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How Do Small Businesses in Mexico Source from China?

In recent years, more and more people from Mexico have imported goods from China. According to the United Nations COMTRADE international trade database, Mexico’s imports from China in 2020 reached 73.61 billion U.S. dollars. Importing from China to Mexico is a good business that an aspiring entrepreneur should give priority.

But to gain from it, you must find a suitable sourcing channel.

Sourcing from China
Sourcing from China

This article highlights in detail sourcing requirements from China to Mexico, supplier selection criteria, shipping costs from China to Mexico, the top categories of imported products, and the supplier choice for small businesses that you need to be in a position to know as an importer.

Let’s dive right in.

What are Mexico import requirements?

· Mexico import license

· Markings on the goods being imported

· List of Mexico import documents: Commercial invoice, Packing List, Bill of lading, Certificate of origin, Weight or volume certificate.


What are the necessary criteria for considering an efficient sourcing supplier?

A. Over 5 years experience in sourcing operations, a professional company in the industry

B. Enterprises with more than 100 employees, to reduce the risk of service failure due to employee turnover.

C. Employees are well trained in quality control and negotiation

D. Smooth language communication and nice customer service experience

E. The products fit your customer’s style

F. High quality and competitive prices

G. The minimum order quantity is acceptable

H. Timely delivery and fast shipping

I. Logistics experience

Sourcing from China
Sourcing from China

Cost of shipping from China to Mexico

The cost of shipping from China to Mexico varies depending on so many factors. For instance, the type of shipping, cargo type, distance, etc.

Sea Freight from China to Mexico

Sea freight is normally the main shipping method that is used to ensure that goods are transported from China to Mexico and other global countries.

Sea is normally the first choice because of its low prices, large volume, FCL (Full-Container-Load), or LCL(Less-Than-Container-Load) options.

When it comes from China, CFC has been good at providing ocean cargo services for both small and medium businesses as well as individuals all over the world.

Basically, how much of shipping you pay the supplier to handle is based on the Incoterm you select as an importer.

Freight Cost- Ocean costs

As an importer in order to be fully satisfied, you can use a freight calculator to calculate the costs of transporting various cargo based on weight and sizes of different containers from China to Mexico here – ocean freight cost.

You should also note the other costs during an import process, they include;

i) Transportation to the port of loading

ii) Export customs declaration

iii) Loading port fees

iv) Ocean freight charge

v) Insurance

vi) Destination port fees

vii) Import customs clearance

viii) Customs duty/tax

ix) Transportation from the Port of Destination

Upon the arrival of your cargo, there is clearance and pickup.

The goods may only be entered by the owner, purchaser, or a licensed customs broker designated by the buyer.

The following will also take place at the port you are intending your goods to arrive at in Mexico.

Customs official will process your shipment after;

i) Inspecting the paperwork

ii) Determine duties if apply

iii) Request duty payment

iv) Following confirmation of payment, release the shipment for pickup


Airfreight from China to Mexico

Airfreight is the fastest and safest means that an importer who needs hi or merchandise to arrive faster should prefer.

How is air freight calculated?

1: Pickup fee + Customs

2: The cost per kilogram multiplied by the chargeable weight.

3: Destination charges, such as customs clearance, tax, delivery

The air freight costs vary depending on many factors such as origin airport, destination airport in Mexico, weight, quantity among other factors.

Top Mexico Imports from China

China is currently at the climax due to the varieties of goods that are being produced from China to other parts of the world.

The following are the top goods imported from China to Mexico:

Vehicle Parts

Refined Petroleum


Cars, Delivery Trucks, and Tractors

Telephones and other Electronic Devices

Jewelry and Beauty Products

If you need to purchase some commodities, it is a more reliable and efficient way to directly visit China to communicate with suppliers face-to-face. From the perspective of Mexico’s imports in China, jewelry and beauty products, which are targeted at small businesses, have rapidly increased their share in Mexico and accounted for a large share of Mexico’s imports. Almost all of this sourcing comes from online transactions.

As the largest supplier of global manufacturing, China has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs all over the world. Many small businesses start cross-border sourcing with small amounts for small commodities from China on the Internet.

nihaojewelry home page
Nihaojewelry home page

Nihaojewelry is a top supplier of jewelry wholesale from China. As a supplier specializing in fashion jewelry and accessories, Nihaojewelry has always been the largest online wholesale supplier in the Mexican jewelry market. For the trendy jewelry style that fits Mexicans taste, Nihaojewelry has been focusing on style research and production, and its products have always been loved by Mexicans. In order to give Mexicans a more affordable price, Nihaojewelry provides a duty-free logistics method. So sourcing jewelry at Nihaojewelry is super cost-effective. Nihaojewelry supports OXXO’s payment method which is very commonly used in Mexico. In addition, Nihaojewelry provides a logistics method that specializes in cooperation with Mexico, which is faster, cheaper, and safer.

COVID-19 has completely changed the way people consuming. This may continue for a long time, but smart business owners and shopkeepers are changing the way they source goods. Sourcing from China is indeed trendy, which is why many Mexican business owners are getting considerable profits from it. Therefore, an open mind determines your capacity to make money.

What kind of business do you want to do and what difficulties did you encounter when sourcing from China? Do you have any problems with sourcing from China? Please let me know in the comments below.

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