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Colorful # Nihaojewelry that Everyone is wearing in summer

In summer, you need some color to inspire your inner summer goddess spirit! In this article, we present 9 colorful collections that Everyone is wearing in the summer of 2023.

Dopamine Days for Summer 2023

Dopamine dressing has exploded on the internet, haven’t you arranged it for yourself yet?

Dopamine dressing is all about incorporating vibrant colors into your closet and embracing the cheerful vibe of summer. You can choose bold hues such as sunny yellow, electric blue, vibrant pink, or citrus. 

In the same way, the Dopamine jewelry collection is designed to stimulate and excite, just like dopamine, to bring you unlimited pleasure. Here are some of the hot styles you can use as a reference.

Summer Jewelry 2023

23SS Dresses

Nihaojewelry not only offers over 500,000 styles of accessories, but women’s clothing is also one of our main categories. Among our best-selling dresses, from short dresses, midi dresses, and maxi dresses to wedding dresses, you can manage any style perfectly, it will be suitable for all occasions, choose with confidence!

Item No: NH10300595


For men and women, want to add personality to your various keys and lanyards? Then check out Nihao’s new collection of key chains, there’s always one to suit your aesthetic!


Beaded Jewelry

The beaded jewelry trend is back and popular with Millennials and Gen Zs alike. Whether you go cute and individual or luxurious, these beaded pieces bring the perfect mood to any …

beaded jewelry

Beadwork is a fun hobby that can also be very profitable if you can find your market. Namely, you can create completely different styles of beads with your own designs, which are even unique on the market.

Fashion Bags

Usually, there are few pockets on summer clothes, so when shopping in the summer, ladies have a lot to bring the essentials will keep a bag, of course, this time we can not only focus on personal wear, and ignore the accessories with good accessories can also add points to the overall.

fashion bags

Item No: NH10306594

Whatever your summer outing needs are: Pool parties, beach days, or weekend getaways, the practicality of these roomy bags will fit the bill perfectly.

Rhinestone Jewelry

Jewelry trends for 2023 feature colorful stones, thick layers, chunky stacked sets, and unique interpretations of classic styles. The exaggerated and delicate rhinestone earrings look very sparkly and give an invisible elegance.

Rhinestone Jewelry

This is the Gemstone Color of the Year List compiled by Google Experience:

Year Color Gemstones
2023 Viva Magenta
Rubellite Tourmaline Rhodolite
Garnet Sapphires
2022 Very Peri Tanzanite Amethyst Tourmaline
2021 Illuminating Ultimate Grey Yellow Sapphire Yellow Tourmaline
2020 Classic Blue Tanzanite Blue Tourmaline Cambolite

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Rarity, condition, and nostalgia are all factors that determine the value of a toy. We have compiled some of the most popular toys based on what most customers buy.

As retailers, good resale toys are those that people want to buy, are in good condition, and can be sold for more than the purchase price, so be sure to read through this collection of recommendations!


Summer Glasses

Wholesale optical glasses in Nihaojewelry. Our optical eyewear is all over-the-counter glasses with clear lenses. They have no degree and can be used for fashion, enhance your style, decorate your wardrobe, and look professional or classic. In addition, non-precision optical glasses also protect the eyes from dust, pollution, wind, and other foreign objects.

Explore our wholesale sunglasses collection and find the latest design with Nihaojewelry, a fashion glasses distributor and supplier from China, cheap and high quality, cheap and high quality.


Office and School Supplies

Nihaojewelry is an online cute aesthetic stationery wholesaler and supplier from China. Our cute aesthetic stationery is low-priced and of high quality.

Office and School Supplies

Here is the Cheap Korean stationery worth wholesale online.

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