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How to Use Marketing Tiktok to Increase Your Jewelry Business?

It’s essential that knowing how to use social media marketing for your business. Cause the Internet covers almost every corner of the world. Using social media marketing is effective for boost your business. Today we will going to know how to use marketing tiktok to increase your jewelry business.

What’s Tiktok?


Launched in china in 2016 from original app musically, Tiktok is an easy to use and free app on social media that lets you watch, create and make videos on social media while a soundtrack of some of the world’s most famous sound tracks plays in the background.

The app allows users to create 15 second videos on any topic of their choice. It differs from its parent app musically as it allows users to directly add videos that are recorded in your phone and also combines the option of special effects and filters.

For enhanced user interaction Tiktok is designed in a way that your audience may react to your content and share it. The app is also easy to handle as one can be able to edit videos without necessarily leaving the app.

The wide selection of music and content from all across the globe makes it easier for people to select their personalized content and hence makes it more enjoyable to engage.

Since its launch, Tiktok has steadily grown to be the most downloaded app, with an audience of over 500 million active monthly users; the app has steadily gained popularity among all types of people around the world.

The popularity arises from the fact that various celebrities from different parts of the world have paid partnerships to promote the app in their various local audiences.

Most of these celebrities who have a huge following have use the app as a means of interacting with their fans from celebrity challenges to promotions. These celebrities not only post content on the app but also promote the app on various other social media channels.

Despite being a global app, Tiktok specializes on local content which is a sure way to bring in consumers as they are able to relate with content from their own region.

The app captures local trends by promoting local contests and challenges all while using the local hashtags to push the content. An example is the “seaweed dance” that went viral in china with a lot of users creating videos on this theme.

By simplifying video creation and content sharing, the app has been able to capture the attention of a wide range of users as all you have to do is record anything and everything and have it post instantly. This is due to the short format which makes the process of video creation and watching take less time and effort.

Why TikTok So Popular?

why tiktok so popular

With brands the rising popularity of Tiktok is one to take note of as most of the world’s population is now catching up with the app which was otherwise regarded as an app for the generation Z.

In recent times a whole group of people have started getting to understand and enjoy the app and hence are now fully invested. With the app being mostly a trend culture, it is essential to note that the most popular videos are the ones that can easily trend and hence can be able to receive a lot of attention.

How to Use Tiktok to Market Your Jewelry Business?

how to use tiktok to market your jewelry business

Understand How the Platform Works

This is the first step in promoting your jewelry business on Tiktok. By understanding how the app works you can be able to know your client base and hence be able to interact with them.

Link in Bio

For a jewelry business the option of link in bio which is an upcoming feature of Tiktok will enable users to share a link to your physical or online shop and hence be able to easily get hold of your pieces.

It also helps that the app allows for brands to market their product through one on one user interaction by having an account in the app and also paid promotions whereby a local celebrity can be used to promote the jewelry pieces to their audiences.

Tiktok Ads

Tiktok ads are also a huge form of brand promotion. Ad promotion on Tiktok is one of the major ways to get your business noticed. By coming up with a trendy hashtag and a challenge using some of the pieces of jewelry the business may be able to get a lot of attention from a wide range of viewers the main concept being, make the hashtag and challenge trendy so that it can be able to easily gain attention.

The ads may also be designed in such a way that images, GIFs and short clips are redirected to the brand page or the hashtag challenge that promotes the pieces.

Celebrity Promotions

The use of celebrities or influencers to promote some the jewelry is also a sure way of making sure that the business gets noticed. You can use one or two of the local celebrities with a huge Tiktok fan base to promote the jewelry pieces by either posting challenges of them in the jewelry or promoting the hashtag with a link to the product page.

With a lot of viewers being skeptical of ads it may be easy for them to see the product being used by everyday people who they may easily relate to. As it turns out one in three consumers always trusts an influencer’s opinion on a product.

User Participation

User participation can also be used to promote your jewelry pieces. This can be done by promoting user generated content on the app. This is by making it easy for users to post ideas and content regarding the jewelry pieces by tagging themselves on the trending topic or hashtag of the jewelry line.

This can be in form of the popular try on challenge where users can try pieces of your jewelry with other outfits while a catchy song is on the background.

Increase Sense of Community

In general the sure way of ensuring that the jewelry pieces gain attention is by enhancing a sense of community around each marketing strategy.

Make sure to capitalize on moments and seasons and create the hashtag or challenge around a particular feeling or season for example a slow song may be used in the context of a lover or friend gifting your pieces of jewelry to their partner with soft catchy music on the background.

The concept around this is relatable and can be easily replicated by lots of people.

Create Your Own Content on Tiktok

This is one of the sure ways to ensure that your brand is recognized on the platform. By setting up an account on Tiktok you can be able to control the content that you share with your viewers in aim of promoting your jewelry line.

By revealing your brands personality the viewers may be able to connect with the jewelry line by connecting with you and thus creating trust.

Post Often

By posting often the viewers and clients are regularly updated on the upcoming pieces and they can regularly interact with your brand. This is important for brand continuity.

FAQS about Tiktok

Most of the frequently asked questions about Tiktok include:

Is the Tiktok app free?

Yes Tiktok is accessible to download for free on both Google play store and Iphone Appstore.

What do I need to register on Tiktok?

The registration process on Tiktok is quite easy as all you need is either your phone number or email address to create an account after downloading the app.

How does Tiktok Work?

Users can create short 15 second videos of them lip-synching to videos of their favorite songs, participating in challenges and sharing videos in the social media platform. The app has special features and effects that are used in enhancing the videos made.

Can I create my own videos?

The app allows you to easily create and short clips with a wide assortment of features.

Is Tiktok child friendly?

Tiktok has a feature called digital well being that controls and restricts the content that you may flag to be inappropriate for small children.

How can I make money on Tiktok?

Though there is not a clear way to monetize your Tiktok account most people make money on the app through paid partnerships and ads this is done by monetizing your live stream. You can also make money by growing your account and selling it.


With rise in people needing ways to entertain themselves Tiktok has been a fun and exciting way for people to get into trends and easily participate in challenges.

The ability to access trends from all over the world is also enhancing the general global interaction as a person from china can easily see and participate in what is happening in other parts of the world.

The ease by which one can use the app makes it possible for people from all age groups to use the app without difficulty.

A positive influence for businesses is the rate at which people are moving into Tiktok. This makes it possible your product to gain the audience that it needs to grow leading to an increase in market.

The app is generally on the way to becoming the biggest social and marketing platform so let’s get into it before we get left out.

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