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How To Find Unique Sunglasses Wholesale?

Fashion is all about style and looks, and there is nothing good than a pair of flashy sunglasses. These chic glasses look dazzling and charming with all attires.

In earlier times, sunglasses used to have a specific stake, they were the leisure interests for the rich class. But now, the tables have turned, these sunglasses make their way to all the households and societies. Not just that, but they are now an essential part of anyone’s accessory collection.

Well, that’s the reason, they have been found in all the fashion outlets and stores. Retailers are continuously looking to add something unique and fashionable in their collection to attract buyers.

As China is a go-to destination for all the wholesale importers, you can also look for some exotic collection to enhance your profitability. This article will get you all the details requires to know before you start importing your fashion glasses from China.

Sunglasses Wholesale
Sunglasses Wholesale

Why Wholesale Sunglasses?

Sunglasses being one of the chicest and handy accessories has a lucrative market across the world.

However, if you want to grow your business, then you certainly need to achieve a competitive edge, which will help you to stand out from your competitors. Well, Chinese wholesalers are the best in that. How? Have a look.

  • Reasonable Collection

China is an all-rounder in providing low-cost products to all over the world. So you can have your fashion glasses from the best Chinese wholesale suppliers at competitive pricing.

  • High-grade Quality

China has some incredible fashion wholesaler’s, who maintain a high standard in their product line. Be it fashion jewelry or fashion accessories, China provides amazing quality to its customers.

  • Great Inventory

The Chinese wholesaler’s usually consisted of a massive production line that allows them to carry out production activities instantly and maintain the availability of stock. You certainly do not need to worry with the continuous supply of stocks, when you are choosing a Chinese exporter.

  • Diverse Variety

From MOSCOT to Warby parker, China has got all the styles for you in their collection. Not just that, but for convenience, Chinese wholesaler’s like

Nihao offers a complete range of fashion including fine jewelry, fashion bags, women’s clothing, women’s shoes, fashion accessories and much more. Even you have a choice to grab the best deal on new arrivals also.

Ways to Find Unique Sunglasses Wholesale

The Internet has curbed the distances, hence if you want to buy wholesale goggle collection, then you can easily place an order on the site of your wholesaler.

Although, if you want to create a unique collection for your business, then you can visit China and look for some amazing Chinese wholesalers physically. Opting for online wholesalers is sensible as it is cost-effective and quick.

But if you are willing to visit China for creating your sunglasses collection, then you must have a look at the Shenzhen market to explore a wide range of collection.

The way you want to find out your wholesale supplier depends on you, the only thing you need to consider is how much you can pay on importing your wholesale products from China.

Best Wholesale Sunglasses Suppliers

If you have decided to opt for an online wholesaler, then let’s have a look at some popular wholesale sunglasses providers across the world.

  • Nihaojewelry

Nihao is one of the biggest and most reliable wholesale fashion destinations for importers throughout the world. This site get’s you the latest trends of the industry at an amazing price range. Their fashion glasses are spectacular and classy, that certainly attract many customers.

One thing which matters a lot on this site is the quality. Nihao never compromises with their quality and standards which helps them to stand out from their competitors.

You get a chance to leverage their beneficial features like speedy refunds, no MOQ and much more. Enjoy their extensive collection starting with classic vintage to modern chic. Have a look at Nihao fashion glasses collection to create an amazing collection at a lower cost.

wholesale fashion sunglasses
Nihaojewelry Sunglasses Page
  • Dhgate

Dhgate is an online fashion solution that comes up with a variety of fashion products for its customers. You can have a look at their amazing wood goggle collection, which is available at wholesale prices.

These wood sunglasses are made of bamboo wood and are quite unique. You can select from glasses available for both men and women. A wide range of design is always there to support your collection.

Another interesting part is that Dhgate always has something to offer in their new arrival section. This site can be taken as an option if you are willing to have wooden glasses. Prices offered by Dhgate is also competitive, which allows you to indulge a nice pricing strategy in your business.

  • Sunny Sunglasses

Well, Chinese wholesalers are quite popular, but there are some found in the US also, who has a brilliant collection. If you talk about Sunny sunglasses, then the collection is definitely sparkling and vivacious.

This site gets you the styles starting with Kim Kardashian to Tony Stark. You can explore some of the amazing designs, although at comparatively higher pricing.

This wholesaler is from California and hence it is natural to pay extra, but it offers some customization too, so you can have a look at this wholesaler for your unique collection.

  • YC Sunglasses

This is a Chinese sunglasses manufacturer and wholesaler, who deals specifically in eyewear. It has been in the industry for 2 decades and offers a wide range of products for your business. Apart from glasses, they offer some interesting collection of related accessories too.

You can have a look at their product line made of metal and plastic or both separately. It offers exclusive support to customers and makes your shopping experience smooth.

  • Eugenia Eyewear

Eugenia is a China-based eyewear manufacturer that specialises in manufacturing casual sunglasses, fashion glasses, lens cleaners, eyeglasses cords and more.

They are worldwide exporters and supports exports to a major part of the world. The interesting part is that this company believes in sustainable growth and hence, supplies environmentally friendly products. They even provide free sampling, so that customers can ensure quality. Although, the only concern is the pricing, which is slightly higher.

  • Taizhou Baiyu Eyewear

Taizhou comes up with a long list of products in the line of eyewear. You can have a look at some interesting collection of fashion glasses, fit over sunglasses and safety glasses.

Some major destinations they export their products are the US, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea and more. They make it clear that they follow international quality standards in their products. You can have a look at their website for interesting styles.

Tips about Wholesaling Sunglasses

Sunglasses are quite interesting and stylish, however, can be delicate at times. So here are some tips that may help you in wholesaling your collection.

  • A reliable wholesaler is important to choose, as you cannot get into business with some cheap collection and low-quality standards. Research is important and hence select one of the exclusive wholesale providers of fashion accessories. Don’t invest in something fragile.
  • Wholesale a good variety of products as it is quite important for your business growth. Keeping a wide variety in your store would help you crack all tastes and preferences.
  • Also, before buying a collection, you must explore the current market trends and designs. This would enhance your sales in a very short period. Also, add some evergreen styles for a safe approach towards your customers. Cat eyes with neutral colours work on most of the faces, so don’t forget to add them.

At the End:

So these were some amazing things and aspects, you want to know before wholesaling your exclusive fashion glasses from China. Always remember that looking for flash deals would help you save a lot.

Also, you need to make your collection visible and that’s why to pick the trendy glasses in your collection. Websites like Nihao are reliable and allow you to explore a wide variety of trendy products.

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