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Weekly Recommendation — Hand-beaded Hair Accessories

It’s been a long time since I recommended you cheap and cheerful products. Today I will bring you hot hand-beaded hair accessories for you. We have an abundant collection of different styles of hand-beaded hair accessories, you will definitely find you desired hand-beaded hair accessories.

Sponge Hand-beaded Headband

sponge hand-beaded headband

This kind of hand-beaded headband is so popular. It’s full filled with beads, and it’s wide-brimmed. If you want wholesale some trendy hair accessories, I highly recommend this headband.

They have four colors for you to choose from. Wearing it to match with one tube top dress, it’s perfect!

Twist Crystal Hand-beaded Headband

twist crystal hand-beaded headband

This kind of hand-beaded headband is not wide, it combines with crystal. It’s more suitable for gentle girl. It can match with one flower dress.

Pearls Hand-beaded Headband

pearls hand-beaded headband

Pearls has always been widely used in fashion jewelry industry. Therefore, pearls hand-beaded headband is a must-have item. Nihaojewelry provides different styles of pearls hand-beaded headband, don’t miss it!

Colorful Hand-beaded Headband

colorful hand-beaded headband

Colorful jewelry has always been sought after by many people. Colored hand-beaded headband is so shining, cheap and cheerful headband you will get at nihaojewelry.com.

Slide Hand-beaded Hair Clips

hair clips

This kind of hair clips is simple but trendy. It tends to korean style. There’re also other shapes at nihaojewelry.com, like star, heart, chains, circle… If you’re obsessed with the collection of hand-beaded hair clips, you should have this!

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