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How to Find the Best Hair Accessories Suppliers in 2020?

Accessories are what complete an outfit, and it’s no exception with hair. A bow can make your outfit look trendy and girly while a clip made with pearls adds elegance to your outfit. With that in mind, there are many reasons to get into the business of selling hair accessories. It is lucrative, and there is something for everyone’s hair under to sun.

Hair Accessory Trends of 2020

Oversized Headbands

What was once meant for toddlers has now become a hair accessory trend your Instagram feed is likely all too familiar with. This season, headbands are dominating the hair scene, in part because it’s a foolproof way to up your hair game ( even hairstyle-challenged folks can take part in it ) and in part, because it gives us Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl vibes.

We’re getting endless inspiration from celebrities and influencers alike who are making the perfectly placed band look chic, put together, and downright stylish. The beauty of this trend? Its versatility.

Throw a headband on top of polished curls, a messy low bun, or even a high ponytail. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can double up on trends and opt for a pearl-studded or floral headband.


Probably the simplest of the hair accessory trends to incorporate into your routine? Bows. Whether you go big or go dainty, use them as a hair-tie for a bubble braid or rock a half-up half-down style, bows look good on virtually anyone. And because they come in a wide variety of sizes, there are endless possibilities to create a polished, classic look.


This popular 80s hair trend is back, and it seems we’re not the only ones happy about it. Scrunchies are more of a fashion statement today than they were when they first made their debut ( when people simply used them to get their hair out of their face at home ), but this nostalgic style has proven to be both fresh and functional. Wrap one over a messy topknot or stack a few on the wrist for a ” VSCO girl ” vibe.

Pearl Bobby Pin

A pearl bobby pin is truly a must-have hair accessory for summer 2020. And no, not only for when your bangs grow out and you can’t get it trimmed. Bobby pins are easy to style, easy to place in your hair, plus have the longest fashion life span.



Wrapping a bandana around your head for fall? It’s more likely than you think since bandanas were some of the more common fall 2020 hair accessories.

Want to know more fashion trends about summer hair accessories, view Hot Hair Accessories in Summer 2020.

Best Hair Accessories Suppliers

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square is yet another of the credible hair accessories suppliers that can never fail you. If you need long hair accessories, short ones, curly or straights ones or any design, you can be assured of finding them with this wholesaler.

Even if you need seasonal brands or the latest brands in the market, you can find them all. Theirs are quality products going at affordable pricing. This makes it possible for you to make profits without having to increase the price much. Their shipping mode is effective.

Before a product is packaged, it is double-checked. This leaves a zero chance for a wrong product to be shipped your way. And if a wrong product is shipped, though the chance is slim, it will be returned at the cost of the company and you don’t pay anything.


Nihaojewelry has an extensive variety of the latest and classic fashion wholesale hair accessories in the market. The company has been in business for a long time and has proven themselves in the industry when it comes to providing quality products and at affordable prices.

Nihaojewelry has more than 2000 lines of wholesale hair accessories. The company ships all over the world and has zero MOQ. The good thing still, is that you are allowed to order for any quantity you need. They do not restrict you to a minimum order and any customer’s needs will be met. is another of the few suppliers that know their stuff. They are known for the supply of quality and affordable products. It is another supplier that can never disappoint when it comes to the supply of wholesale hair accessories.

You get more discount when you buy in bulk. And there is one rule with this supplier; there is no order that is too small to be shipped. In their platform, you can find more than 140000 accessories all available in the quantities you need. This means you can never fail to get the designs you are looking for.

Wona Trading Inc.

When it comes to supplying hair accessories, Wona Trading Inc. takes all the cake. Ever since it was established in 2004, it has never failed to impress its customers. First, it is with the quality, and then their pricing. They understand that a combination of these two aspects is what keeps customers happy.

Another thing that keeps them relevant in the field is the fact that they keep bringing new designs to the market. It is with them that you can find the latest trends and even seasonal hair accessories. Their huge selection also ensures that you find all that you need for your customers.

Rose Wholesale

Often times, one’s general appearance determines their confidence. If you want to stand tall and confident, in part, you have to work on your hair. Rose Wholesale believes that you don’t have to dig deeper into the pocket to enjoy this advantage.

With them, every amount counts and can never be too small. They thus are there to offer the solution most people are looking for. And that is cheap yet quality products that can speak for them. That is basically what RoseWholesale have been doing for the years they have been in the industry.

If you need hairpin, hair bands that are elastic, flower for your hairpins, ribbon hair bands, winter headwear or anything related to hair! You can be assured of finding with them at the best price in the market. If you purchase in bulk, you can save more with them as you will get better discounts.

Inca boasts over 40 years of experience in the supply of wholesale hair accessories. They are dedicated to providing nothing but the best. No wonder they have been successful in the business. They have partnered with the leading manufacturers in China.

This means they acquire their products are factory pricing. With that, they are able to supply their products at low pricing. They are passing the savings right to their customers.

One thing about this supplier is that it is more interested in selling in wholesale. They thus target retailers or resellers. And since they know you are buying to resell, they understand that you need profits to run your business.

Accessories Palace Inc.

Accessories Palace Inc. has been in the wholesale supply for 23 years now. In their warehouse, you can find thousands of products of different designs. For hair accessories, you can find the latest designs, seasonal hair accessories as well as the trending ones.

You can always find the product you are looking for. Every time a new hair accessory hit the market, it is soon acquired by this company and updated in their product catalog. They are sourcing their products from established manufacturers in the region.

These are the manufacturers that don’t compromise with the quality of their products. With that, every product that you buy from them meets the standards. With pricing, they offer the best price and you thus get the best value for your money. You even get better deals when you buy more.

Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading is another supplier with a proven track record in the supply of quality products all at affordable pricing. They have various designs of hair accessories in their warehouse and you have a big chance of finding the specific design that you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for hair accessories for parties, or any other design in mind, you can find them here. All you need to do is get to their website, search for the ones that excite you and place an order. The more you buy, the more you save. This is because you get better discounts when you purchase in bulk.

Tips on Buying Hair Accessories Online

tips on buying hair accessories online

Learn Your Products

Before you decide to venture into selling hair accessories, you need to know what you want t sell. Do you want to sell hair clips, bows or scarves? Conduct some research on what is trendy on the market.

Check to see what types of hair accessories are on demand. You can go for the unique accessories that are only seen by few suppliers but are still selling.

Material of the Accessories

It is also important to check on the quality of the material before making a purchase. Ensure that the materials are soft and safe. Ensure that the materials cannot cause irritation for your customers.

Check the Price of the Accessories

When it comes to purchasing any product, businesses tend to go for cheaper products. However, ensure that you get quality for any price. Some of the best suppliers with affordable prices are found in China. Consider ordering in bulk so that you get amazing discounts.


Hair accessory is a profitable business and there are plenty that go into selling them. The article has shade some light on some of the most important things you need to consider before deciding to venture into the businesses. The suppliers above are also very reliable.


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