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About Halloween Jewelry in 2020

Halloween jewelry
Halloween jewelry

The jewelry industry is a multifaceted industry that is currently being embraced throughout the world.

In the past, jewelry was only regarded as a luxury item and was only worn by the upper class, mostly women.

Currently, both men and women have embraced jewelry as a part of everyday fashion, increasing in demand for fashion jewelry.

Jewelry is often a way people can express themselves, which means that jewelry manufacturers will be inclined to produce trends based on the current market demand.

Uses of jewelry

Jewelry has been used throughout history to serve different functions. Jewelry can be traced back to ancient times, with the oldest discovered jewelry found being those made from nassarius shells.

The jewelry-making craft got better with the Egyptians introducing pieces made of gold and other brightly colored gemstones.

These days, jewelry is made from various materials, and the uses have shifted from being a status symbol to a part of everyday fashion.

Jewelry can be used to serve different purposes and occasions. Some of the most common uses of jewelry include;

  • Practical uses- jewelry can be used for different functions depending on the need. Hairpins may be used to hold the hair in place, while brooches and pins may be used to hold outfits together while still serving as a form of decoration.
  • Status symbol- though this jewelry function was much more popular in the past, jewelry as a status symbol is still ordinary nowadays. Some individuals would prefer to splurge on expensive jewelry and use it as an heirloom which can be passed down through generations.
  • Symbol of affection- jewelry has, for a long time, been viewed as a means of showing appreciation among people. For married couples, rings are a symbol of the love shared between the two, while for others, jewelry can be presented as a gift to someone they care about.
  • Artistic expression- some people may use jewelry to express themselves through fashion. Bold and large jewelry makes someone stand out from a crowd, while statement jewelry with different words can be used to pass a message to the intended audience.
  • Religious symbols- some religions use jewelry to represent their religious beliefs. These may be in different prayer beads, necklaces, or rings that may represent a deity.

Halloween jewelry

As discussed earlier, jewelry can be used to serve different functions, and this means it can be used for various occasions and events.

Marked on 13th October, Halloween is a celebration that is observed to remember the dead and the departed faithful.

The holiday was widely celebrated across Europe, but slowly it found its way into the USA, quickly becoming popular.

The idea of dressing up for Halloween quickly followed as people embraced the pagan roots, which resulted in them wearing scary costumes and make-up.

Halloween has become an important holiday where people will put in much effort into dressing up for the occasion.

These days, people will use the holiday to dress up as their favorite characters and show that they have the most memorable outfits.

Therefore, the need to dress up has resulted in changes in the fashion scene, especially during October, with most stock stocking up on Halloween outfits.

Since jewelry is part of everyday fashion, the industry players are keen to produce pieces based on the current trends.

Therefore, it is of no surprise that various Halloween inspired jewelry is sold in the market during this season. The most common pieces that are sold during Halloween include:

  • Tiaras – tiaras are replicas of crowns, and these are usually made of rhinestones. Tiaras are a favorite during Halloween since most people will either choose princess looks or a more gothic look with a dark-colored outfit and include a tiara for the sparkle and glamour.
  • Chokers and statement necklaces- since Halloween offers an excellent excuse to show out, most people will be inclined to buy bold necklaces and chokers for a more gothic effect, which may be paired with dark outfits and dark make-up for a complete look.
  • Rings- some costumes are most commonly paired with rings to give a full costume effect. The Caribbean movie pirates resulted in many men dressing up like pirates, which is a look that includes giant chunky rings.
  • Bold bangles –people are going for a more the 80s and retro look will always pair their outfits with bangles. Some people may prefer to go back in time when choosing their Halloween outfits. Bangles are essential accessories to have to complete a look.
Halloween jewelry in 2020
Halloween jewelry in 2020

Tips for selling Halloween jewelry

Since Halloween is a seasonal holiday, the jewelry trends are made just for the season. Therefore, this means that more Halloween inspired jewelry is produced during the months before the holiday. To ensure that you are successful in the jewelry business, you, therefore, need to know the various preferred trends during this period and some of the ways you can be successful include;

Identify the type of jewelry to sell

Since there are numerous types of jewelry available, you need to identify a particular niche you may want to sell. This may mean studying the market and finding out what pieces sell during the Halloween period.

Find suppliers

For seasonal pieces like Halloween jewelry, you may need to look for an adaptable and versatile supplier, making it easy for you to access the latest trend. A supplier needs to be aware of the market needs and provide pieces that can sell quickly.

Set up your online store

Recently, a lot of businesses are operating online, and this, therefore, means that the market is also majorly online. People will prefer to shop online because of the convenience and ease of purchasing goods. This, therefore, means that a business will be more successful online than in the more traditional models.

Brand your business

Most buyers are more likely to be more interested in the brand association, and therefore, you will need to ensure that you have set up a brand that the customers can quickly identify with. Make the brand name catchy and have attractive visuals for the business brand.

Set competitive prices for the products

The jewelry industry is highly competitive due to the numerous sellers available. To stand out, you will need to use incentives to attract customers and this may mean setting affordable prices for your goods or including promotions and discounts during sales.

Market your business

A business is only as successful as its marketing, and so the more you market your jewelry, the more the customers you will get. You may either decide to pay for marketing or use the free social media options available.

Provide quality services

After finding the customers, the best way to maintain and attract more of them is by providing quality services. Therefore, you will need to be at the top of your game regarding the type of jewelry you supply and the customer service you give to your clients.

Top five websites for Halloween jewelry


Nihaojewelry is a top manufacturer of jewelry across the world. The company manufactures top quality and trendy jewelry at affordable prices. The company also offers customization services to ensure that you get jewelry that can sell quickly. Since the company manufactures its pieces, it is highly adaptable to the market changes, with the current favorites being uploaded on their website regularly.


Veryselection offers a wide range of jewelry at affordable prices and ships to over 200 countries with fast and reliable shipping. The company produces quality and trendy jewelry pieces with some of the best designs available in the market.

Ruby imports

Rubyimports is a jewelry wholesaler based in the US that supplies various fashion jewelry products and accessories. The company ensures that the products sold are of good quality and that buying and shipping are efficient to give the customer smooth shopping experience.


Jewelrymax is also a wholesale jewelry distributor in the US that sources for the highest quality and trendy jewelry pieces sold at affordable prices to ensure that there is 100% customer satisfaction from the goods and services provided.


With more than 20 years of experience in the jewelry supply business, jewelryworld is a UK based jewelry supplier trusted to provide quality jewelry at affordable prices. The company operates around the UK and other European countries to offer the latest trends in jewelry.


For a business to succeed in this current era, you will need to take the necessary steps to ensure that you know the current trends in the market. Study your customers and find out what they need and provide products based on their needs; since trends mostly influence the jewelry industry, you need to adjust your business to fit the requirements.

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