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Maximize Your Store’S Profits By Capitalizing On The Peak Summer For Selling Dresses

In the hot summer, you can see people wearing dresses everywhere on the streets, because compared to other clothes, dresses are easy and comfortable to wear. In summer, the demand for dresses is so high, so why not take advantage of this time to do a good job?

Short Dresses
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So here’s the question. How can you maximize your store’s revenue by taking advantage of the most lucrative time to sell clothes in the summer?

Please do not stop scrolling down, in this article we will show you how to do it in three complete aspects:

1. How to choose the dress that can be sold out

For product selection, there are numerous tools and channels you can use, e.g :

  • AdSpy, GoodSpy, Poweradspy;
  • Semrush, which uses keyword data to help find blue ocean products;
  • Shopify News, Bigcommerce News, and other niche product recommendation news channels;
  • Youtube or Tiktok, Follow influencers to choose what’s trends.

If you want to know the market situation of a particular category, such as summer hot dress, you can search by keywords, Google trends to help you find it, and of course you can also directly follow NIHAO news or subscribe to Nihaojewelry newsletter to know the latest hot products, just one click to follow the best selling, it’s easy to do it!

Short Dresses
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2. Where to wholesale dress is the best choice

To retain your customers, you need to choose a supplier that can inspire and guide you to the current best of the moment while maintaining quality so that you can quickly get an overview of the market and be able to wholesale the products that other retailers buy and sell better. Then you will have a lot of time to manage and run your store and think about how to package and market your products.

You’re in luck because we have provided you with the best supplier mentioned above: Nihaojewelry.

Nihaojewelry offers a wide range of wholesale products for retailers, boutiques, and brands. Our goal is to help retailers grow their business by offering lower sourcing prices, faster delivery times, and a wider selection of popular products.

Nihaojewelry is an online wholesale vendor for boutiques, clothing stores, jewelry shops, supermarkets, and other e-commerce stores. From wholesale jewelry, women’s apparel, trendy handbags, fashion accessories to party supplies, home decorations, you can find almost all boutique items!

Wholesale Women’s Clothing: Women’s apparel is also one of our main categories. We provide retailers with the most trendy clothes according to the season and occasion. Get dresses, tops, blouses, swimwear, and more at affordable prices!

Maxi Dresses
Item No: NH10292473

We have physical stores in Mexico City and Monterrey, which mainly provide display and experience functions so that customers can truly experience the quality of the products. Feel free to come to our showroom to touch the products for real, more showrooms will be open soon!

3. How to sell after the wholesale of good dress to profit the business point

After you wholesale the clothes, you can first model the clothes to create a perfect look, such as accessories, shoes, or bags, and give users a visual recommendation for the look. If you sell through an online store, you can upload and share some photos of the match, especially on social media: Ins, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter.

On the premise of ensuring profitability, you can run some promotions according to the holidays.

For the pricing of products, this depends entirely on the profit margin you want to get, you can also refer to the same products of other stores.

Now is also the perfect time to invest in some eye-catching swimwear, you can refer to the blog ‘UNLOCK YOUR SUMMER WITH STYLISH AND GLAMOROUS SWIMWEAR’.

We are always here to advise you and show you how to start your business through wholesale.

Join Nihaojewelry, like thousands of store owners, e-commerce brands, wholesalers, jewelry stores and boutiques to increase your income.

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