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What are the Guidelines to Choosing the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Set?

Your wedding is your day to shine. It’s a special ceremony where you and your beloved will fulfill your vows and commit to loving each other for the rest of your lives.

While choosing your wedding dress is essential, so are the accessories you’ll wear to complete the bridal look. Choosing jewelry for your wedding can feel overwhelming. 

With so many pieces, how do you choose? Whether you’re wearing a bejeweled necklace, elegant earrings, a bracelet, or all three, you want a sleek look for your special day.

bridal jewelry
Bridal Jewelry

Importance of Wedding Jewelry

Each girl wants to possess the perfect jewelry for her wedding, for having a perfect jewelry. So finding the perfect wedding jewelry for bridal is fairly important. Next I will tell you why it’s important.

Bringing Your Bridal Style to Life

The bridal jewelry you choose would form the icing on the cake by adding that much-needed dash of style that is needed to complete the exquisite look.

Cultural Significance

Some bridal jewelry items are a part of the tradition. These include weddings, rings, and pendants, among others. Each piece of jewelry that a bride wears on the day of her wedding will have significant meaning for each part of the wedding ceremony.

Personal Connection

Many couples choose custom wedding jewelry that has some significance in their lives. A couple, for instance, can decide to include a diamond from a particular country that has some importance to both of them, in their wedding band.

Creating Unforgettable Memories

By choosing elegant wedding jewelry, couples create good memories that they can always recall when things are tough. One look at that beautiful diamond ring sets memories flooding and gives a person the will to fight for their marriage.

Show of Commitment

The type of bridal jewelry you choose shows how committed you are to the union. If you go to extra lengths to customize wedding rings to reflect your spouse’s personality, they will appreciate the effort and love you more for it.

Guidelines to Choosing the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Set


Avoid Overdoing It

The truth of the matter is that all the brides want to look fantastic on their special day. This pushes them to go overboard with their wedding jewelry. It is essential to remember that while you need to look fabulous on the big day, the guests are more interested in seeing you.

Make sure your accessories do not outshine you because this is the worst blunder you can make. They say “less is more”, and this mantra applies perfectly when choosing jewelry to wear for your wedding. Avoid accessorizing every part of your body as this makes you look tacky and unnatural.

Match the Metals to Your Wedding Dress

The color of your gown should guide you while you select jewelry to wear for your wedding. It should not be the other way round. Most brides cannot decide whether to go for silver or gold jewelry and end up with mismatching accessories in a bid to have the best of both worlds.

Doing something like this could tarnish the shine of your expensive wedding gown. For a white dress, platinum or silver jewelry looks perfect, while for an ivory/champagne gown, gold jewelry works best as it enhances the creamy shade.  For a blush gown, rose gold jewelry will work best.

Match Your Jewelry to the Style of Your Wedding Dress

If the style of your wedding dress is simple, then making a statement with a bejeweled necklace will give you a stunning look. To get creative, know that everything doesn’t need to match exactly.

Your jewelry pieces just need to complement each other. The right contrast can give you a delightful, beautiful appeal. If your wedding dress is on the simpler side, then try to opt for a bold statement by wearing a necklace.

Select the Jewelry that Accents Your Attire

Your wedding jewelry should act as an accent to your wedding dress and highlight it in scale. It should never overpower your dress. Choosing the right size of jewelry will enhance your bridal look.

Don’t choose jewelry that’s too small and gets unnoticed. If your wedding dress is elaborate, you want your jewelry to be subtler but not invisible. If your dress is on the simpler side, don’t wear too many pieces of jewelry.

Sometimes a single necklace that highlights the rest of your attire and matches your earrings and ring sets will look ideal.

Consider the Wedding Dress Neckline


One of the most important aspects to consider when accessorizing is the decolletage of the gown. It frames the face, and as such, you need jewelry that works perfectly with it. The neckline should match with the silhouette of the necklace to avoid ruining the beauty of the gown. Take a look:

  • V-neck gowns: Need a choker or pendant that should match the earrings.
  • A sweetheart/strapless neckline: Works best with a choker or shorter necklace to create height and make your smile the center of attention.
  • Halter or reverse halter: Focus should be on sleek, bejeweled, or floral hair decoration such as pins, combs, or vines.

Be Yourself

The most important thing about picking the perfect jewelry piece for your wedding gown is that that they should mirror who you are. If you’re not comfortable wearing big, chandelier earrings, stick to studs.

Love the way you look in a lariat necklace? Go for it! If you’re happy in all your accessories, you’ll feel confident—and that’s the best accessory of all.

List of Bridal Jewelry Suppliers


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Wedding Factory Direct

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You can rest a little easier, knowing how to choose the bridal jewelry set. With the correct rings, necklaces, and earrings set to highlight accentuate your wedding dress, you will have a stunning look. Nihaojewelry provides authentic jewelry for weddings and everyday occasions.


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