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5 Guidelines for Wearing Fashion Jewelry to Match Your Style and Temperament

You want to be noticed and create a look that tells the world who you are with a single glance. Cool, collected businesswoman or updated and on-top-of-it, your outfit works hard to present the right image. Shouldn’t your matching jewelry do the same?

If you love to wear several pieces at once or seek a way to make your jewelry look coordinated, a few pointers can give you the result you’re looking for. Learn how to stand out with jewelry that shows everyone you’re a woman of quality.

wearing fashion jewelry

Types of Personalities

Classic and Professional

The classic and professional prefer jewelry that can be worn in business and offices. When you choose jewelry to wear to work, select pieces that aren’t distracting or noisy. You can still show your individuality, but don’t wear anything that might offend the higher-ups or clients.

Pearls and beads are your usual set, with silver and gold metals. They like small to medium pieces of hooped earrings and long necklaces that should match more often than not.

Active Lifestyle

People with active lifestyles do not want any part of their style interfering with their daily activities. Their jewelry should not be large and obtrusive. Small hoops and studs are your ideal selection when it comes to earrings. Rings should not have large center stones.

Bracelets as one of the best accessories to consider wearing when you live an active lifestyle. As much as possible, they want rings and bracelets that have simple designs. They like novelty necklaces with animal and music designs, that can be worn inside your neckline.

Fancy and Exquisite

Fabulous and glamorous in a sophisticated style is their thing. They like to wear jewelry that makes them stand out informal and exclusive events. Top-quality artistry with exceptional design that suggests a high-class status is what they aim for. 

Gold and silver and top-of-the-line metals are the best materials for them. Jewelry with precious gemstones that are sometimes combined with beads or pearls are their favorites.


Soft and romantic themed jewelry are the pieces that catch the eye of the feminine. Feminine jewelry is sparkling, delicate, and intricate. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings commonly feature floral, bow, and ribbon designs that add a hint of sweet and gentle aura to your ensemble.


Looking sexy and mesmerizing is what it’s all about. They enjoy wearing attractive pieces that captivate others with a come-hither sensation coming from their jewelry.

Movement, shine, and sparkles are essential for a charming and exciting touch. Rings and necklaces with curve motifs and hoops and drop earrings are their likings.

Artistic and Creative

The artistic and creatives love wearing original and unique jewelry pieces. They are appreciative of the well-crafted object and have obscure but interesting taste. These are the pieces that have combinations of designs – from metals to details.

Characteristically, they are huge and are eye-catching. They enjoy wearing jewelry that is worn in unusual spots. For earrings, they would wear multiples or distinct pieces on each ear.

Ahead of the Trends

This is the hardest look to pull off, and if you can, you’ve got a great sense of style. There are a select few who can sense which way the world is going way before anyone else.

Sometimes their style is ridiculed, but this proves brief as whatever they’re wearing suddenly becomes the hot new thing. If this is you, your jewelry is eye-catching. You’re not shy and don’t stick to the basic.

How to Select Your Jewelry Pieces

how to select your jewelry pieces

Match Your Fashion Style

Your jewelry may say something about your personality, but so does your wardrobe. If the type of accessories that you’re wearing don’t match your look, you’re going to end up sending a confusing message, and it may end up giving your fashion style a mismatched appearance. Try to pinpoint your style, and then select accessories that work with this look.

Mix and Match

It used to be taboo to wear gold, silver, copper, rose gold, etc. However, this is no longer the case. Feel free to mix up different metals. Another way to mix and match is by playing with size, width, and texture. 

Wear bracelets of varying widths or necklaces of varying lengths. You can also stack rings on your fingers as well. Try doubling up or wearing a regular ring and a midi ring on the same finger. Necklaces and wrist wear can be stacked as well.

Keep it Simple

Wearing too many accessories at once can take away from your overall look, distracting people from your fashionable style and making it look like you just piled a bunch of random accessories on your body. Restrict the amount of jewelry you’re wearing to two or three pieces max.

Give Off a Look that Speaks to Your Personality

Your accessories can say a lot about who you are as a person. Most aspects of our style reflect some aspect of our personality and express our interests, hobbies, and even beliefs. When you’re looking for new accessories, keep this mind and look for pieces that make you feel confident.

Avoid Being Matchy-matchy

Your jewelry pieces do not have to be of the same color as your clothes of other forms of jewelry. You can put on a pop of color if your outfit has neutral colors.

If you are unsure what colors will look best with your clothing, take a look at a color wheel. Find whatever color you are wearing on the wheel and then look across the wheel to determine which colors are complementary. Wearing metal jewelry is always a safe bet if you are not sure about what colors to wear.

Diamonds and diamond-looking jewelry are also safe, no matter what colors you are wearing. If your outfit is a neutral color, you can wear some bright colored jewelry to add some color and personality to your look.

Last Words

So which style describes your personality? Generally, getting a perfect match between your personality or style and fashion jewelry means that you have a better way of harmonizing your appearance and improving your mood. The above guidelines above will help you match your appearance and your style.

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