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Happy New Year Jewellery: Make It More Memorable

happy new year 2021
happy new year 2021

I wish you all a Happy New Year! How is your new year? The difficult year 2020 seems to have finally come to an end. I think everyone is looking forward to 2021 as much as I do.

The new year will bring you new hope. When you put on the exquisite costumes that have been prepared for this holiday or the dresses prepared for the New Year’s party, do you find that your jewelry box has been in dust for a long time? New year needs new jewelry! Use it to start your new journey!

On this special day, we should always give some gifts to ourselves or our family and friends. At this time, jewelry is the best choice.

Jewelry for yourself


New Year’s earrings always have bright colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, rose gold, etc. Bright colors always make people happy, and bring hope and beauty. Embellish simple dresses with colorful jewelry to add warmth to this winter.

3 sets of colorful earrings with geometric shapes for new year wear
3 sets of colorful earrings for new year wear
purple and pink heart-shaped earrings made by raffia and alloy for new year wear
multi-colored heart earrings


There is nothing more meaningful than showing your personality. If you have a distinctive personality, bold, exaggerated large jewelry is a good choice. They present a variety of fashion tastes with rich styles. If you want to get attention at the New Year party, they are worth having.

personalized bold exaggerated large earrings for new year wear
personalized gold bold earrings

Jewelry for him

After a year of hard work, everyone deserves praise and encouragement. Surprise him with your carefully prepared gift and tell your partner or friend that you will always accompany and support him.

If he likes to wear jewelry, men’s rings, earrings or bracelets, necklaces are all alternative answers. Take a moment to think about the elements he likes, or choose custom jewelry that suitable for him, and you will be able to surprise him. For example, he likes music or plays guitar, this guitar-shaped necklace couldn’t be more suitable. It is made of titanium steel, easy to clean and maintain. Not fragile, not easy to oxidize, it can be worn in daily life or sports.

guitar shaped titanium steel neclace for men as a new year gift
guitar shaped titanium steel neclace for men

Excluding jewelry, cuffs, watches, belts, and ties are also good choices for gifts. Although these small accessories may seem inconspicuous, they are practical and beautiful and indispensable in daily life. For example, men’s shirts are always the same and very boring. Choose a dazzling and fashionable cuff to decorate their shirt, so that he will always think of you when he uses it.

imitated crystal cufflink for men as a new year gift
imitated crystal cufflink for men

Jewelry for her

Of all the gifts, jewelry is the least error-free, because girls are not immune to delicate and beautiful things at all. Choose almost any piece of jewelry as a gift for her. Maybe your girlfriend or partner already has a lot of different styles of jewelry, but there are always new ones that you can choose and buy. Moreover, no woman would refuse a gift carefully chosen by her loved one. This does not mean that you shall buy a necklace or earrings for her at will.

Picking a meaningful gift will attract her more than any expensive gift! Rings with important dates or name letter necklace to express your wishes. This gift is also very unique. If you are not sure which jewelry suits her, come to Nihaojewelry to refer to different styles and types to find her favorite one.

a women wear butterfly name necklace as a new year gift
butterfly name necklace

Diamond jewelry is also a gift that women will not refuse. If you have a sufficient budget, it should be your first option. Diamond jewellery is expensive, shining, and suitable for all occasions. The diamond ring has always been considered a symbol of love. Otherwise, why is it the most choice for engagement and wedding jewelry? Diamond earrings are also worth investing in, even more suitable than rings.

Final words

Find 2021 jewelry trends here and find your ideal jewellery! Whether for yourself or for others, the jewelry you choose deserves the best. Let them bring you hope and beauty, and help you remember this moment. Finally, we wish you a happy, healthy, safe, successful and bright year 2021! We also hope that in the near future, everyone will be able to put on beautiful and exquisite dresses, wear fashion accessories, and participate in various parties and activities freely and without worries.

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