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Top 8 Wholesale Rings Suppliers China

Are you looking for a reliable ring supplier in China? You are in the right place. The sale of fashion jewelry is an established business in China.

For business owners, you do not need to experience the hassle of checking products from one shop to another. The following list shows the best ten wholesalers rings suppliers in China.

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Wholesale Rings

Why Wholesale Rings in China

There are different styles of rings manufactured from trendy, classic, minimalist to luxuriously complex stone settings. Wholesaling rings from chin means that you are availed with many Chinese ring manufacturers as well as wholesalers.

China is one of the most important jewelry bases in the world. Years ago, the trends and standards of Chinese fashion jewelry may have been different from what was experienced in other parts of the world.

This is because back then, silver and gold jewelry were the only types of jewelry loved by the Chinese. Therefore, jewelry makers created their pieces with only these materials. And wholesale stores sold only jewelry made from these materials too.

However, we now live in a different era. Times have changed. The Chinese jewelry market is now made up of a wide range of jewelry crafted from different materials. That is why many retailers and wholesale shops are looking up to China for their jewelry products.

Best Wholesale Rings Suppliers


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Nihaojewelry is one of the most reliable and experienced wholesale ring suppliers. It has its factory with a tea of quality inspectors, implying that the rings are of quality.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the company is that they make custom jewelry to suit their customer’s needs. Those interested in using this service usually describe their design idea and the materials to be used.

Plus, it has the ODM manufacturer and OEM of some famous jewelry brands. Therefore, if you need this type of service, you have to tell your idea or what you want to do, after the confirmation, they will buy the raw materials, they will design, produce, process and package.


Chinabrands being the top fashion ring supplier and also one of the best top jewelry wholesale suppliers, offers a lot of products and prices that no other website or company can provide.

Whether you’re buying in bulk for your own needs, or drop shipping so you can resell, then Chinabrands is the business partner that you need to fulfill all your wholesale products need.


Alibaba is one of the famous wholesale ring suppliers in China. Numerous suppliers on the site do not compromise the quality of their products. Most of the products that are sold here are available at a low price.

Even the products are delivered at a very short tenure after the order is placed. Most of the products are packed wonderfully so that they are not damaged or destroyed in any way. Proper care is taken about the delivery of the products.


Teemtry is a top online marketplace for fashion rings at factory-direct prices. They offer an unparalleled selection of original designs ready to charm and delight your clientele with excellent craftsmanship and creative brilliance.

Long-term sells wholesale jewelry to retailers, chain stores, catalog companies, online web stores, and independent resellers.

ZAD Wholesale Jewelry

ZAD is a wholesale ring importer that sells to store owners, retailers large and small, websites, distributors. Perhaps it is also considered as another best place for selling wide varieties of earrings at a discounted rate.

The company ships to all countries in the world. Most of the styles are created by their global partners in India and China.


It began its operations in 2012, in the United Kingdom. It later spread its operations to the USA and currently is has a big warehouse in China. The company is seemingly getting ahead of its competitors, mainly because their rings are fairly priced, and anyone can purchase at wholesale prices.

Xuping Jewelry

Beijing-based Xuping is one of the leading distributors of wholesale jewelry in China. They offer the following services: They specialize in brooches, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, bangles, jewelry sets, and accessories.

They have both local and international payment methods and offer reasonable discounts to rings. The shipping cost is relatively cheaper, and the delivery time is fast, generally between 3 to 5 days.


Jewelrybund is top-ranked professional wholesale rings in China. They are constantly researching the market and customer needs to point out the new fashion and trend of western and Korean rings and relevant products.

JewelryBund Inc. owns three jewelry factories in China for the latest fashion rings. Therefore, JewelryBund is your unique source of premium rings at incredible prices.

Things to Know about Wholesaling Rings

Buying jewelry and mainly rings in bulk is a good way of filling your shelf while you take advantage of the discount offered by different manufacturers. Below are things that you need to consider before you wholesale rings.

Legitimate Products 

Buying jewelry and mainly rings in bulk is a good way of filling your shelf while you take advantage of the discount offered by different manufacturers. Below are things that you need to consider before you wholesale rings.

Is Ongoing Access Available?

If you get to make more sales in your stores, you would want to have regular and convenient access. So it’s a good idea to make sure that any bulk jewelry you consider buying will be available in the future if it performs well on your shelves.

Make sure that any purchases you make aren’t limited editions or almost sold out, or you may find yourself with jewelry requests from customers that you can’t fill in the long run.

Return Policy

Before you select the wholesale supplier, get to know the return policies. Get to know if you can return any ring that is defective of returned by your customer.

Get to know the time set for returns and how long a refund can take. The more you know about your supplier’s return policies, the better you put up your return policies.

Don’t Go All-In the First Time

If you get a wholesale ring supplier, do not put a huge order at the first try. Make an order of a single unit if a few pieces to give you the capacity to ascertain the quality of the wholesale rings. When you are contented, you can make a large order.


What kind of rings can you import from China?

There are different materials from which Chinese manufacturers make their rings and the type of rings you will get from wholesalers include diamond, platinum, silver and gold.

You can also get rings made from silver and gold alloys as well as trendy accessories made with copper and other materials.

Can I ask for sample product?

The first thing to do is show genuine interest in the ring right from the start. Then you can nicely tell the supplier or company why you like the wholesale rings and the number of units you’d plan to purchase after seeing and confirming the sample.

What is the MOQ for the companies?

Different manufacturers have different MOQ requirements while other have zero minimum order requirement.


There’re too many things need to be pay attention to when wholesaling China, click Wholesale China? Here’s what You Need to Know.

Now it must be known that the entire name of the websites that are mentioned above are quite familiar and good among the people. Each one of them is the best in all aspects. Be it about the quality or the price; the companies are just too good.

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