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TOP 9 Wholesale Baby Clothes Websites

Fashion is not just meant for grown-ups but it is also for the kids as well. Today, even babies and infants are seen to wear fashionable clothes. Keeping the current trends in mind, it can be said that the baby clothing industry has changed over the years.

We shall look at some of the best wholesale baby clothes suppliers where retailers can buy from together with trendy baby products. It is certain that new babies will be born.

wholesale baby clothes

Today, many have been born already, therefore, retailers should meet this rising demand by purchasing baby products from reliable sources at affordable prices.

The Current Situation of Baby Clothes Market

Baby clothes market is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. The market is estimated to be $1736 billion dollars. You will be surprised to know that the kid’s market has remained untouched by the global economic meltdown.

The baby clothes market is mainly driven by an increase in demand. With the changing lifestyle and increase in the income of the families has benefited the baby clothing retailers on a large scale.

Nowadays, parents want their kids to follow the latest trends in the market because of which the demand for baby clothes has increased. For the last few years, the market for baby clothes has witnessed a tremendous rise.

Parents have also started to prefer brands for baby wear. Even media promotion of designer baby wear has influenced the market to a great extent. Not just that, even the big supermarkets are considered to have led to an increase in the demand for baby clothes.

Can Make Money By Selling Baby Clothes?

make money by selling baby clothes

Yes you can make money by selling baby clothes. The baby clothes industry has been boosted by the popularity in the kid’s fashion. The global wholesale market has increased in sales in the current years.

Today a large number of parents are making it a priority to get high quality clothes for their kids. That is the reason there is an increase in the number of wholesale baby clothes. Mainly the online baby clothes has become the most lucrative business currently.

Popular Styles of Baby Clothes for Fall 2020

Popular Styles of Baby Clothes for Fall 2020

Mixed Prints

There is something about prints. They are fun and versatile. There is a variety of prints to choose from. It is stylish to match one print on the top and another top at the bottom.


You can never go wrong with solids. Solids are staple wardrobe items that can go with any and everything. They can also be worn with just about any of the other styles listed but with other solid colors as well.

Pops of Neon

Neon colors are resurfacing as popular clothing items for adults and for kids too. When it comes to neons, you can’t wear too bright of a color either. Everyone has colors that they’re drawn to. You can have a touch of bright yellow or pink. You can also mix and match the neon colors.

Camouflage Gear

Another trend that was in the making and has finally appeared in a significant way is camouflage gear. Put your boys in khaki trousers as well as military jackets. You can even go for patchwork pockets. The primary colors that you can mix and match the camouflage clothes are pink, blue and yellow.

Other trends that are showing a significant wave in 2020.

  • Sneakers worn with dresses
  • Multilayered clothing
  • Hats
  • Vests and Jackets

Top 10 Wholesale Baby Clothes Websites

Top 9 Wholesale Baby Clothes Websites


Nihaojewelry is not only the best supplier in clothes for women, men but also kids. They have an extensive collection of baby clothes that are trendy. They regularly update their catalogue to suite with time and fashion trends.

One of their main strength is that they have their manufacturing plant, which makes productions easy and delivery of products accessible. Another exciting aspect of Nihaojewelry is that they have quality inspection officers who ensure everything is of high standards.

Nihaojewelry has managed to establish an extensive market in different parts of the world. They offer amazing discounts and affordable prices. They provide huge quantity discounts. You can find trendy shoes, clothes, jewelry and many more.

More importantly, they have no MOQ requirements. And fast delivery can make you get your products as soon as possible.


China is one of the best wholesale websites in China, where has an abundant collection of baby clothes. There are more than 2,000 kinds of baby clothes available on this platform.

All the products with cheap price, and you don’t have to worry about the quality of them. It’s worthwhile to check their baby clothes!


Kiskissing is trendy wholesale baby clothes, selling toddler clothing, baby rompers, kid’s swimwear to retailers in more than 130 countries. They focus on trendy and unique baby clothing. They offer highly competitive factory prices with No MOQ.


This website focuses on general products, but also pay attention to baby clothes. You can get them with a reasonable price and good quality. The trendy baby clothes you also can buy here. They ship all over the world which is a great thing.

Infant Wear Bambini

Located Orange County California, Infant Wear Bambini have over 25years worth of experience in the industry. Their specialty is in infant garments and accessories.

Almost all their products are made out of cotton. Their robust catalog also includes onesies, pants, shorts, t-shirts, robes, gowns, creepers, pajamas, hats, caps, blankets and so much more. Additionally, there are gift boxes with baby clothing and accessories.

Wholesale Children Clothing 

As the name suggests, the supplier deals in kids wear wholesale and offer a huge range of products in different categories. From everyday clothes and accessories to boutique pieces, you can buy everything at great a price.


Alibaba is the world’s largest supplier of almost any products imaginable. This e-commerce website doesn’t manufacture the baby clothes themselves, but, you will find various manufacturers selling fancy children wear in wholesale.

This platform is easy to use. The buyer can instantly send a quotation to potential suppliers who reply almost immediately. Prices of baby clothes depend on style and fabric used. The rule of discounts on bulk purchases apply here from a given threshold. Prices can be as low as $1, per unit.

Kiddies World Wholesale 

Kiddies World Wholesale is a well-established children clothing wholesale based in the UK. They stock the latest kids’ collection from leading brands like Cute & Cuddly, Bee Bo, Baby Town and many more.

The fabric used in these clothes are the finest and of impeccable quality. To make orders with this UK firm, the buyer must first fill a registration form. The customer can only place orders of a minimum value of £50.00.

Angel Wholesale

Angel Wholesale is an online supplier of high quality children clothing. Popular categories include nappy cakes, gifts, and toys among other products.

In addition to this, a buyer can access blank baby clothes which ideally great for customization, print and embroidery business. This baby clothes wholesaler is quite unique because they have no minimum orders like most suppliers.

Information about quantity in stock is available to the buyer. Prices are pocket friendly and a buyer can make purchase from a low of £1.99 per unit.


Whether you are looking to start or grow your wholesale baby clothes business, there are many options to take. When using these tips, though, you should see a jump in your sales quickly, as well as have many happy returning customers.


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