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2020 Fashion Trends for Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry has always been considered a part of female fashion as most men wore jewelry to portray their status symbol, social position, and their wealth.

In history the Egyptians were among the first group of men to embrace jewelry, the jewelry was mostly used as a symbol of power among the pharaohs who oftentimes were buried with their jewelry.

Jewelry trends among men have been changing over the years and now jewelry is being embraced by large groups of men as fashion pieces. The rising popularity of men’s jewelry has been accelerated by the hip-hop industry which has made the use of jewelry as fashion pieces to be considered cool.

The Popularity of Men’s Jewelry

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In the past masculinity was considered to be a mix of prim and proper, or rough and manly and men wore clothes that enhanced their masculinity.

Though jewelry was worn by men in the old days, the jewelry served a specific purpose. Jewelry was often used as a status symbol and it was not until recently that the trend is picking up pace.

The factors that have led to the popularity of men’s jewelry are the change in perspective of what can be considered to be women’s and men’s fashion.

The traditional and conventional view of jewelry as women’s fashion has changed owing to the crossover of fashion lines more men are experimenting on what would otherwise be considered as female fashion as more women are also getting into trends that would be considered manly.

The men’s fashion week is slowly gaining popularity and a lot more jewelry designers can showcase their pieces to the world. As the world of fashion is mostly based on trends, Jewelry pieces that are considered trendy are making it into the mainstream fashion outlets.

More men are also becoming more aware and in tune with fashion trends and so any item that they see on the runway is what they may be more inclined to wear.

The introduction of a variety of social media platforms has made it possible for regular people to interact with celebrities. Most of these celebrities who may be considered as style icons among men also popularize the trend of jewelry among men, an example is the brooch trend that was seen worn by a lot of celebrities in various functions.

Celebrities such as Timothy chalamet and Chadwick Boseman were among those who rocked the brooches to various award ceremonies and popularized the trend among other men.

The hip- hop culture has been a trendsetter in the issue of men and jewelry. Jewelry has always been a staple among various male hip-hop artists, most of the music videos are characterized by artists rocking huge chains and rings. The celebrity culture hugely shapes the trends that keep appearing today and more people want to wear similar looks to their favorite artists.

Men are also embracing fashion and often, you will find a man completing his look by adding jewelry pieces on. Most men are now combining jewelry pieces that they may consider manly to their look and this enhances their outfit and makes the man look like he put in effort in his dressing and in a sense no man would not want to impress, whatever the occasion.

5 Fashion Trends of Men’s Jewelry

fashion trends of men's  jewelry

Gone are the days where men’s jewelry only included cufflinks, watches, or wedding rings. Most men are now embracing a more fashion-forward mentality and incorporating other types of jewelry into their everyday outfits. Some of the popular jewelry trends among men include:

Metal Bracelets

Before, the popular types bracelets used to be that of thick leather bands but these days men are embracing a minimalist style of wearing a simple chain bracelet or they may opt to stack different materials of bracelets together to create a look.

Statement Rings

Wedding rings were for a long time the only jewelry piece men would wear on their fingers. Today, most men use rings as part of fashion and it is now common to see men completing their looks with sleek rings.

The ring types that have gained popularity in 2020 Include statement rings which are bold and artistic and tungsten rings.

Pendant Necklaces

The minimalist trend of stacking pendants has been a favorite among men when it comes to pairing necklaces to outfits. Most men prefer a more laid back chain piece for a normal day to day look and some may choose to stack various necklaces together for a bold look.

Statement Brooches

Brooches have become a popular way of bringing some personality to an otherwise flat suit look. The trend was made popular in 2019 with a lot of male celebrities choosing to complete their suit looks with a statement brooch that has unique and intricate designs.

Stud Earrings

Wearing earrings as a fashion piece was for a long time considered to be a female thing to do. These days more men are getting either one or both their ears pierced and are wearing either studs earrings as part of their look.

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Tips on Selling Men’s Jewelry Online


The online market is the most competitive market of the current generation. With more brands joining the online platform to sell their products you must provide services that will make you stand out if you want to make a profit.

The jewelry business is growing fast as more people especially men are getting into the jewelry trends. To be able to sell your jewelry online here are some tips that may help you get some direction:

Know Your Market

Before you begin selling any product, you need to identify your target market so that you may know the type of product that the customers need. Knowing the market will also enable you to know the prices to set to make sales.

Choose the Right Product

When you have identified the market study the current trends and offer the products that are currently on-trend. Most people, men included are easily influenced by trends and will buy into what is currently popular.

Set up a Selling Site

Your website is your company’s base of operation should you decide to sell products online. Establish a website that is easily accessible and update it regularly with all the information that the client may need.

Market Your Product

If you want to make more sales from your business, you will need to market your products efficiently. Marketing may be done in different forms and you should, therefore, choose a marketing strategy that will best suit your business. An example of a marketing strategy is using a blogger or advertiser on male-related topics to sell your products.

Offer Unique and Efficient Services

The online market is a virtual selling space and therefore to make more sales, you have to offer services that customers will find irresistible.

Regardless of how good your brand is and the quality of your product, the customer will always look for reliability and so you should avoid instances that will make the customer lose trust in your business i.e. late deliveries, product mix-ups among others.


As the jewelry trend among men increases, both manufacturers and retailers are offering jewelry products that cater to men. To be able to compete in this growing market, you should do thorough research on the jewelry pieces you may want to sell and the market for your products that will ensure you get profit off of your business.

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