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Best-selling Jewelry on Nihaojewelry 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and we have counted and configured Nihaojewelry’s best-selling jewelry series for you this year. Some of them may continue to be popular in 2021, providing more references for your purchases.

There are many conveniences for wholesale jewelry online. You can easily and conveniently obtain jewelry from all over the world at very competitive prices. However, the dazzling array of products may also make it difficult for you to choose. In this article, we introduced the best-selling jewelry products this year.

Best-selling necklace on Nihaojewelry 2020

Top1: Letter Necklace/Name Necklace/Initial Necklace

Whether it is a single letter necklace (or initial necklace) or a name necklace, they all appear at the top of Nihaojewelry’s necklace list.

No one knows the origin of the initial jewelry, but the pioneers of this trend can be seen in jewelry at the 14th and 15th centuries. Letter elements have long become the “family crests” of major European noble lords.

These letter patterns were printed on currencies, soldiers’ clothing, family flags and other items, and even began to become design elements of jewelry, which may be the earliest origin of letter necklaces. From royal families to Hollywood stars, celebrities are found wearing this necklace, such as Princess Diana wearing the initials “D” pendant necklace representing her name “Diana” to attend various occasions. Sarah Jessica Parker and Taylor Swift also have a soft spot for it.

Letter necklaces are popular accessories that are indispensable to match clothes today. Whether you wear it by yourself, or give it to your girlfriend/boyfriend to express your love or give it to a friend as a birthday gift, etc., the name necklace is the most romantic and unique gift.

In addition to traditional name necklaces, necklaces made of multi-letter combinations are also very fashionable. Different letters can be combined with one’s own name or representative words to make the jewelry individual. For example, For example, “L.O.V.E” or other monogram necklaces full of love are also the first choice for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day gifts.


Wholesale Constellation Letter Necklace

The constellation alphabet necklace made with constellation name elements is simple and creative. It is suitable for matching sweaters and T-shirts.

Item No.: NHNZ183333

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Wholesale initial necklace with heart shape

Small and exquisite. It uses a single letter as an element, with a love shape, simple and elegant. Choose a representative letter necklace to give to your loved one.

Item No.: NHDP148728

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Top2: star and moon necklace

People are always attracted by the unique charm of nature. The stars are symbols of many religions and cultures, and each moon phase has a special meaning in our own lives. Accessories made with stars, moon and sun as elements are also popular. If you give the star and moon pendant to someone you care about, it means that you hope that the relationship between two people last forever, whether it is love or friendship. This kind of necklace is not limited to gender, suitable for both men and women. It is one of the best gifts for him or her.


Multiple necklaces product with moon, star, heart and other element

Different from the ordinary star and moon necklace, it uses colorful natural stone as the material, and embedded with stars and moon made of alloy. The unique shape makes you feel as if you really saw them in the night sky. It not only enriches the color of the pendant, but also adds to its design.

Item No.: NHNZ140255

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Top3: Butterfly necklace

It is undeniable that butterfly jewelry is particularly popular this year, whether it is butterfly necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Since ancient times, the butterfly pendant has a very good meaning in people’s hearts, symbolizing freedom, love, success and so on. Its graceful and diverse shape are naturally suitable for the modeling of jewelry. Take a closer look at the butterfly necklace series on Nihaojewelry, and you will find that each design is different.

Imagine how elegant and unique a pair of butterflies dancing in your sexy and slender collarbone will be!


Butterfly Clavicle Chain Necklace worn by a woman

Wearing this necklace, you will clearly feel the beauty of the fusion of rhinestones and butterflies. A group of butterflies surround your neck, shining brightly in the sun, attracting everyone’s attention. Available in gold and silver.

Item No.: NHNZ234130

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Best-selling earrings on Nihaojewelry 2020

Top1: Geometric earrings

Geometric earrings occupy a high position in the history of jewelry trends. Metal earrings must be inseparable from geometric elements. Rectangular earrings, hoop earrings, or even irregular earrings, are all innovations based on geometric patterns. Geometric earrings are chic, suitable for casual and office wear. It is even more popular now when the minimalist style is popular. Resin earrings or acrylic earrings also like to use geometric elements.


Electroplating Alloy Geometric Earrings

These geometric earrings are simple in design and available in a variety of colors. The unique electroplating process prevents the alloy material from oxidizing, allowing it to maintain its original color and luster for a long time.

Item No.: NHNZ122123

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Top2: flower earrings

The cute little flower falls on your ears, not exaggerated but enough to attract people’s attention. Even though they are all flower shapes, the designers have made all kinds of changes to them. In terms of materials, acrylic, cloth, metal, rhinestones… each material has a different texture and charming features. It is a good idea to choose the flower earrings you like from the material.


Simple korean flower earrings

These flower earrings are bright in color and seem simple, but they show vitality. The ear studs are simple and fresh. No matter what the style is decorated, they will add a bit of playfulness. A typical Korean style earrings.

Item No.: NHPF147196

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Top3: Butterfly earrings

Like the butterfly necklace described above, butterfly earrings are also very attractive this year. Nihaojewelry’s butterfly hoop earrings and butterfly stud earrings are all in the top position.


cheap hoop butterfly earrings

These earrings are made of acrylic and alloy. Pink, yellow, green, and nearly ten colors are available. Small and cute, it is suitable for everyday wear.

Item No.: NHNZ199809

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rhinestone butterfly stud earrings

Retro style butterfly earrings are made of alloy and rhinestones as the main materials. Exquisite and sparkling, it matches almost any dress and hairstyle.

Item No.: NHXI223706

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Best-selling rings on Nihaojewelry 2020

Top1: Letter Ring

The accessories of alphabet elements can be abbreviations of names, or words with special meanings. This design makes the jewelry instantly have a sense of exclusiveness, as if it is specially customized for you. The letter ring is no exception. You may find a variety of unique letter ring styles on Nihaojewelry.


Golden colored Alphabet letter rings

Different from ordinary thin rings, the design of this letter ring is more personalized and exaggerated. The metal material gives it high gloss. The size is adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about whether it fits your fingers.

Item No.: NHOT200409

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Top2: Ring set

Stackable jewellery is very popular this year. Multilayer necklaces and stackable bracelets are widely shared on Instagram, and ring sets are no exception. It has many styles, including boho ring set, simple ring set, and so on. How to wear it? Rings are usually stacked on the ring finger, middle finger, and index finger. Several rings can be worn on different joints of the fingers so that they are distributed in parallel as a whole.


9 piece simple style ring sets

This is a series of simple style ring sets. Each ring has different design elements, including stars, moons, flowers, etc. Wearing alone is also a good choice.

Item No.: NHPJ223467

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Top3: snake ring

The symbol of the snake can be traced back thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, the snake was an animal representing kingship, and the snake symbolized wisdom. In China, it also symbolizes people’s yearning and expectation for a better life, meaning that people are still growing and changing. The serpentine shape is often used as an element of jewelry and decoration. The totem of the snake is integrated into the design of the ornament, and presents exquisite artistic masterpieces. In the Victorian era, you will find all kinds of snake-shaped jewelry. Now it is back in fashion again.


silver boho snake rings

Snakes have different shapes, as are the shapes of snake rings. Choose the style you like and wear it. The pattern and color of the delicate snake skin also give it new features. When it wraps around your finger, hope you will find the power it gives you.

Item No.: NHGO204381

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Best-selling bracelets on Nihaojewelry 2020

Top1: Bracelet Set/Stackable bracelet

Whether you are wearing a multi-layered bracelet or a mix of multiple bracelets, it is a good choice. Delicate chains, pearls, gemstone bracelets and even diamond bracelets can be beautifully layered with each other. It mixes various elements together, while maintaining a unified style. In the beginning, you may not be able to mix and match various bracelets well. The bracelet set we designed for you solves this problem well.


Multiple stackable bracelet sets

There are multiple styles of stackable bracelets to choose from. Slim cuff bracelets, chain bracelets match together and maintain unity. Each one shows a different style. There must be one that meets the needs of your customers.

Item No.: NHJE183366

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Top2: Beaded bracelet

The beads used in beaded bracelets have various materials and colors. It fully reveals your personality to others. It can also be combined with other jewelry accessories.


Stackable beaded bracelets for sale

This beaded bracelet has various elements, not only beads, but also tassels and other accessories. Beads and metal accessories are mixed together, showing different charms. Black, blue, gray, etc. are suitable for both women and men. It is suitable for bohemian style clothing.

Item No.: NHSC205078

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Top3: cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets stand out among fine jewelry due to its exquisite workmanship and simple design. It has clean lines and metallic texture, which is very attractive. Gold and silver are preferred colors.


simple golden cuff bracelet

The design of the bracelet is simple and it adds a stylish touch to your wrist. It is suitable for all occasions. There are three colors can be selected: rose gold, gold, silver. 

Item No.: NHSC216232

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The list of the most popular jewelry collections is over, and we hope you may find a stylish one you like. Some classic styles are still popular and may continue into 2021 or even longer. And the popular elements will be slightly different every year. For more jewellery trends in 2021, please continue to follow our blog.

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