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Halloween Wholesale: Stock up as soon as possible

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31 every year to commemorate the dead. The current Halloween custom is influenced by the Christian dogma and the customs derived from it, as well as the local beliefs and customs. Trick or treat, carving pumpkin lanterns, and wearing costumes for Halloween parties are the most popular activities of the day.

For online shop owners and vendors, Halloween is definitely a promotional time not to be missed.

However, due to the recurrence of the epidemic in many countries around the world and other impacts, port congestion and container shortages in the global supply chain have become more serious.

Now, customers ordering Halloween wholesale products from overseas need to place an order one to three months earlier than in previous years to ensure a smooth transaction. Therefore, we recommend that you stock up for the holiday promotion as soon as possible!

Which products will be on hot sale during Halloween? Pumpkins, skeletons, witches, spiders and other elements are inevitably indispensable for Halloween product elements. From the category point of view, costumes, makeups, decorations, masks, jewelry, candy, cakes, etc. are all essential items for the festival.

Wholesale Halloween costume

Devil, mummy, zombie, vampire, witch, etc. are all classic Halloween costumes for adults and children. Now people’s Halloween costumes have become more diversified, including fairy tale characters, cartoon characters, movie stars, etc.

Witch Costumes Party Dress

Black is the eternal theme of witch costums. Witch costumes with a lot of modern Gothic elements and black witch hats show mystery and gorgeousness.

witch dresses for women NHFE155257
witch dresses for women

Cheerleading Costumes for girls

In addition to classic costumes, cheerleading costumes are also popular among women, showing youthful vitality. At the Halloween party, you have the opportunity to dress up as any character! After the holiday, you can still wear it at school, stylish and practical!

cheerleading costumes for women NHFE410346
cheerleading costumes for women

Ghost/zombie costum for kids

Don’t forget to dress up your kids! Wearing ghost/zombie costum, and taking pumpkin lanterns to participate in activities, add more festive atmosphere! If you don’t like horror elements of costumes, it’s also good to choose cute Halloween costumes.

horror halloween dresses for little girl NHFE410374
horror Halloween dresses for a little girl

Wholesale makeups

wholesale makeups
wholesale makeups

Compared to the weird masks, the makeup created by beauty products is also a highlight of the festival. The makeup adds a highlight to the Halloween costumes. White foundation and exaggerated wigs are in great demand for women.

Wholesale Halloween jewelry and accessories

Halloween jewelry and accessories will add to your outfit. They celebrate the holiday in various details.

Black chockers

Gothic black chockers are paired with dark costumes and dark makeup for a complete look.

black choker NHPV398551
black choker

Luminous jewelry

Luminous necklaces and luminous rings are eye-catching at night streets and Halloween parties.

luminous rings for halloween NHDB406721
luminous rings for halloween
luminous pendant NHAN241608
luminous pendant

Pumpkins, ghosts, skull earrings and hair accessories

Earrings, necklaces, and hair accessories with Halloween elements can add highlights to your entire Halloween style!

wholesale Halloween decorations

Whether home decoration or party arrangement, heighten the atmosphere can not do without lighting, ornaments, candles. The diverse products online will definitely provide you with a variety of Halloween decoration ideas.

Halloween door decorations and wall stickers

Door ornaments and wall stickers are indispensable in home decoration. The home decoration with halloween skeleton or halloween spider web as the element adds a stronger festive atmosphere.

Especially now that social distancing is emphasized, you may not be able to attend a Halloween party, but decorating your own home and launching an online virtual Halloween event with your friends is also very fun!

halloween door decoration NHHB399498
halloween door decoration
Halloween wreath NHHB399493
Halloween wreath
Halloween wall sticker bloody handprint NHAF390022
Halloween wall sticker bloody handprint

Halloween jack o lantern

Pumpkin decor is one of the most common products for Halloween. As a seller, it is a good idea to buy wholesale pumpkin carving kits for resale. Halloween has greatly increased the demand for these tools.

Pumpkin lanterns, pumpkin candles, and other pumpkin decorations can also be ordered according to local consumption habits.

pumpkin candle lights for halloween party NHMV409348
pumpkin candle lights for halloween party

Halloween decorations indoor

Halloween table decor, pumpkin pillowcases and other interior decorations are both practical and beautiful. The cute pumpkin pillow has become a hot item over the years. Match the decorative light string to make your home look new.

Halloween pumpkin pillowcases NHJW403269
Halloween pumpkin pillowcases

Where to wholesale Halloween products? Nihaojewelry. All kinds of fun and fashionable Halloween costumes, decorations, accessories, jewelry, etc. can be found on this website! Stock up for your store now!

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