The First Seller on Amazon America Invests in Hair Accessories Brand Best Seller

Can you belive that the product like hair band and rubber band can be sell until more than 100, and those products are like quik sell products, the amount of sales can get more than. It is sound unbillable, but a USA internet company Pullez International have done. The brand also recently announced a minority investment from Pharmapacks, amazon’s top U.S. seller, though no transaction details have been released.


Pulleez international funded in 2011, the head court is in New Jersey, the funder named Diana Wright was a fashion designer  to resolver the problem about the hair of the model.

They always have problem like provender, the hair to make up need to help the model to make up quikly, but the hair band has their own longer and not comfortable for different kind of hair of the model and more will follow the string.

To resolve this problem, Diana design a kind of the hair brand which can dancer roll with some small accessories, and call it Pullez.

The theory of this kind of band is same with the belt at the bottom of the sweater on the hoodie is loose, can use the belt change the longitude of the band, then cannot be in finitize of the quality of the hair, and it is become more and more popular for the model, make upper and designer.

the theory of pullez
the theory of pullez

After that, Diana focus that she designee a female popular product, and then creat the own mark, start to proctor more. Through lot of time of the taste about quality  and the structure, the hair band of Pullez is essay to use and is very strong, not quilck to lose the roll, and make it more colorful right now.

It is not only a tool , and also it is a hair accessor, right now, the hair band of the Pullez it became very popular in the market. 

Pulleze though the amazon and another third platform sell their products, according the amazon, pulleez has 4 kinds of goods, golden, metal series crystal series acrylic series and sports series. The price range is $7.95 and $24.95.

the products of pulleze

Recentely, pullez has some new kind of the productos for the Natural curly hair named pulleez plus. was developed on the advice of employees of Pharmapacks, Pulleez’s investment partner.

It is said that the new product pullez plus will be never despiedere the string, the slide-on system keeps the hair perfectly comfortable and easily detachable to prevent breakage compared to the original Pulleez loop, which has a longer cord size and is perfect for black women with heavy, natural curls.

The CEO of the Pharmapacks adma berkowitz said the ideal of the products of the Pulleez Plus from our female, they have different kind of the quality and the necessary of the hair.

In the future , Pharmapacks and Pulleez will work together for the culture of the female make up services , do more creativity and more good quality products.

In fact, the Pharmapacks invested by Pulleez also have a great future. Pharmapacks is a local seller of amazon in the United States with a long history of single-store dominance, ranking first in SellerRatings of the third-party seller list all the year around.

seller rating
seller rating

The Pharmapacks founds by Andrew Vagenas with some friends, the main productus like pharmaceutical, nutrition personal care products, beauty products hair products, baby products, home products, Pharmpacks not only have their official website also cooperate with platform like Amazon, Ebay.

They also have the professional technical platform, can do the service like plan marketing, sell plan and logistics, can help their cooperation company pay more attention on the creativity.

Andrew Vagenas has a special vison; he believes that the next decades Amazon will become the future of the e commerce.  At the beginning, Pharmapacks was a soft processor, then began to do the platform of the amazon program, no fba.

If have some orders, E-commerce companies do not stock up on goods and do not do FBA. When they have orders, they place orders from suppliers to speed up the process by means of technology docking.


After a long time, Andrwe finde tow keys of amazon, prices and critical.

Fist, desing a program named Master Brain for follow the price, this program can follow the price of the same productos from another company frome Amazon, Walmart and Eby platform and then he can change the price immediately.

Then, design a software named Truspilot, it can be delete the critical of the less the 3 star critical. and then do the services costumer, during the 2015, the service customer delay more than 3300 of the bad critical.

Thanks, of the good quality of the program design, Pharmapcls become a professional technical platform company.

For the legical, Pharmapackls work with Seald air, through the I pack system, can know the contend of the goods, and do the perfect plan for the nice packs and cost the money.

According to a report in the public in 2015, Pharmapacks revenues to $70 million, in 2015 the INC 500 fastest growing private companies in 2017.

Pharmapacks operating income is 1.6 – $170 million in 2018, operating income is expected to be $270 million or so, mainly concentrated in the amazon, eBay and its proprietary website in 2018, also from wal-mart Pharmapacks won a $32.5 million financing.

Generally, Pharmapacls is a very strong company, for the investment of the pullez will see the future of the company.

In reality, the uncomfortable of the live can be everywhere, but we can resolve for the creativity ways and may be can be transformed the future of some people. The story of success of Pullez tell us that we should study to pay more attention on the live, may be the future is inside there.

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