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What are the Best Ways to Promote a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a Google subsidiary that enables users to upload videos, rate content and subscribe to various channels of other users, among others. The platform is used by individuals and large corporations to promote and deliver content on their various YouTube channels.

Formed in 2005, YouTube is among the latest media platforms that have taken the world by storm, and almost anyone that has access to the internet can access YouTube making it the most popular platform for video-based content in the world.

Why You Need to Establish a YouTube Channel for Your Business?

youtube channel for your business

Over the years, YouTube has gained popularity among creators and viewers alike, and the reason can be attributed to its simplicity. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it is safe to say that YouTube has the largest viewership just after Facebook.

We’ve all watched one cat video or a cute toddler laughing at one point or another, and for a while, YouTube has been a great source of entertainment for most of its viewers.

The rise of content creators who use the platform has greatly put YouTube on the map as a great marketing tool for businesses.

The power of YouTube as a marketing tool is in the numbers, the number of hours an individual spends on YouTube and the number of users per day is reason enough to want to utilize the platform to promote your business.

This is because the platform offers a wide reach and for a business finding where your audience spends most of their time on the platform is important.

With most people using YouTube for entertainment, some of the users find YouTube to be a great source of information that is easy to understand. For some users, logging in to YouTube is intentional, and most of the time, the viewer is looking for a solution to a problem.

For a business, making your brand visible on YouTube by offering a solution is important as the viewer will be more inclined to find out what your business offers that is going to satisfy their needs.

In this aspect, you will need to ask questions from your customer’s point of view and try to answer the questions in your content. At the end of the video, a customer should be able to be inclined to buy your product.

A blog and written content are cool, but you may be astonished to find out that most people will prefer watching a YouTube video than reading content.

A customer will most likely watch a video describing a product that read some content about the product. This fact makes YouTube an easy and effective way to attract customers.

Almost all other advertising platforms require you to pay some amount to promote your business, but YouTube is free and very easy to set up.

It is also a level playing field for most businesses as one viral video can catapult your business to great levels as the video link can be shared among all other social media platforms and therefore attract a huge audience to your business.

YouTube is also a great platform to act as a landing page for your business SEO. The platform offers you the option of tagging your business to attract customers by using keywords which are indexed by the search engines, to enable customers to find what they are looking for easily.

YouTube makes customer engagement easy as the viewers have the option of liking a video, sharing and even commenting. This will make it easy for you to establish a relationship with your customers, and you will be able to easily know what they need from your business and how you can satisfy their needs.

Tips on How to Establish a YouTube Channel

how to create your youtube channel

YouTube is a simple and straightforward platform that is easy to start and operate all you need is some internet and phone, computer or video camera. Some of the tips to enable you to establish your own YouTube channel include:

  • First, create a Google account by signing in with your business email.
  • Sign in to YouTube using your computer or phone. On the YouTube platform, there is a link labelled sign-in on the top right corner of the page.
  • Click a link named my channel on the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on use business name or ‘other name’ icon.
  • Enter your business name then click create.
  • Click on the customise channel icon. Here you will insert a business icon, add channel art and a brief description on the channe
  • Add channel managers.

After the site is set up, you may now start uploading content on the platform. To begin to ensure that you have a plan on the type of content that you want to put out.

Dedicate a set time and days for uploading the content and ensure that you produce content that will attract customers to your channel and business.

10 Best Ways to Promote a YouTube Channel

Due to the large numbers of people using YouTube in a day, the platform is a great place to promote your business but to be able to do this; you have to have an idea of some of the ways which you can easily promote your channel for more views.

Some of the tips you can use include:

Use Google keywords that can easily pop up in a Search Engine Optimisation. To do this, you must find out what the users are searching for and by using keywords that match your content.

Use engaging titles. These titles should be short and descriptive and give the viewer a feel of what you are offering. Since the title is the first thing, the customer ensures it attracts the customer by arousing curiosity.

Since YouTube is mostly a visual platform, your thumbnails should be eye-catching and make the viewer keen to know what you have posted.

Have your profile page looking consistent as changing the content will quickly make your customer loose connection with the channel. Keep a regular colour scheme, and layout as more people are more likely to stick to what they are familiar with.

Before uploading a video, make sure you have content beforehand. Make sure your video can offer the viewer with answers to questions they may have and make it entertaining enough for them to stick through the whole video.

Ensure that the videos you produce are of high quality, both visually and with high sound quality. Ensure you include all the necessary video clips and edit out the parts that are not necessarily important. Make your videos short, informative and entertaining.

The best part about YouTube is it also allows for customer engagement. Always make sure that you interact with the viewers in the comments section.

Work with well known YouTube content creators to promote your brand and YouTube channel. This may mean partnerships and joint YouTube videos with some of the top names on the platform.

Stay consistent with your content. This may mean uploading content regularly to ensure continuity. The viewers need to be able always to feel your presence on the platform.

Use contests, giveaways, and QandA are to engage your viewers and ensure that the giveaways are related to your brand to deter people who may only want free stuff. Also, ensure that you adhere to YouTube regulations on the same.

FAQs about YouTube Channels

Can I use YouTube to promote a business?

By setting up a business YouTube channel, you will easily be able to promote any content about your business as long as the content is in line with the policies that have been set by YouTube.

Is it easy to set up a YouTube channel?

Since YouTube is a widely used platform, there is a lot of information on how to set up a channel, and the process is simple.

How often should I post on YouTube?

To be able to maintain a steady amount of content, you may post one to two videos a week averagely, but this may even be more times depending on what your goal is.

What is the difference between a personal YouTube account and a business account?

Only one individual runs a personal channel, but a business channel may have several people in a team working on one channel.

Is YouTube free to use?

Yes, YouTube is free for both individuals and businesses, as long as you have access to the internet.


The online platform attracts a huge following, with most people finding new and innovative ways to get information and be entertained. YouTube is the second-largest platform in the world with a huge user base and therefore is a good way to reach a wide selection of customers for your business.

With the right content and the right SEO options, it is possible to easily market your products online and grow your business to great lengths; you only need to know what your customers want and find a way to answer their questions.

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