrier between your skin and the metal.

Just dip your earrings into the coconut oil for a few seconds and then wear it. Though this solution works for some people, keep in mind that it might not work well for you.

Go Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic earrings

Any earrings labeled ” hypoallergenic ” means the material used to make the earrings are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.  But do know that there is no standard a jewelry maker has to meet to get a hypoallergenic label.

Don’t assume because your earrings say ” hypoallergenic “, that they won’t cause an infection. Hypoallergenic earrings could mean there is no nickel on the surface, but the earring itself can still be made out of coated nickel. This can be okay if you don’t wear earrings that often.

If you feel naked without earrings, then invest in a higher quality pair. Sterling silver, gold, and platinum rarely cause infections, so you can technically call them hypoallergenic.

A good rule of thumb when earring shopping is, instead of going for earrings that claim to be hypoallergenic, focus on what the earrings are actually made of.

Let Your Ears Be Pierced by a Professional

This may sound obvious, but it really makes a difference. Your roommate or friend armed with a needle, an apple, and ice does not count as a ” professional ear piercer “, no matter how many ears they have pierced.

If your ears were not professionally pierced, that could be why you have sensitive ears that are prone to infection. Consult a doctor about an ointment that may be able to heal the infection.

Buy Nickel-free Jewelry

Nickel seems to be the culprit of the irritated ears–earrings of any kind (cheap or expensive) can contain nickel, and that’s what many women are allergic to.

If the clear polish and Vaseline tricks don’t work for you–consider switching to only nickel-free jewelry as a more permanent solution. Be advised that if you buy earrings that are coated in a material that’s nickel-free, but the coating wears off, you might still be exposed.

To Sum up

By now, you should know how to find the best earrings for sensitive ears. It all starts with a professional piercing and keeping that area as clean as possible. Instead of going for earrings that just say hypoallergic, know what your earrings are actually made out of.

And since it’s worth repeating, avoid earrings made out of nickel. They are the worst earrings for sensitive ears. If your favorite earrings are nickel, treat them with nail enamel, hydrogen peroxide, and or Vaseline.

When it comes to picking out that perfect pair of earrings, know which metals and gemstones match your skin tone, and let the compliments roll in. For more information on earrings and jewelry. Also, be sure to browse through Nihaojewelry collection to find the piece that suits you.

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