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How to Make Money on Social Media in 2020

As the cost of living keeps rising, everyone is looking for ways to supplement their income.

Before social media was only used as an interactive platform but currently its use has diversified and now there are so many ways to make money online.

The rise of social media and influencer marketing is one of the drivers of the changes that have taken place, with brands are finding it easier to reach a larger number of people on the various platforms than the traditional television and radio advertisements.

This can be because more people have access to the internet and spend more time on social media platforms.


The Situation of Social Media in 2020

According to research conducted on social media use, in January 2020 alone the number of people using social media was 3.80 billion and the number is projected to keep increasing.

The rising number of social media users is because almost everyone with a smartphone and internet access spends a lot of time on social media.

Everywhere you go nowadays you will find people on their phones and in most instances, they will be connected to social media platforms.

Since social media is a major part of today’s society, most brands are flocking to the platforms to connect with a wider customer base.

Since the early 2000s, there has been an increase in social media platforms from the era of MySpace to currently where Tik Tok has taken over the scene.

With the increase in popularity of social media, came the need for brands to branch out to reach a higher number of people.

Influencer marketing is the most commonly used form of marketing that brands prefer and this trend is not projected to slow down any time soon.


Why People Make Money on Social Media

Since social media is a highly interactive platform, most people find it easy to connect to potential customers in real-time; this rapid interaction promotes an easy way of doing business.

Say you have a product you need to sell; social media makes it easy to post the product online and have a large number of people see it making it very easy for you to interact with your customers and provide them with products.

For most businesses, social media is a sure way of gaining traffic.

This is through ads and paid promotions where you can use influencers with a wide following to drive customers to your website by promoting your products.

The influencer will earn a commission through every sale that has been made through a program known as affiliate marketing.

Since social media platforms are free to join, it is very easy to make money as long as you know the current trends and the customer base.

By marketing products online you will be able to attract customers to your business.

Social media platforms also allow for easy and real-time interactions and so it is very easy for you to get feedback on customer preferences.

Since social media is mostly real-time, it is very easy for you to get ahead of trends, and because the whole world is currently influenced by trend culture, you can easily make money by providing the latest trends to customers.

Social media also allows you to create creative content based on what is currently trending and because everyone is out to be entertained, the content you create can easily attract viewers to your platform and you can use this to your advantage to promote your business.

Since a wide demographic of the younger generation is using the social media platform, it is easy to interact with them and find out what they need and this will help you find products to satisfy their needs.

In essence, social media interactions will help you easily identify a niche and this is Important if you want to succeed especially in the online market.

Since everyone is on the quest to make money social media platforms are the quickest gateway to do so, you are allowed the freedom of flexibility and adaptability and since you are not tied down to any party it is easy for you to maneuver and get ahead of the competition if you are keen on the trends.

How to Make Money on Social Media

Social media is currently the most lucrative way to make money. With keen observation and thorough research, you may find numerous opportunities to make money online.

Before, most experts had projected the rise of social media as a platform to connect people, but currently, brands have capitalized on the high number of social media users to promote their businesses.

Social media offers money-making opportunities to both individuals and businesses and in some instances, the two may interact and work together for a win-win type of situation.

Some of the ways to make money online include:

Affiliate marketing

This concept is one where you make money by promoting affiliate products that you link to your social media platform.

Affiliate marketing is where you find an affiliate product that you are conversant with to review, these reviews will be viewed by people who are visiting your page or your subscribers and if they like the product they may click a link which leads them to the product landing page.

If a sale is made from your page, you will be able to earn a commission from the purchase.

Promote your products

Social media is free to join and there are no restrictions as to the type of promotions you may choose to have for your products, provided they are in line with the guidelines that have been put in place.

Promoting your products will let your customers be aware of what you are providing and they may then choose to purchase the products.

Many brands are using social media to promote their products and you may find that one brand has its presence on all platforms.

An example of a top brand that efficiently uses social media is Nihaojewelry if you are on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest among others.

Chances are that you have stumbled upon the company which is popularly known for providing trendy jewelry pieces all over the world.

Become an influencer

As the word suggests an influence is a person who can easily persuade people.

The influencer culture is quite the trend in the current society and most influencers’ boast of huge followings and so it is easy for them to work with brands to promote a product through paid partnerships.

Since the number of influencers is high, the competition in the space is also great and so you have to set yourself apart to attract a huge following.

Use social media advertising

Advertising on social media is free and so it is an easy way for you to promote your products.

A variety of brands use social media to promote their products and make money.

Your ads should be creative enough to attract a huge viewership and you need to get specific on what you are offering and how different it is from the competition.

Provide current trends

For any business looking to make money on social media platforms, you must be aware of the current market trends, get in on the latest social media challenges and hashtags to ensure that the viewers find you relatable.

You can use a running hashtag or challenge to then efficiently promote your products.


Importance of tags on your social media accounts

A tag or as it is commonly known, a hashtag is a keyword that is used to make information easier to find.

The tags are currently running themes on what is currently trending in the world or a specific country.

The importance of using tags is:

  • They simplify the search process- tags enable viewers to easily find what they are searching for. Tags make it easier for a business to reach their target customers and also enable other people to find information on the products you are offering.
  • Hashtags help businesses to categorize searches if, for instance, you are selling watches or jewelry using a hashtag that will enable you to convey that message to your target customers in simple terms.
  • Tags increase customer engagement – a tag allows for the target customers to easily interact with your business which increases audience growth.
  • Tags will help you increase your visibility –since the tags are bases around what is currently trending, it is easy for you to direct traffic to your page and promote your product.


Social media is one of the greatest tools of the current times which if used efficiently, can greatly lead to the increased growth of any business.

It is evident that the social media platforms are growing and so each business has to find ways to stay connected to the huge market that is available on the platforms to be able to make sales.

By getting in on the current social media trends, customers will find your business more relatable and so you can easily tap into a huge market as more people are easily convinced by tapping into their emotions.

Provide what people need based on what they are mostly seeking out to succeed in the current market.

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