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Hot Hair Accessories in Summer 2020

Stylish hair accessories has always been sought after by people, especially in summer. This year, besides continuing the previous fashion trends, many hair accessories also add interesting and special elements, which set off a new wave of fashion.

Looking back at the trend of hair accessories in recent years, like colorful hair clips, pearl hair accessories, flower hair accessories and so on. Want to have something special in hair accessories in this summer? Today I will recommend you the most fashionable hair accessories to make you shinning in summer.

Bow Hair Accessories

Don’t think the bow is the symbol of sweetness and cuteness, no matter what style you are, you can handle it. Bow hair accessories are especially popular among people. When you attend a party and event, or have a daily appointment, bow hair accessories is a perfect choice.

Organza Headbands

Organza has been widely used in the fashion industry. Organza headbands is a hot item in this summer. It combined with many other popular fashion elements, like pearls, printing and bows… When you wear a French polka dot dress with one organza headband, and a pair of shell earrings. You can image that, it must be stylish!

Solid Color Headbands

Solid color headbands is simple but practical. They can match all different styles of clothing. So you can buy in bulk with different colors. Nihaojewelry provides different kinds of solid color headbands, welcome to purchase!

Vintage Headbands

Vintage headbands is sought after by fashionable people. This year, vintage headbands get wider and thicker. Many fashion people will also use it to match clothes of the same color.

vintage headband

Pearl hair clips was hot last year, so vintage pearl headbands come this year. It’s fairly suitable for attending a formal occasion, making you more elegant.

vintage pearls headband

Like Princess Kate, she really likes wearing vintage headband when attending the event, which makes her more elegant and gentle.

vintage headband

Vintage headbands can match with all different styles of summer dresses, it can highlight your whole style, French and charming.

vintage headband1

Hair Scrunchies

Another very popular hair accessory is the hair scrunchies. Flowers, plaid and polka dots… Nihaojewelry will present all kinds of hair scrunchies for you.

A high ponytail with wearing a hair scrunchy will look very cute in hot summer. And a low ponytail with wearing one hair scrunchy is also stylish, it looks more graceful.

Word Clips

Word clips is the first choice for office ladies. Wearing word clip can make you look more capable. And it also can match your evening dresses, wearing diamond earrings will make you more charming.

Fashion Catch Clips

The times have changed, and the catch clips that we once considered old-fashioned have now become fashionable items that are madly sought after by beautiful girls. Don’t think that it is only suitable for daily look, it can also interpret modern, cool, retro…

Final Word

Fashion is a reincarnation, here’re all hot hair accessories in summer 2020, which are all available on Nihaojewelry, not only high quality, but also cheap price. Just move on!

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