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Things Need to Focus on about Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are functional or ornamental objects wrapped, tied, twisted, inserted, or otherwise attached to the hair. Hair accessories can add extra spark of glitz and glamour on your hair. Add flowers, headbands or tiny stars to take your hair style to the next level.

In this article, you can know different types of hair accessories and get the popular styles of hair accessories.

Different Types of Hair Accessories

There’re too many different types of hair accessories, Next I will list them and introduce some popular hair accessories.

Headband Accessories

People can use the headband to update their look, which works with any hairstyle. It has many different styles of the headband, such as sport headband, silk scarf headband, a simple metal headband, and more. Therefore, headband accessories also are an excellent choice for women who are concerned about fashion trends.


Classic and elegant – Barrettes are simply great on any occasion. They are suitable for all hair lengths, girls with bangs, short hair, long hair, and more. They have a secure lock, which usually springs open to release. It’s indeed fun and convenient item to own today.


Although some girls don’t seem to show their interest in it, tiaras are beautiful when worn by any girl. They work well for different hairstyles. You can wear them with your hair up or down, and they would look great! Nihaojewelry has many tiaras in-store; they are simply fantastic for dressing up on fun occasions and more.

Pearl Bobby Pins

Whether you’re at a wedding or only looking for a formal way to accent an updo, try some pearl bobby pins. They are so sophisticated and easy to add.

Instant Bun Makers

The best hair accessories to use when you are running late for college, office, or any meet up. This will help in making a bun in just a couple of minutes, and it also makes you look smart. Messy buns are very common these days, which are very easy to make using these instant bun makers.

Metal Ponytail Ties

Want to look at a little classy and glamorous? Use them to tie your hair, especially when you are thinking of making fishtail braids or even regular braids. This gives you a very ramp like the dashing look.

Hair Brooch

They will go best with Indian attire, especially when you are attending a wedding or any kind of cultural festival. They give an extremely royal outlook and establish a style statement wherever you go.

Hair Combs

A perfect hair comb with precious embedded stones is more than just a hair accessory. It’s beautiful and perfect for someone wearing a white gown and walking down the aisle. But you can put them on other occasions.

Hair Scarves

Whether you decide to wear your hair down, pull have of it up or put all of it into a ponytail, you can add a bit of color and personality to your hair with the help of a scarf.

This gives you an exceptional look. You can also buy normal scarves and fold them and use them as a hair accessory. It gives you a retro look blended with modern styles.

Hair Scrunchies

It’s so popular. And it has many different styles. Whenever you go to work or attend a party, wearing hair scrunchies is a better choice.

Hair Accessories for Different Occasions

At Work

Work attires require professional-looking jewelry, and therefore you need to keep the hair accessory minimal. If your hair has loose strands, wear functional hair accessories like hair pins or headbands. In case you are wearing a bun, you can tie a silk scarf to prevent it from getting messy. You can also use ribbons to tie your ponytails.

Party Outfits

For parties, you can try out different styles to reflect your personality. If you’re in the mood for a badass look, studded bands or rock leather. In case you want to look cute, you can try the lace headbands rhinestone hairpins.

If you’re going to look classy and elegant, try silk headscarves or pearl hairpins. If you want to make a chic statement or start a conversation, wear a fascinator, wide embellished headbands or tiaras.

For Day Parties/Events

For picnics, you can wear hairpins on the side of your head or flower headbands. For casual day parties like brunch, wear unique materials like feathers, sea-glass hair-pins, or semi-precious stone-embellished headbands.

You can also wear clips or hair-pins. For formal parties like work lunches or dinner, wear elegant hairpins, thin headbands, or clips. You can try embellished ones, but don’t overdo it. For fancy day events like art openings or cocktail parties, you may even go a little overboard and wear fascinators or broad embellished headbands.

At Weddings

wedding hair accessories
Wedding Hair Accessories

If you’re the bride, you can wear a large flower-pin on one side of your head or a or headband. Try pearls, crystals, lace, and flower appliqué.

Another good idea is to wear a bridal comb that you can attach next to your bun, or at the side or back of your head. Multi-wrap chains or pearl strings also look great next to buns.

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How to Wholesale Hair Accessories?

Know Your Products

Before you get to wholesaling hair accessories to sell, you first out to know what products you want to make. Do you want to sell hair clips or headbands or both.

If you’re starting and you’re not sure what types of products to start selling, then you ought to take a few days or weeks off to do market research.

Know Your Customers

Next, it is identifying who your hair accessories will be. If you want to sell, you’re better off starting with a niche market and expanding to other lines as you grow.

Know the Hair Fashion Industry

The other part about wholesaling hair accessories is knowing more about the hair fashion market. Take note of what people on the streets are wearing on their hair.

Best Wholesale Hair Accessories Suppliers


Nihaojewelry is one of the most incredible hair accessories supplies that can never fail you. If you need hair accessories for short hair, long hair, curly o straight hair, you can be assured to find them at Nhaojewelry. The supplier has both the latest and seasonal brands in the market.

Nihaojewelry sells quality hair accessories are affordable prices. You can make profits without having to make increased prices. They ship products to different manufacturers in the world.


DHgate is considered one of the largest and cheapest online cheap hair accessories supplies wholesalers. They specialize in wholesale hair accessories supplies and also provide an online shopping alternative.

This company can be your go-to brand if you’re on a budget. The reason they are cheap is their products are sourced from China, where material and labor costs are low.

Global Sources

Global Sources is the oldest company on this list as it has been operational for the past 48 years. It is a B2B platform serving buyers and suppliers both online and offline. They have unlimited hair accessories.

Light in the Box

This global online retail company was founded in 2007 and had been shopping products directly to customers ever since. They have a wide selection of hair accessories, all priced favorably.

That can be a disadvantage given that you’re less likely to get the variety of hair accessories you need from them because they are focused on other businesses.

However, from the 100+ pages of products, one can say that they are still doing a good job. Overall, you ought to get what you’re looking for using the search function.

Inca boasts over 40 years of experience in the supply of wholesale hair accessories. They are dedicated to providing nothing but the best. No wonder they have been successful in the business. They have partnered with the leading manufacturers in China. This means they acquire their products are factory pricing.


So, buy any of the above hair accessories as they are going to be useful and trendy and you can make major fashion hairstyles with them. From the headbands to the embellished bobby pins, there’s no doubt these pieces will take your hair accessory game to the next level.

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