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Top 6 Websites Wholesale Jewelry Mexico

Are you trying to wholesale jewelry Mexico but you have no idea about it? Today, I’ll share top wholesale jewelry websites. I’m also covering the current situation of wholesaling jewelry Mexico, existing wholesale market in Mexico in this post.

Now, let’s dive right in……

The Current Situation Of Wholesaling Jewelry Mexico

No e-commerce, no quick payment, no convenient transportation network across the country, which makes Mexico a huge import dependent country.

In Mexico, there are smaller factories in all walks of life (relative to Chinese factories), but their products do not form their own industrial chain, which makes them tend to purchase parts and assemble them in other countries, especially China.

Then sell again. That is to say, the procurement needs of Mexicans are huge. And Mexico is a super market that is well worth developing. Therefore, it is also worthwhile for wholesaling jewelry Mexico.

Recent years, Mexico continues to improve in the following areas: shipping, transportation, fiscal and signal tower, which means they have more convenient shopping channel. And the sales of fashion jewelry increased rapidly. More and more people wholesale jewelry Mexico.

Mexican Wholesale Jewelry Markets

If you want to wholesale jewelry Mexico, the local jewelry markets you need to know.

  • Mercado Artesanal de Coyoacán

A traditional Mexican market, Mercado Artesanal de Coyoacán is filled to the brim with stalls hawking handmade woven bracelets or delicate silver necklaces, all at very reasonable prices.

Take a morning to browse thoroughly before leaping in and buying the first thing you see though. Cause there are too many jewelry types with different prices in different stalls.

Mercado Artesanal de Coyoacán

Mercado Artesanal de Coyoacán
  • Bazaar Sabado

Known for hosting a range of vendors, from the lower price to boutique, Bazaar Sábado should have something to suit all budgets. Plus, it is an ideal market for picking up beautiful jewelry. So if you plan to wholesale boutique jewelry, here is a better choice.

Bazaar Sabado

Bazaar Sabado
  • The Street

Huichol beadwork is often sold by indigenous vendors on the street. There are also many elaborate necklaces and earrings. But remember: don’t haggle on the street.

The Street market

The Street

Wholesale Jewelry Mexico Websites

The Mexican e-commerce market has been gradually opened, thus more and more Mexicans are tend to purchase products online. So many online stores are generated. Next, I will list several wholesale jewelry websites.

CompanyExperienceMinimum Order QuantityShippingMain languageMain Markets
Nihaojewelry7 years No minimumWorldwideEnglish and SpanishUS, Mexico, Nigeria
DHgate15 yearsNo minimum
Alibaba20 years10$
EnglishUS, UK
Amalia25 yearsNo minimum
Aliciaplata15 yearsNo minimumWorldwideEnglishMexico
wholesalecentral23 years No minimum

A reliable and safe wholesale website, Nihaojewelry possesses over 100,000+ styles of jewelry with affordable price and high quality. They focus on wholesale supply for many years.

They are a well-established company wholesaling jewelry items to buyers all over the world. In addition, their categories also include women clothing and many hot women’s fashion accessories. Such as swimwear, sunglasses, high heels, scarves and so on.

Their jewelry supplies are very affordable, which is one of the reasons they are especially favored for wholesale buying. And they also have the latest fashion trend information and updates products everyday, which means you could wholesale jewelry according to their recommendation for better attracting your customers.

On the other hand, there is no minimum order quantity requirements. Fast delivery and excellent customer services are also their advantages.

More importantly, the main target market of Nihaojewelry is Mexico. Nihaojewelry sells a large number of fashion jewelry to Mexico every year.

And you don’t have to worry the language, cause they have customer service who can speak fluent Spanish. When you browse their online store, you’ll find the language also can transfer into Spanish.

  • DHgate

DHgate provides all kinds of high quality jewelry mexico directly from factories, launched in 2004. It’s one of the most trustworthy wholesale jewelry websites. DHgate is the world’s leading online wholesale marketplace for goods made in China.

wholesale jewelry suppliers
DHgate Homepage
  • Alibaba

More and more Mexicans would like to choose Chinese online store, Alibaba is one of them. As a giant online store, they almost cover all categories of products. That means you can find all your ideal jewelry with affordable price and good quality.

wholesale jewelry suppliers1
Alibaba Homepage
  • Amalia

Amalia is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the production and sale of handmade silver jewelry, 100% Mexican, located in the city of Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.

They carry out wholesale jewelry sales in silver, so they assure you excellent wholesale prices and diversity of models. If you looking for where to buy mexican silver jewelry 925, you are in the correct place.

Amalia's home page
  • Aliciaplata

Alicia Plata is the best manufacturer and wholesaler of its own silver jewelry designs. The best modern handmade designs from Taxco, México!

Aliciaplata's home page
  • Wholesalecentral

Online since 1996, Wholesale Central is a company based in Bethel, Connecticut. It’s a popular B2B service that aims to connect retailers with wholesale suppliers. They also provide many kinds of jewelry with great price.

Wholesalecentral's home page

Matters Should Be Noticed When Wholesale Jewelry Mexico

  • Language

If you’re not a native but want to wholesale jewelry in Mexico, you’d better can speak Spanish, which help you a lot when wholesale jewelry Mexico.

  • Positioning

Before wholesaling jewelry Mexico, you should have a clear positioning about yourself and jewelry market. You must consider the consumer group, and decide to wholesale fashion jewelry or boutique jewelry. Then finding a suited wholesale market or websites.

  • Mexican consumption habits

Influenced by the United States, or limited by the overall economic level, Mexican concept of advanced consumption is very strong. Buying something a little expensive in the mall tends to pay in installments. And in Mexico, it’s basically a cash deal.

  • Mexican ports

Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas and Ensenada are the three largest seaports in Mexico. Mexico City is the largest inland transit port. Most of Mexican goods need to be transited in Mexico City, and of course there are many inland transit points, and the transfer methods are different.


Wholesale jewelry Mexico is a challenge but is also a chance for making big profits. We hope what we shared today is significant for you.



  • Wholesale

    I am wholesale jewelry in Mexico. This is the most helpful article I’ve read. Thank you.
    Nihaojewelry mentioned in the article is my best supplier, which has greatly helped my wholesale jewelry business in 2019.

  • Catherine McDonakd

    Where would I find a place to buy necklaces and bracelets and pendants, crystals etc to start making jewellry and selling it?

    • jessica


      Hi Catherine, Nice days! With all what you want to purchase, we recommend you that plan your buyings on Nihaojewelry, which is a professional wholesale website, and you could buy wholesale jewelry and accessories with NO MOQ, now there is Black Friday Dsicount, try to find your niches. http://www.nihaojewelry.com
      and for sales, retails online could be your best choice, to run a estore online or a shopify store or to be an influencer on social media.

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