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Business Idea: Make Money Buying Wholesale from China

Finding a dependable wholesale supplier is a crucial step in starting a successful e-commerce business. In the past few decades, China has grown to become a major economic power. 

Since manufacturing costs are an order of magnitude cheaper in Asia, China is one of the first places small businesses look when seeking out low-cost inventory for their store.

buy wholesale from China

Why Buy Wholesale from China?

Forget the unions, labor regulations, and constantly changing laws that can cripple a project before it begins—having products made in China come with business-friendly regulations. With the low costs for parts and labor, you can get the results that you need without spending a fortune.

And if you choose a Chinese manufacturing partner who can navigate the world of an overseas business, you can save 20-30% on your costs.

Quality of Goods Made in China

With more businesses turning to China, quality is improving every year thanks to improved manufacturing processes and quality standards. It is now the manufacturing capital of the world, and the work coming out reflects why. Consumers want products that are low in price, and that will last a long time, making China an ideal manufacturing site.

Incredible Efficiency

First of all, you should know that factories in China are sought around the world for their incredible efficiency and speed. As soon as production lines are set up, the manufacturing process can begin with little to no interruptions. This scenario is also ideal for when the demand is high, and you can’t afford to waste even a day.

Affordable Prices

This is what you have to know. The goods’ price sold in China is very cheap. You can even bargain the cost of an item to the very cheap one from the price offered.

Unique and Rare Goods Sold in Another Country

Product manufacturers in China always make their innovations to the products or goods they have made. Automatically, it can make a lot of unique and rare goods produced in China.

Not only that but also more beneficially, it is rarely met the manufacturers for unique and rare goods in every market.

Best 8 Ideas for Buying Wholesale from China


Kids Toys

Many children are born every year. A big number of their parents would be willing to buy them toys. If you get things right here, such as a supply of unique toys, you can easily penetrate the market and rig good money.


Jewelry is one of the profitable products ever. For one, they do not occupy more space. Then the fact that such products are unisex means you will have a steady demand from both men and women. The fact that they are light makes shipping even convenient.

Coconut Oil

Almost everyone is concerned with their health. Coconut oil is used for cooking and is healthier. It is not comparable to any other oil out there. If you can stock this product in your store, do just a little marketing and sensitization, you will never fail to sell the product. The good thing is that the product has a long shelf life.

Keto Supplements

In the recent past, the Atkins diet used to command this market. Then it was replaced by the Paleo diet. But currently, the Keto diet carries the day. For starters, this is a diet that ultimately leads the body into breaking down stubborn fats.


You will agree with me that society has wired people into believing that the ideal shape for women is a curvy one. When women are determined to achieve this seemingly societal norm, they consider shapewear as the most efficient and simple way to achieve it. This is what popularizes the product.

Strapless Backless Bra

Women would be excited if you would offer them the solution to wearing sleeveless dresses whenever they want. Ultimately, the solution is with a strapless, backless bra.

There are more comfortable, and women like them. These type of bras uses silicon suckers that will stick to the breast with no wardrobe malfunction. If you want to run a fashion wholesale, this is one product to include.

Skincare Products

Skincare products, beauty, and detox products are other products you would consider for your store. We single out Korean skincare products as they command the market. South Korea is among the leading exporters of cosmetics, with the revenue expected to hit over $13 billion in 2020. 

Front Facing Baby Carrier

Front Facing Baby Carrier allows women to multitask. They can do other house chores while taking good care of the baby. With some strategic marketing, you can make huge profits selling this product.

Tips on Making Money By Selling Wholesale

Purchase Fast Moving Products

There are products, and there are products. Some products will move faster than others. This is precisely what you must look out for. One of the ways to determine this is to undertake some research. Doing this will enable you to be conversant with goods that will leave your shelves as soon as it hits it.

Take Charge of Your Pricing

Before anything else, your pricing must be able to take the hit. Stores expect your products to be priced at least 50% lower than your regular retail prices. Store owners need to make a profit too, and expenses pile up quickly when running a brick and mortar.

If you want a store to keep ordering from you, give them a reason to be happy to work with you by making them money! So take a good look at your products and what it costs to make them.

Can you afford to sell wholesale? If not, how can you lower your costs? Consider purchasing materials in bulk, streamlining your production process, and maybe even outsourcing help.

Photograph Clear Pictures

Photograph your products on white. You must have clear product photos of your line on a white background. This is not only the standard, but it’s a lot more professional and showcases your products without any distractions! Having great photos is necessary when creating your line sheet.

Think about the Packaging

Almost as important as the product itself is the packaging. Even if it’s a hangtag, how you choose to package your products for display can make your work so much more appealing to a store’s customers. You may or may not require packaging for each item.

But if you’re selling soap, stationery, or sets of coasters (to name a few), you’ll almost definitely want to think about how you’re going to package them for the shelves. The packaging you use for selling to your retail customers will normally be different than what you use to send to stores.

Market Your Goods

What happens when you purchase your goods and do nothing about pushing them to the market for people to see them? Simply put, no sales would be made. This is what may likely happen if you do not put adequate measures in place for the right marketing.

There are several ways you may want to market your goods. One of the ways would be through the internet. Another is through roadshows. Yet another is by telling people about it and so on.

Market Your Goods Online

With the way the world has so advanced in technology, it is clear that people make plenty of sales from their online contacts. You, too, may also look into this medium of making money.

One of the ways you can do this is by being active on the various social media platforms. You may consider posting your product picture on Facebook, Instagram, and a whole lot more.

Get a Storage Location

Dependent on product size and quantity, you may find ample space in a home basement or require an area as large as a traditional warehouse. If renting or buying warehouse space, choose a location near your customer base if possible.

For instance, if you provide specialty products for plumbers, you may find that real estate is less expensive in the industrial area and nearer to your target audience.

FAQs about Buying Wholesale from China

What Is The Best Website To Buy Wholesale From China?

The best websites to buy wholesale from China include Nihaojewelry, Chinabrands, and Alibaba. However, Global Sources is also a great resource if you plan on sourcing electronics.

You can also use tools like the Jungle Scout Supplier Database to look up suppliers of existing products being sold online.

How Can I Buy Goods From China?

The easiest way to buy goods from China is the first to identify a supplier. Then, you should purchase a sample and iterate with your supplier until you are happy with the overall design of your product.

Finally, when it comes to buying in bulk, you should enlist the help of a freight forwarder to help you import your goods to your home country.

What Is The Best Item To Import From China?

Because the wages in China are much cheaper than anywhere else, it’s to your advantage to import goods that require a high amount of labor to produce.

For example, clothing, textiles, embroidery are ideal for importing from China because the material costs are low, and the fabrication process is manual. There are many types of products that fall into this category.

Do I Have To Pay Import Duty From China?

The answer is yes unless the value of your shipment is less than $800.

How Do You Buy Goods Directly From A Manufacturer?

Directories like Alibaba and Global Sources contain an extensive list of Chinese factories and manufacturers. Alternatively, you can find a sourcing agent to help you find suppliers for the products you want to sell.

Final Word

As you can see, you can make money wholesaling from China. Manufacturing your products made in China comes with many benefits. Low production costs will result in lower prices that will keep your potential customers and investors happy.


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