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How to Make Money Reselling from Wholesale Clothing Suppliers?

Reselling is an aspect of business that involves purchasing of products at wholesale prices and reselling them at retail prices to the end users. Reselling may involve the use of B2B channels, individual business websites or online e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress among others.

reselling wholesale clothing

The resell business has a lot of opportunities as its scope as a business can choose to solely focus on resale as their only source of income while other businesses may supplement their business by becoming affiliate partners of the manufacturers.

Why Reselling Wholesale Clothing

why reselling wholesale clothing

The clothing industry is one of the most popular markets in the ecommerce sector, the sector involves the sale of women, men’s and children’s clothing. The business of reselling clothing is versatile and you may choose to deal in different niches before finally settling on the niche that works best for you.

The reselling business has a lot of advantages and can facilitate the growth of a business through various ways. Some of the advantages of reselling of clothes include:

  • The reselling business is cost saving. This is because you work directly with the manufacturer to sell products and hence unlike the manufacturer who incurs high costs of production the reselling business allows you to set your own prices for goods that have already been produced.
  • The business allows you to hit the road right away and hence from the time you take to provide products is shorter as the products are readily available. The processes for automation are also facilitated to ensure that the product reaches the customers this is through the process of packaging and shipping.
  • If you need a budget friendly form of doing business, reselling is the perfect place to start. Since you do not have to hold inventory of products, customers directly purchase products from your website and the manufacturer handles the process of distribution and inventory.
  • The clothing reselling business allows for easy and quick expansion. Once you establish your niche it is easy for you to expand your business to make more profits.
  • The reselling business also provides lesser financial risks as you do not need much money to start and hence you may not incur huge losses should the business not pick up soon enough.

What to Know before Buying Clothing in Bulk Online

buy clothing online

Getting into the bulk buying business can be terrifying at first if you have no idea on how to start. With many options being presented, and a variety of manufacturers offering their products online, the concept may be confusing at first. Some of the things to know before buying clothing in bulk online include:

Identify the Niche of Clothing You Want to Sell

Since different manufacturers produce different options to choose from, the idea of buying clothes in bulk requires that you identify your business niche so that you can avoid confusion when identifying the wholesaler or manufacturer that you want to work with.

Find Wholesalers Online

This is the most critical part of your business; this is because wholesalers are the suppliers of the products to resell and hence careful consideration should be taken to find wholesalers and manufacturers who will be able to satisfy your business needs.

Finding wholesalers and manufacturers requires a lot of research on the most reliable options and this information can mostly be found online.

Come up with a Marketing Strategy for Your Business

This process allows for the business to thrive as marketing allows for you to have and grow a marketing base for your product.

Doing the Research

Ensure that you have performed research on the cost of doing business so that you can be able to have sufficient finances to set up a business and set the right prices for the products so as to make profit.

Getting Started in Reselling Wholesale Clothing

Wholesaling businesses include selling products in bulk to retailers and distributors. Wholesaling activities are the fastest-growing methods of business operation today one of the reasons of the popularity of wholesaling is the introduction of online platforms that connect the manufacturers to the wholesalers.

To get started on the wholesaling of clothing you need to first get the right documentation for starting the business. The documentation consists of legal permits to running a clothing business and the necessary licenses required so as to be able to do your business without breaking any rules as this allows you to avoid unnecessary problems.

The next step is to identify the manufacturers of the types of clothing you want to sell. Since there are a lot of players in the field it is important to find trustworthy manufacturers who will support your business.

The manufacturer you select should ensure that you receive quality products at friendly prices that will allow you to make profits.

You should also be able to identify the market that your wholesale clothing business will supply so that you will be able to determine the right marketing strategies to use and the prices to set so that you may be able to provide the customers with the products they need.

Study your competition so that you may be able to have an advantage over them. Since the clothing wholesaling business is one that has a lot of players, it is important to identify your competition so as to be able to find strategies that will ensure that you acquire new customers and maintain old ones.

Provide websites for your business to allow the buyers to be able to find you easily, you could also opt to promote links of your business to ensure that the wholesale business is easily found by anyone who needs the niche of clothing you provide.

Tips on Making Profits by Reselling Wholesale Clothing


The idea of wholesaling is to make profit. No one wants to get into a business without the promise of making profits. The following are tips that may be used to be successful in the clothing wholesale business.

#Tip 1 Select a manufacturer who will be able to supply you with quality products at affordable rates.

#Tip 2 Buy directly from the source so that you will be able to negotiate on the best prices on some of the best selling items.

#Tip 3 Set your prices at rates that will result to a return on your initial investment and also allow you to attract more customers.

#Tip 4 Choose a storage facility that is accessible and safe to ensure that your goods are protected from incidences of theft which may cause losses to your business.

#Tip 5 Ensure a quick inventory turn-over and provide the latest trends which will sell fast.

#Tip 6 Ensure that your operations are streamlined to allow for the ease of doing business.

#Tip 7 Market your business efficiently to attract more customers; this may be by use of social media platforms or online marketing.

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothing


Nihaojewelry is an online supplier of fashion jewelry and accessories with a stock of other fashion items. Nihaojewlery is a wholesale supplier of a variety of unique women and girls clothing at affordable prices and offers the best deals that will enable you to start your wholesale clothing business.

Nihaojewelry offers professional services with the best customer care representatives to help you with all the information you may need to succeed in your business.

The service delivery the company provides is one of the best in the world and you will be assured of a smooth shopping experience each time you choose Nihaojewelry as your supplier.


FashionGo is a top B2B online marketplace for all things fashion. The platform connects buyers and sellers of all fashion trends to the relevant market and offers a solution for buyers and sellers to discover a wide range of markets and opportunities. The company offers tools that are necessary in helping customers buy more and therefore grow more.


This is a wholesale clothing distributor of women’s clothing. The site has an inclusive variety of clothes at very affordable prices and with some of the latest fashion trends that your customers will love.

The company sources its clothes directly from designers and manufacturers and includes the option of free shipping to products above 400$ and with no minimum orders required.

Influencefashion UK

This is a UK based clothes wholesaler that deals in the latest fashion trends of styles designed in the UK.The Company has a long standing relationship with manufacturers to ensure that the customers get quality products at affordable rates.

The company also offers the option of personalized orders to any specification, and stock up sister brands to allow for shoppers to have an array of products.

FAQs about Reselling Wholesale Clothing

Where do I find manufacturers and suppliers?

The most common place to find suppliers in online as most suppliers have an online presence you can easily find directories with a list of suppliers online.

Is the reselling business profitable?

As like any other business, you need to study market trends so as to be able to use the best practices to make profits. This also goes for the reselling business.

How will I find market for my goods?

Finding markets will require you to do a lot of research and establish a niche for products then find ways to promote the product.

Is reselling wholesaling business risky?

Any business has its risks and therefore a lot of research must go into the process of starting the reselling business to be able to avoid certain risks.

Final Word

The clothing industry is one of the biggest industries in the whole world. Being able to provide current fashion trends at affordable prices is the only way to find your way in the highly competitive market. Ensure that the products and services you are providing satisfy your clients needs so that you may make profits.

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