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5 jewelry trends that will be popular in 2021

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Under the influence of the epidemic, many people have a difficult time in 2020. Working from home and Zoom meetings are exhausting. Fortunately, 2020 is coming to an end. We don’t know how it will continue in 2021, but we look forward to it moving in a better direction.

I have to admit that our clothes and accessories do affect our feelings and lifestyles during the day or on certain occasions. It is setting our mood. It also makes us capable. Jewelry is more meaningful now than ever. Jewelry with healing properties, positive emotions, and full of energy is bound to set off a wave of trends. We need it to raise the mood to look to the future.

Jewelry is a woman’s closest fashion partner, not just a wedding. Daily wear will also make the overall look more colorful. Jewelry trends change every year, although some elements will always remain classic and popular. We drew inspiration from fashion week and captured 5 jewelry trends in 2021 that will help you stay fashionable.

1. Pearl

Pearl has always been elegant and gentle. Princess Diana once said: If a woman can only choose one piece of jewelry in her life, it must be a pearl. It is becoming more and more popular in modern and contemporary jewelry. Pearls are enduring for their nobility and elegance. In addition to natural-shaped pearl earrings, designers hope to create more varied shapes from the object. Layered necklaces, drop earrings and even headdresses are all equipped with beautiful pearls.

Pearls have been on the rise in the past few years. Many designers break the traditional thinking pattern of pearl design and combine pearls with metal materials such as K gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or even crystals, jade, etc., to create more possibilities. These unique designs break people’s traditional impression of pearls and bring surprises from another angle. At the same time, they quickly adapt to different occasions and clothing colors. Now it is not a single product that can only be owned by grandma or noble ladies. Young girls will also wear pearl jewelry to increase cuteness and playfulness. In addition, pearls have also become one of the main trends in men’s fashion jewelry this year.

2.Metal Crush

Metal jewelry is a style that people often encounter. Metal jewelry, whether it is gold or sterling silver, is particularly powerful. And crushed metal jewelry is one of the focuses that people have recently started to pay attention to. Different from the smoothness of ordinary metal jewelry, it has an eye-catching corrugated surface texture and bold design. This unique design is mainly used in earrings and bracelets.

3.Chain jewelry

We have been unable to get rid of some trends – such as chains, which have appeared for several seasons. It became popular in 2019, and it will continue to be popular even in 2021. Chain jewellery has a unique and novel craftsmanship design, and its taste is more outstanding in the elaboration of details and modeling inspiration. Its structure is simple and beautiful. It may be subtle or it may be very bold. The links are worn irregularly on narrow necklaces or long bracelets, and infused with the delicate appearance of street wear, very fashionable. This year, the chain has more possibilities, in addition to being a bracelet or necklace, it can also be used as an earring.

4.Mismatched Earrings/Asymmetric Earrings

In fact, the trend of asymmetric earrings hasn’t risen a day or two, and it’s still popular this year. In this year’s fashion week, there are still mismatched earrings on the shows of major brands. It seems that asymmetry is still a popular trend in the future.

In this era of publicity, the unconventional asymmetric earrings undoubtedly cater to the needs of the public. If you haven’t tried a mismatched earring trend, then you definitely should! Asymmetric design has taken the world by storm, and asymmetric earrings have also attracted countless fashionistas. It satisfies all girls, even boys, who want to wear two pairs of earrings of different shapes at a time. It only changes a few small details to create stunning effects inadvertently.

5.Ball jewelry

When it comes to the first impression of ball jewellery, you will always involuntarily think of industrial steel balls and glass pinballs. It can be “industrial” or full of “childlike and naive”.

In fact, the spherical element has been favored countless times on the show in recent years, such as the oversized metal spherical earrings in Balenciaga 2021 spring and summer show; Disco earrings in Prada 2016 spring and summer show, very party-like exaggerated style; long pearl earrings on the Antonio Marras 2016 spring and summer show; multilayer pearl necklaces on the Alberta Ferretti 2014 autumn and winter show, etc.

The metal ball jewelry is particularly graphic when worn in the sun. Due to the special reflective characteristics, it seems that there is a small world hidden in the spherical earrings. The biggest advantage of spherical earrings is that they are suitable for matching various styles of clothing, presenting a variety of different styles, such as retro and modern.

To sum up:

It is a reality that Covid-19 has caused a global economic slowdown. People began to consciously buy and invest, which will greatly reshape the luxury and fast fashion market. Due to the mandatory lock-in caused by the pandemic, the procurement of unique materials is being hindered, restricting designers from developing and creating clothing and accessories supported by new elements. If you look carefully, some of the trends provided by the latest fashion show are similar to those we have mentioned before. The rise of slow fashion will become a reality.

Personalization is always one of the trends in jewelry. If you are interested in the latest popular jewelry elements, pay attention to our latest updated products, you will get some jewelry and accessories inspiration in Nihaojewelry.

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