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Useful Tips on Wholesale T-shirts Online

T-shirts are a staple part of wardrobes across the globe. Starting an online T-shirt business is a popular choice for both beginner and veteran e-commerce entrepreneurs.

wholesale T-shirts online
Wholesale T-shirts Online

With the popularity of t-shirt businesses, there’s no doubt you’ll be facing some competition. But by building a brand for a specific audience and creating the kinds of t-shirt designs that your customers want, you can find your success online.

Below are Tips to Guide When Wholesaling T-shirts Online

helpful tips
Helpful Tips

Do Research

The biggest mistake that many people make is starting a wholesale blank t-shirt line business without doing enough research. There are very many facts you should have about the industry before you decide to start your own company. You need to know and understand the clothing industry before you start your line.

Tailoring of the T-shirts

If you are planning to wholesale T-shirts, it is essential to know the most common fits.

  • Columbia Fit — This is the most famous tailoring fit. The tailoring of these t-shirts is made with normal shoulder width. However, it has an oversized hem and cuff. People wear them with a long-sleeved sweater and is worn most casually.
  • Regular Fit — The regular fit is the conventional tailoring that has mostly been adopted with many popular brands of T-shirts. These tailoring mainly includes medium looseness in the cuff and waist. Regular fit T-shirts are trendy, meaning that there is immense competition. In case you decide to wholesale the Regular Fit, make sure you include a fashionable and unique pattern.
  • Cuban Fit — Cuban fit has a tightly tailored fit. It has a more fit to the skin from the chest down and small cuff. these T-shirts fit well with people with bigger upper arms and slimmer lower arms.

Quality Over Quantity

Many unsuccessful designers and wholesale t-shirt line owners make the mistake of valuing quantity over quality. When starting a clothing business, the most important thing is quality.

You have to make people fall in love with what you are selling them before considering printing more and more products.  By overlooking quality, you end up having many t-shirts that no one is interested in buying.

However, if you have good quality t-shirts that everyone loves, you will always have demand for your products, and can now increase your quantity.

Check on the Quality of the Materials

Quality is the foremost thing you should consider before buying t-shirts. You should also consider where you are going to sell T-shirts and customer’s quality standards. When looking at the quality consider.

  • Material — T-shirts are made of cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, and blended fabric. The most popular T-shirts to wholesale include cotton, hemp, and a blend of both. These materials are soft, comfortable, breathable, and cool.
  • Durability — Durability is one-factor customers look at and will keep them coming. Durable T-shirts should not wrinkle easily or get deformed after being washed. The T-shirts should not be work out easily or within a few months of being worn.
  • Comfort — A T-shirt should also be comfortable. This means that the material should be thin and transparent as compared to being thick. The best weight to a wholesale T-Shirt is about 180-260 grams.
  • Softness — The touch and the feel of the material are some of the considerations for the quality of the T-shirts. Ask for a sample from the supplier and check on its softness.


One of the most effective ways of getting many customers to like your t-shirts and other clothing products is through pre-sales. These are offered at the beginning of the business or when you unveil a new product. Many profitable brands start by offering a product at the market price.

Return Policy

The return policy is an essential thing that is often neglected. You should choose a site that has an acceptable return policy, so if you don’t get your required quality, you can restore it to a vendor.


How do I get cheap blanks t-shirts from China?

You can check on search engines or look at the online vendors, Wholesale T-Shirts sites in China, and sourcing agencies.

You may visit China’s clothing fairs or anywhere in the world. There you can find huge bulks of plain and printed t-shirts at a very low price as in these fairs; all the top vendors display their products.

You can visit online sites as all of the major vendors have established their website to assist buyers and for their convictions. You can buy whole bulks online from the comfort of your home.

You can contact any of the sourcing agencies or buying offices that provide services to the sellers and buyers.

You can find vendors or agents over LinkedIn.

What are the Best Quality Blank T-shirt Providers?

The quality of a t-shirt depends on the following.

  • Clothing quality
  • Strong stitches
  • Well cut
  • Fabric and patterns
  • Good thread finished

Where is the cheapest place to order a low quantity of custom t-shirts? 

Various destinations are working from China and Thailand who are giving good quality wholesale t-shirts at low prices.

  1. Nihaojewelry
  2. Chinabrands
  3. Zaful
  4. Tudor

What is the best T-Shirt Printing Method?

Screen Printing

Discovered in China this technique consists of a silk mash over a wooden frame with strategically placed holes.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

This technique is more advanced and pretty fast in this technique, ink is directly applied to fabrics with the help of the computerized controlled machines.

Transfer Printing

This technique uses heat to transfer an image from one surface to another surface permanently; it is a relatively slow mechanism.


This technique is very old; this technique uses colorful threads to draw different shapes on the fabrics. Now it is mostly done by machines.


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