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Top 8 China Wholesale Suppliers

Direct wholesale goods from China.
Wholesale from China

Are you trying to find a reliable and cheap wholesale suppliers for bulk purchasing?

Are you planning to buy goods from China wholesale suppliers but with doubts?

In order to dispel all your scruple, just follow me!

Why Buy Goods From China Wholesale Suppliers?

More and more sellers choose China wholesale suppliers. The main reasons we have listed below:

  • Having too many factories and possessing complete production chain.

China has a large number of factories. As their production chains are very complete, almost all kinds of products could be produced. And You can check these factories in person.

  • Convenience

With rapid development of Internet and e-commerce, many China wholesale suppliers have integrated of online wholesale company for offering you one-stop business services which render you save time and energy.

You could have a clear understanding of China wholesale suppliers through wholesale websites. When browsing these websites, you can see the detailed information of products.

  • Low price

Existing too many suppliers cause the goods’ price is competitive, s]o they can ensure a lower price and the more you buy their goods, the more discount you will benefit from.

  • Quality

China wholesale suppliers have their own factories and production chains, thus they can strictly control the quality of goods. when you order on the wholesale website, items are all from factories and direct suppliers.

  • Less risks

No matter you’re a experienced seller or a new starter, collaborating with China wholesale suppliers can reduce your business risks. Many wholesale websites have no minimum order quantity. Once your ordered goods are damaged when transporting, they will give you a perfect solution at once.

3 Options To Find China Wholesale Suppliers

I heard many people are bothered by long delivery time and high order quantity when looking China wholesale suppliers. Next, I will give you 3 options to find a reliable and cheap wholesale suppliers.

Option 1 Direct Search on the China wholesale websites

If you have ideal goods or wholesale websites, you just directly buy goods from them.

Pros and Cons:

  1. Wholesale websites often offer lower order quantity than factories
  2. Directly search wholesale suppliers can save energy and time.
  3. You can buy goods at anywhere ans any time.
  4. You have no idea whether the supplier is reliable or not cause you don’t meet him and visit their factories or company in person.
  5. You can’t check the items’ quality on your own.

Option 2 Visit China Wholesale Suppliers Trade Fairs

Many trade fairs are held in China every year, where business information are shared and exchanged. So if you’d like to find a wholesale supplier, you can visit trade fairs.

Pros and Cons:

  1. Easier to get a better price cause you can face to face negotiating with wholesale suppliers.
  2. You can directly check the goods’ quality on the spot.
  3. It’s also a opportunity to find new business.
  4. Consume more time and energy.
  5. It’ more effective for you to find a reliable wholesale supplier when visiting trade fairs.

Option 3 Find China Wholesale Supplier From Directory Websites

Sometimes we can inadvertently browse the recommended wholesale suppliers on directory websites. Choosing from there is also a good idea.

Pros and Cons:

  1. It’s very convenient for you to finish finding a wholesale suppliers.
  2. Generally have higher order quantity.
  3. It is very likely that you have to contact the factory yourself, which will take you a lot of time and energy.

( Try to know detailed information about China trade fairs, please click here. )

Best 8 China Wholesale Suppliers

There are many reliable and cheap wholesale suppliers in China, I have picked up 8 reputable companies to buy wholesale from China.

CompanyProduct CategorySign up
NihaojewelryFashion jewelry & ClothingFree
Global SourcesGeneralFree
MadeinchinaMachinery, ElectronicsFree

Then, I will make an overview about them for you.

One-stop shopping store, Nihaojewelry mainly focuses on fashion jewelry. Due to they have their own factory and cooperated manufacturers, their goods have a price advantage. Purchasing wholesale from Nihaojewelry will be a great experience.


  1. No MOQ requirements.
  2. No tariff problems.
  3. With 150,000+ types of products to choose from.
  4. New and trendy arrivals added everyday.
  5. Providing English and Spanish services.
  6. Once the goods are damaged can be compensated.
  7. A great number of beautiful photos which are completely consistent with products.
  8. High quality and affordable price.
  9. Fast delivery and multiple logistics modes are available.
  10. Quickly refund policy.

Pay more attention to a B2B service where most of the buyers are trading firms, resellers and manufacturers, Alibaba is one of the world’s popular suppliers.

Any category of products that you need will be supplied to you. They have hundreds of thousands of items. But there are a few fraud manufacturers mixed so you must research before buying.


  1. Have higher MOQ requirements.
  2. They offers very competitive price.
  3. They cover all product categories.

AliExpress has specialized in providing a B2C (Business-to-Costumer) service while the B2B service also supported by some suppliers in its online platform where both small businesses and individuals can buy in small or large quantities within their varied and extensive catalog.


  1. No MOQ requirements.
  2. AliExpress is offering static prices on their websites.
  3. Products available on Aliexpress do not belong to the websites.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Global Sources is one of the world leading B2B media companies that are main facilitator of international trade with Mainland China. You can find decent and dependable suppliers, exporters and reliable manufacturers on here.


  1. Their trade show is known to help international sellers.
  2. There is professionalism in all transactions.

Madeinchina is a Business to the Business directory that was established in 1998. They cover all categories of products in the industry. In addition, they provide efficient and reliable information exchange and trade services to global buyers.


  1. They display 11 different languages in their languages.
  2. They have 27 categories of products.

DHgate is the world’s leading online foreign trading platform. DHgate is committed to helping Chinese SMEs move to global markets through cross-border e-commerce platforms.


  1. They have more than 30 million products from all the categories you can think of.
  2. Most of time you need to buy bulk.
  3. They bring together manufacturers from the whole of China and even globally.

Gearbest is a cross-border e-commerce website, which has won large-scale markets in North America and Western Europe with low prices.


  1. They have high-quality and cheap goods.
  2. Massive product types for you to select.
  3. Have a price protection policy.

Chinabrands is a global wholesale platform. They offer full catalogs as well as a complete set of services such as quality inspection, packaging, delivery and advantageous logistics channels, until the products are delivered to the end customers.


  1. They have discount points policy which can be offset as payment.
  2. They offer SEO-optimized product descriptions.
  3. They have global reach servicing customers in more than 200 countries.

4 Tips On Wholesaling Goods From China

some useful tips.
Useful Tips

Before you wholesale from China, here are some valuable tips that we’d like to share with you.

Watch out for scammers

You need to watch out the kind of people on internet who buy product cheaply from manufacturers and sell it to you at a higher price.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to many manufacturers on Alibaba, DHgate and other websites. It’s easy to categorize fraudsters when you ask a few questions. So you’d better do more research about them.

Don’t pay via money transfers

Paypal must be your best choice. It is safe and convenient and is a ideal solution for cross-border transactions.

Insist on getting a tracking number

Goods can be tracked at any time by a tracking number during transportation. If there is any problem during transportation, you can communicate with the supplier at any time to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination quickly and safely. If the China wholesale suppliers can’t track the products, the risk increased.

Confirm the products before making payment

As long as you confirm the exact product and pay for it, you won’t miss anything.


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