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Labor Day 2020, Honoring Workers and 8 Pieces of Advice of Making More Money

Regardless of where you are in the world, you must have heard of Labor Day celebrations, the day was set apart during the industrial revolution to honor workers.

In most countries, the day is known as international workers’ day and is mostly commemorated by most countries on May 1st as a public holiday to honor workers.

Though countries like the US and Canada celebrate the day on the 1st Monday of September.

Happy Labor Day !

About Labor Day

Labor Day celebrations are different in various countries, while some countries go all out during the holiday others are more subtle in their celebrations.

For some countries, the day is a special holiday marked with cookouts and picnics while in other countries the day is used by workers to air out their grievances about poor pay and working conditions.

These often result in strikes and protests which turn violent in most instances.

The US Labor Day of this year is coming on the 7th of September.

Labor Day is a federal holiday to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States.

Beginning in the late 19th century, as the trade union and labor movements grew, trade unionists proposed that a day be set aside to celebrate labor.

“Labor Day” was promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor, which organized the first parade in New York City.

Importance of laboring

Every functional country uses the skills of its citizens to drive the economy; people may provide skilled or unskilled labor to fulfill a certain demand that enables a country to grow.

For individuals, laboring is an essential aspect of one’s’ identity, and the main reason people work is to enable them to get finances to access both goods and services.

Laboring is also important for both physical and mental well-being as in most instances; various types of work will have you either using your mind to think through problems and offer solutions or provide manual labor which will keep you moving throughout the day.

No society can thrive without laborers; a working nation is one that has a high level of cohesion and security and also has a high rate of social and economic development.

Work is the main pillar of society and individuals; it also creates a sense of balance in a community.

As long as individuals are working in a good environment, their mental and health status will be better than those who do not work.

At the end of the day, most people will base their accomplishments with the amount of work they have done.

With most of the people in the world having access to some education, working seems to always be the end goal after learning, regardless of what type of skills people offer, the human character is that of wanting to work and accomplish great things despite the situation this gives people hope and motivation.

It allows them to accomplish their goals.

In 2020, wear a mask on Labor Day.

8 Ways to Make More Money

As long as you are alive, you will always strive to be better, no one person has ever been satisfied with staying at one level forever, and change always has to come calling regardless.

With the world constantly changing, new ways of earning a living are also coming up. Gone are the days where you could only work one job and be able to survive.

The side hustle culture is catching up with almost everyone in the world, and most people often find themselves having to do multiple jobs to be able to maintain themselves, this is mainly due to the increased cost of living that is being witnessed all around the world.

As people were grappling and adjusting to the cost of living, the COVID-19 pandemic came and changed the whole world.

Lockdowns and travel restrictions that have been put in place to manage the pandemic have resulted in a significant amount of job losses through various industries in different parts of the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to look for alternatives to survive, and this has resulted in a change in mindset for most people.

If you are like the rest of the people in the world, you are probably trying to find ways to supplement your income, or looking for ways to sustain yourself.

Some of the businesses you can do to earn an income include:


Freelancing constitutes providing a particular type of skill to people who need it.

Freelancing requires that you find clients in a particular field that you are good at and provide them with services that they require.

Freelancing allows you the opportunity to earn money per job done and depending on the number of clients and the job requirements; you can do as much work as you want.

Start a distribution business

since almost every business has shifted online, it is very easy to set up an online distribution business.

Various e-commerce aspects like dropshipping have made it easier to set up a distribution business without having to buy stock.

Starting a distribution business only requires capital and the right suppliers, and this will require research on the best suppliers in the market.

An easy distribution business you may start with is jewelry distribution, and the best supplier in the market for jewelry products according to numerous reviews is Nihaojewelry the company offers the latest designs of quality jewelry pieces and accessories at affordable prices.

Nihaojewlery is among the most trusted suppliers all over the world, and you can have confidence that your business if carefully planned, will succeed and earn your profits.

This is because the supplier is the most important part of any distribution business and so finding one that you can trust is essential for the success of your business.

Make money using your hobby

A hobby is something that often comes naturally to you.

You may find yourself being inclined to learn a musical instrument or knit some sweaters.

Whatever hobby you have, is what you can use to earn money, ensure that you hone your skill, and capitalize on it.

Start Affiliate website

Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity as one of the best forms of online marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you have a website or blog where you recommend certain products that you are interested in, to your viewers, and provide links to the product.

When a customer purchases the product from your link, you will earn a commission from the purchase.

This is an easy way to make money, but it also requires that you have a huge following and convincing language to get the customers to buy the products.

In affiliate marketing, the more the sales, the higher the income.

Start a blog

Blogs consist of written content on a specific topic of choice; a blog is a creative way to express your opinions and is meant to be viewed by the general public should you choose.

You can host a blog on your website or a free website and run ads on your blog, which will earn you money.

Start an online course

If you have a teachable skill, you can use it to make money by providing online classes for a specific course.

This will enable you to earn money while helping someone else gain relevant knowledge on a topic.

When starting an online course, you have to be very specific on the topic that you are highly qualified in as you are responsible for transferring knowledge to another person.

So you have to ensure that you provide quality training.

Launch your start-up

If you have dreamed of starting your start-up, the opportunity for you to start is now.

Sometimes the thought of starting something from scratch may seem impossible, but numerous venture capitalists are willing to invest in your start-up as long as your idea is viable.

Join a remote company

Remote companies are those that are majorly online, and since you do not have to show up to work physically, it is easy for you to work from any location.

Since most of the remote job websites need part-timers, it is easy for you to have a flexible schedule which can allow you to do your projects in your free time.


The world has changed, and from the look of things, the changes are coming in fast.

You, therefore, need to be open-minded and flexible as the labor market can change at any moment, and if you are not prepared, you may take a while to adjust.

Since the online platform is opening up to accommodate all types of businesses, the way to survive a fast-changing landscape is to get in on the online trend.

As most of the operations are being shifted to the online platforms, most physical jobs may be obsolete after a while and so you need to be prepared for when this happens.

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