Is Fashion Jewelry A Good Investment To Make Resale Business?

You are wondering if fashion jewelry is a good investment? Then you have come to the right place. The fashion jewelry market size is currently valued at $278.5 billion, and the worth has been forecasted to increase in the coming years.

This makes it one of the most lucrative business to invest in. The jewelry industry contains imitation jewelry, costume, handcrafted, boutique pieces, precious and semi-precious stone jewelry.

Jewelry can be a great investment because it has intrinsic values. However, you need to know fashion jewelry to invest in. Fashion jewelry sales are increasing for several reasons:

  • Individualism is on the rise, so brands have gained traction.
  • There are now more women with income.
  • Growing e-commerce and internet penetration in rural as well as urban areas have also impacted the demand for fashion jewelry.
  • The consumer movement towards urban areas is expected to increase the demand for the men and women fashion jewelry.

High prices of silver and gold is shifting the trend to fashion and costume jewelry.

fashion jewelry
Fashion Jewelry

Is Fashion Jewelry Profitable?

Basing on the big market demand in the fashion sector, you can sell the jewelry pieces at large numbers and also achieve a great margin if you do proper marketing and build a business.

Currently, jewelry is a billion-dollar industry, and why should you want to invest in it? Basing your business both online and offline, makes your jewelry business even more lucrative.

Fashion jewelry is considered a custom product that knows no boundaries. It is worn by both men and women regardless of the culture and ages. This is quite an open market. You are assured that you will not miss the market no matter what.

The fashion industry is quite fluid and dynamic. Therefore, you need to update your product range frequently and add trendy styles to keep your customers engaged. You need to know that customers are always on the lookout for trendy pieces to add to their wardrobe.

In order to keep up with the hot jewelry pieces, you need to be at the frontline before the fashionistas. Rather than selling expensive jewelry, you can supply affordable fashion jewelry online to attract a bigger market.

So you don’t have to sell expensive jewelry. From the look of things, fashion jewelry offers numerous opportunities for you to invest in. You have all the reasons to try to invest in fashion jewelry.

fashion jewelry online
Fashion Jewelry

Tips When Selling Your Jewelry

  • Know the Trends

You need to be aware of the fashion jewelry you want to sell. You can go with selling all types of fashion jewelry or combine different types of fashion jewelry pieces.

Start by knowing what the market needs and what is trending. You need to keep in mind that customers will always want to have a trendy and updated wardrobe. You need to stay up to date on the latest fashion jewelry.

Get updated on fashion jewelry in magazines such as Vogue, social media, and the internet. Nevertheless, do not be tied down to the current trends. Keep up a common thread to make your business recognizable.

  • Make Good Prices for Them

The price of your products depends on the manufacturing cost. Depending on what jewelry you are selling and the wholesale distributor you have decided to work with, you can set a price that will attract numerous customers.

When starting your business, you should consider selling the products at a lower price to gain the market share. You can look at other pieces in the market to give you a rough idea of what is the competitive prices. Also include discounts to get customers coming back.

  • Know Your Selling Options

You can sell your products in physical shops and online. The internet has created a positive impact on many businesses. You can sell your products through an online marketplace or create a distinct website that will only display your business.

  • Reach Your Target Group

One of the first things you should do, no matter what type of business you run, is getting crystal clear about who your ideal customer is. The more specific you can be about who your ideal customer is and what they love, hate and need, the more closely you can tailor your marketing efforts to them as well as create products that fit their needs.

Now, that you know who would be your typical customer, and how much your jewelry will cost, ask yourself how to reach them, what channels do they use? The Internet is the power of information; if you don’t exist on any channels, you basically don’t exist at all. Having your website and social media accounts are a must.

  • Get a Reputable Jeweler

To keep your business going, you need to get a manufacturer or supplier that produces quality products and is reputable. Read reviews and testimonials and get referrals.

There are many great and reliable wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers for you to choose from. Like Nihaojewelry, Chinabrands, Alibaba, DHgate and Veryselection…

Here you can know more about how to find a reputable jeweler: How To Find Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers And Sell Retail?

  • Product Quality

Quality is enough to retain customers, which is critical to our reputation and long-term development in the future. If you sell fake cheap jewelry, you lose your customer, and most of the time, customers will not trust you again and think you of a counterfeiter. Therefore, you need to go for product quality.

If you ready to invest fashion jewelry business but have no idea, you can click here to know more. Here you can get many useful information about investing fashion jewelry business.

The Benefits of Choosing Nihaojewelry

Nihaojewelry is one of the most popular fashion jewelry suppliers and drop shippers. They mainly focus on wholesale fashion jewelry business for many years, therefore, they have their own factory and production chain.

  • Quality Products

All the production chains are completed in their factory. The products go through special inspection to control the quality of the products. If there are any problems with the products you buy in the period of validity, you can a refund.

  • One-stop Shopping

Having a factory, Nihaojewelry has numerous fashion jewelry pieces; at the same time, they update their products constantly. You can buy different jewelry accessories from them. If you choose Nihaojewelry from now on, you don’t need to take great pains for purchasing different kinds of jewelry.

  • Trendy Products

From Nihaojewelry, you are assured of getting trendy products starting from western Jewelry or Korean Jewelry, earrings, or bracelets. You get to find something different and worthwhile.

  • Great Customer Service

One of the biggest advantages of Nihaojewelry is excellent customer service. You get quality service from their professional staff who make your shopping easy.

  • No MOQ Requirements

Nihaojewelry has no MOQ requirements, you can start fashion jewelry business here with no risks.

Desire to know more about Nihaojewelry: Nihaojewelry Reviews: Is Nihaojewelry Legit Or Not Legit?


Regardless of monetary value, your jewelry piece has an intrinsic value that money cannot buy. But if you need money, your fashion jewelry can be resold for a nice profit. However, you need a good skill to go to jewelry investing.


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