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How to Start One Fashion Jewelry Distribution Business?

The jewelry business has been one that has always stood the test of time. With most people using jewelry to accessorize and compliment their outfits the demand for jewelry is one that is constant.

Many people are hence looking into the fashion jewelry business to satisfy the wide market. To understand the business we may look into some of the concepts of market distribution.

What’s Distribution?

what's distribution

Distribution can be termed as the act of selling and delivering product from the manufacturer to the customer.

It is one of the four elements of the marketing mix. It is the chain of events that takes place from when the product is packaged and transported out through various channels in order to reach specific clients.

Distribution can either be done directly by the producer or indirectly through a distribution channel.

This channel consists of a lot of players whose aim and the length of the chain depends on the product and amount of people that are involved. Distribution is necessary to ensure the client receives the best service possible.

Distribution is necessary to ensure the client receives the best service possible. For every business with a product that is required to reach a customer, the distribution process can either make or break the company.

A good distribution system is thereby one that is able to allow for a business to top the competitors by selling more product. There are three approaches to distribution:

Mass/Intensive Distribution

This happens when products are meant for mass markets, here the marketer will seek out various intermediaries to ensure the product appeals to large masses.

The goal of this strategy is to penetrate the market as widely as possible. An example for this may be mass produced products such as snacks, magazines, beverages.

Selective Distribution

This is where a manufacturer chooses to restrict the number of outlets that are handling a product. It focuses on specific channels. This mode of distribution is often designed to cater for a specific consumer.

This provides for a more customized experience for the customer. An example is the beauty industry.

Exclusive Distribution

In this form of distribution, the distributor deals with only one type of intermediary. This approach ensures greater control of the distribution process. This approach works well with luxury brands such as Gucci.

Decide How You Want to Operate ( B2B or B2C )

decide how you want to operate

When deciding how to operate the business, there are two modes of business operations the business to business abbreviated as (B2B) and the business to consumer ( B2C ).

The B2B model is whereby the business is conducted between companies. It is a form of transaction between businesses like that of the manufacturer and wholesaler and the wholesaler and the retailer.

These transactions tend to happen in instances such as those where a company will buy raw materials from another to be used in the manufacturing process.

The B2C model is that where the products and services are directly transferred between a business and consumers. Companies that sell directly to consumers use this model.

The B2C model became popular during the boom of the dotcom phenomenon as it was used to refer to the people who sold their goods and services online.

The B2C approach to marketing is one of the most popular methods of product distribution. With the rise of the internet the B2C model of business has seen a huge rise in online transactions through E-commerce.

The difference in these two models is thereby where the business to business type model is whereby businesses buy products or raw materials for their companies while the business to consumer model is more one on one with consumers purchasing products for their personal use.

When deciding on how you want to operate you have to understand the differences between the two models and how they affect your general marketing potential:

  • While the B2B model deals with business to business promotions the B2C model concentrates directly on the consumer.
  • The B2B model is logic driven while the B2C model favors simple and easy messaging.
  • The B2B model focuses on the time, energy and resources that are to be saved while the B2C is emotion driven.
  • The B2B model favors in depth promotion of products, the B2C model focuses on benefits and problem solving.
  • The B2B businesses focus on building long term relationships with consumers while the B2C is more of short term but efficient.

When deciding which approach to take in the business consider the differences while putting in mind the type of consumer that you want to tap.

For the B2B you may want to focus more on how the client operates within the confines of their organizational procedures.

This type of marketing is more on the type of people using the product rather than the product itself and your punch line will be how the product will be able to save the consumer time, energy and money.

The B2C is more about the benefits of the product to the consumer making their decisions more emotional. In this model your most effective marketing strategies should focus on the results and the benefits that your product brings to the customer.

To put it in perspective, the B2B business is easier for the manufacturer as they do not need to worry about the many processes that are involved in selling the product to the end user and there is a greater market share advantage.

The B2C model on the other hand is more efficient as more customers are buying into trends.

5 Essentials on How to Start One Fashion Jewelry Distribution Business

essentials for start a fashion jewelry distribution business

For a fashion jewelry distribution business, the factors one has to consider are:

How Do You Want to Operate

When looking for a way to operate, the B2B and B2C business operation models are the most considered options.

In the B2B you will mostly be buying the jewelry at wholesale then selling it to retailers while in the B2C you will be purchasing the jewelry at wholesale and then selling it to the customer directly.

In instances where you are selling your product online, you may never have to even see or touch the products as they will be directly shipped to the consumer.

Choose the Type of Jewelry You Want to Distribute

When you understand your client base the next step is to choose products that suite their tastes. You can either choose to sell high end or fine jewelry or fashion pieces which are for everyday wear.

Create a Marketing Strategy

After identifying the jewelry pieces you want to deal in, find out the best marketing practice you can use to maximize profits.

Create a Business Plan

Make a comprehensive list of how you want the business to operate and the methods you will use in operating.

Capture Clients

Always ensure that you tap new clients wither virtually or in real life by using ads to promote the business.

Best 5 Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

SuppliersLocationCategoryWorldwide Shipping
NihaojewelryChinaFashion Jewelry & AccessoriesYes


As one of the top jewelry suppliers, Nihaojewelry offers a selection of customized jewelry pieces that are easily accessible in all parts of the world. Nihaojewelry is unique in that they assemble the pieces from raw materials to the final finished product and package it in a way that is unique to each customer.

Being operational for over 29 years Nihaojewelry have a long standing advantage in the market as they have years of experience in delivering excellent jewelry pieces all over the world. With all the services in house you do not have to spend additional resources.

Alibaba has grown to be a widespread ecommerce website where you can easily find anything that you are looking for. The widespread reach of the site makes it accessible in all parts of the world.


The company offers a wide variety of jewelry, while offering creative ways to meet the needs of the clients. They also provide jewelry with high quality and cheap price, so it’s also a great choice for you to start distirbute jewelry business.


This like Alibaba is another ecommerce website where you can easily access all types of jewelry from across the world. With different sellers marketing their jewelry on the site one an easily find a wide variety of pieces to choose from.


This is a UK based jewelry wholesale business which recently shifted its base to China. Shipping to over 200 countries, the firm continues to supply quality pieces of jewelry at affordable rates.

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2020

Chain Link Necklaces and Bracelets

While the trend has been on the spotlight for a while now, chain links have really gained momentum in 2020. The pieces can either be layered with smaller chains or worn alone as statement pieces.


These are classic pieces of jewelry which are guaranteed to always be in fashion.


Pearls are also part of the most timeless jewelry pieces that never seem to go out of style. The only difference for the trend this year is that most designers have decided to reinvent the pieces from knotted pearl necklaces to mismatched pearl earrings.

You can also find some of these pieces and other fashion jewelry trends at 2020 Jewelry Trends to Help Improve Your Business.


Jewelry has always been a part of the world wide fashion industry scene for a long period of time. Providing pieces of jewelry that can cater to all types of people should therefore be a priority of any jewelry supply and distribution process.

By paying attention to how the marketing trends are changing, the jewelry distribution business can also be able to catch up and compete in the fashion scene.

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