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Holiday Alert: 2021 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for her

valentine's day jewelry gift banner
valentine’s day jewelry gift banner

❤It’s only almost a month since Valentine’s Day. Do you still have difficulty choosing what gifts? You can’t go wrong with the classic flower and candy combination, but it won’t surprise your wife or girlfriend. It is best to choose what suits the person you love.

If you don’t know their preferences, there is nothing wrong with choosing some universal gifts. Check out our list of Valentine’s Day gifts lists recommended for you to help you get more inspiration.

Whether for your girlfriend or wife, shopping for women in your life may be a stressful thing, because there are always so many choices for gifts to women. But there are always some gifts that almost all women will love, such as the following:

Valentines jewelry for her

Jewelry is full of allure for women at every stage. There are new fashion trends every year. Whether it is earrings, rings or necklaces, you have many styles to buy.

Diamond ring

Diamonds have always been a token of love. If you are just a couple, what could be more romantic than bringing your relationship closer on Valentine’s Day? She will be pleasantly surprised when you prepares the diamond ring and proposes. Even if you are married, your wife will not refuse the sparkling diamond ring. If the budget is sufficient, it is an exciting choice.

couple diamond ring
couple diamond ring

Couple Ring

If you don’t have a high budget, couple ring is also worth considering.

stainless stell couple ring product

This couple ring is made of stainless steel, and the colors are rose gold and black to distinguish men and women. Its uniqueness is that when the two rings are merged together, they present a complete heart shape. “I LOVE YOU” is also engraved on the inside, which clearly expresses the love for each other.

Wholesale Price: US$ 0.97

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Rose necklace

Do you think the shelf life of ordinary flowers is too short and they are not practical? Then this rose necklace perfectly avoids these two shortcomings.

four rose shaped necklaces display

It is made of alloy, durable and not easy to fade. A variety of colors are available, including silver, gold, rose and red. The unique shape of roses echoes the theme of Valentine’s Day. As a necklace, it can also be worn in daily life.

Wholesale Price: US$ 0.58

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Heart earrings

Heart earrings will not be out of date at any time and are popular accessories in all jewelry boxes. Keep your love with her at any time in the form of earrings. She can’t refuse to like it.

red heart earrings

These red heart earrings are simple and stylish. The Korean style design makes it match with T-shirts and blouses. Bright colors make people happy.

Wholesale Price: US$ 0.38

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Lock and key jewelry

The lock and key design is used in necklaces and bracelets. As we all know, the key could open the lock, and the lock could be opened by the key. A key and a lock indicate that both parties are loyal and dedicated to each other. Therefore, this kind of lock and key jewelry is favored by couples.

lock and key necklaces set for a couple

This lock and key necklace looks ordinary. But its design also incorporates love shape, unique and interesting. The silver color scheme is simple and stylish. Show her that you want to have her heart forever through this amazing gift.

Wholesale Price: US$ 0.56

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Custom jewelry

Everyone desires to be unique. Customize a piece of jewelry exclusively for her. Make her name and important date into a necklace or ring, or carve a photo into a necklace and give it to your wife or girlfriend. A small piece of jewelry conveys your love.

custom jewelry necklace on wrist
custom jewelry necklace on wrist

Soap roses

The soap rose flower contains moisturizing ingredients, which can be completely dissolved in water. It contains plant essential oils, quickly and effectively penetrate into the skin, promote blood circulation throughout the body, stimulate the brain, and relieve fatigue. The raw materials used are all natural food grade, non-toxic and safe, effectively inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and increasing immunity.

nine soap rose flowers with bear gift box

Soap rose flower gift box for your lover. The shape of roses is realistic and beautiful, which can be used as an ornament or as a gift for friends. It has a high degree of viewing and practicality, adding a bit of romance to the family.

Wholesale Price: US$ 1.27

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Comfortable pajamas

Different pajamas show different styles, and the most important thing is still comfort. High-quality and suitable pajamas will also make home life more cozy and pleasing. Choose comfortable pajamas to let your girlfriend or wife feel your warmth and caring.

3 comfortable pajamas for home wear

This comfortable nightwear is made of high-quality fabrics. The silky touch makes you love it. Lightweight, breathable, suitable for summer wear. Available in three colors.

Wholesale Price: US$ 4.6

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Fashion handbags

There is no shortage of beautiful and fashionable bags in women’s wardrobes. Coach, chanel, Hermes and other branded bags will not be rejected by women. If you have enough budget, it’s certainly not wrong to buy the latest styles.

white soft crossbody bags

The fabric of this crossbody bag is comfortable and soft. The package capacity is not large enough for daily travel. It can be held in your hand or put on your shoulders at will. The design of the chain adds a sense of metal.

Wholesale Price: US$ 8.32

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If your girlfriend is a game fan. Nintendo’s switch is worth having. Playing games with her adds fun to life.

Nintendo’s switch
Nintendo’s switch

Final words

If you want your love to keep the original freshness, you need prepare some surprises and romances for her from time to time. Gifts could be simple and inexpensive, but they need to  perfectly express your heart. Be considerate and add a festive atmosphere and more fun to your life. Finally, I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Important notice:

Nihaojewelry holiday notice 2021
Nihaojewelry holiday notice 2021

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Nihaojewelry will have a long holiday. If you are interested in wholesale jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day, please place an order as soon as possible. All orders placed before February 1st will be delivered on time. thanks for your cooperation.

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