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2020 Jewelry Trends to Help Improve Your Business

When it comes to jewelry, there’s timeless and then there are trends – and today we are talking trends that can enhance your business. What’s fun, stylish and up-to-the-minute for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings?


Layering bracelets and necklaces, and stacking rings, is red-hot for 2020. With necklaces, you can go bold or delicate. The difference in lengths can be dramatic or subtle. The goal is to be unique. Create a story, suggests Hollie Winter sales associate Ashley Lunsford.

You can pull together an amazing layered look with your child’s birthstone, a diamond pendant from your grandmother and a chain-link necklace. The combinations are endless.

When you layer bracelets, try a chain link, a tennis bracelet and a bangle ( or two! ) to create a personalized look. For rings, stacking is a sophisticated, contemporary style that allows you to showcase more than one ring. Don’t be afraid to mix stones – stack those diamonds with an emerald band for a cool pop of color.

Incorporate other trends as you layer. From the 1980s, the personalized touch is making a big comeback with initials, names and meaningful dates or phrases. From the same era, chain-link necklaces and bracelets are once again very on-trend.

Mixed Metals

We know, Mama always said to stick to white or yellow gold – no mixing! But times have changed and mixing your metals is a great look. Necklaces, bracelets, rings – as you layer, feel free to mix the metals.

It’s much more fun. Just pick the pieces you like and wear them. Rose gold is not quite as popular right now, but if you like it, you should add it in. Yellow gold earrings, paired with a stacked combination of white and yellow gold bracelets and a white gold ring? You bet!

Big Hoops

For earrings, Ashley gives us two words: big hoops. The best thing about this trend is the adaptability, she says. You will look equally fabulous wearing them with a cocktail dress or paired with a denim jacket.

Hoops show off well with a low, sleek ponytail – and bigger ones go great with loose waves. Go with a medium hoop for work or casual, and go huge for a fun night out.

In keeping with the layering trend, these earrings look fantastic with multiple ear piercings – wear your large hoops in the lobe and smaller hoops and studs up the side of your ear.

Charm Bracelet

Each year charm bracelets take over sales and 2020 will be no exception. This charm bracelet has been charming customers in recent months. It’s expected to continue selling well throughout 2020.

Recently, it’s generated over 17,400 orders proving it’s a powerhouse for jewelry online. Jewelry products like charm bracelets have been popular for years.

The keyword “charm bracelets” gets about 110,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. So, this jewelry category isn’t going away anytime soon. To promote your charm bracelet, you can run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Personalized Letter Rings

Personalized letter rings are all the rage in the jewelry products world. Personalization has always been one of the most popular trends in this niche and this ring is no exception. Customers can choose to purchase their initial to wear around their fingers.

If their name is only a few letters long, they may choose to buy each letter in their name ( or nickname ). In recent months, over 4,000 orders have been placed by customers for these things. You can promote these rings on a jewelry store or even a personalization store where you sell products that can be personalized to the customer.

To promote these rings, you might partner up with an influencer who takes custom photos and videos of the rings that you can use in your ads.

Pearls and Pearls and Pearls

Considering the fact that we’re in the twenties, it’s no surprise that this timeless gem has come back full circle. While you can still choose from different necklace lengths such as the opera, choker, or princess, there’s more than one way to wear a pearl.

In line with the trend for minimalism and wabi-sabi, irregular pearls such as baroque pearls and keshi pearls are now lending their unique shapes to jewelry. Admire their look- and feel empowered about their message of imperfect beauty.

Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip hop jewelry started growing in popularity in 2019, we saw the rise in chains, blinged-out jewelry and more. In 2020, jewelry products with a hip hop flair to them will continue to rise. For example, this blinged-out personalized pendant for necklaces.

Personalization is the absolute hottest trend in 2020 with various categories offering custom products. But in the jewelry niche, personalization is always a goldmine.

Your customers will order the letter that means most to them, so be sure to have a note box on the product page so that they can tell you which letter they’d like to purchase as they order from your website so you don’t need to contact them to check. To promote your hip hop jewelry, you can target people who are interested in hip hop or streetwear clothing brands.


In 2020, we’ll see a rise in jewelry products like lockets. Lockets are jewelry that can open and unveil a photo or message inside. One of the best-selling jewelry products right now is this You Are My Sunshine locket.

On the outer part, the pendant is a sunflower. However, the locket opens to reveal the message “you are my sunshine”. In the past 30 days, this locket has generated over 2100 orders proving its rapid popularity. Other styles are available with other messages such as “in a world full of roses, be a sunflower”.

How to Grow Your Business with New Customer Trends

jewelry trends

Retailers know how important it is to drive customer engagement — a business’s success depends on customer retention, growth and ultimately sales.

Use Data Insights to Reach Customers Effectively

Your business can benefit from Leveraging customer data to track engagement in turn purchasing preferences and Identifying trend to help inform business strategy development.

Building strategy around consumer trends, while remaining flexible enough to pivot as the landscape evolves, can significantly increase engagement.

Build a Community

Creating connections and generating user engagement can also help a brand become a community rather than just a company. Not only is this a way to increase customer engagement, but it’s also key to standing out from businesses with similar product offerings.

Smaller retailers should capitalize on their size to make direct connections and separate their company from big-box retailers.

Learn from Customers

Sourcing feedback from customers and adjusting sales and marketing strategies and/or tactics accordingly also helps customers feel listened to and valued.

Learning from customers can pave the wave to building meaningful connections—enabling consumers to play a role in how a brand conducts business and helping them feel like their feedback can make a direct impact. To learn from consumers on an ongoing basis, consider implementing a quarterly survey to identify customer preferences.

Amplify and Enhance Web Presence

Another way to build a loyal customer base is through constant, 1:1 interaction. Adding features like chatbots to a website creates an always-on business persona and provides customers with constant access to a brand.

Leveraging services from my partner company, I implemented a chatbot to meet this customer preference and I’ve noticed a significant increase in engagement since adding the feature to my site.

Want to know more about price strategy for jewelry business, view Pricing Strategy Tips for Jewelry Business Profitability.

Final Word

Now that you have known the 2020 jewelry trends, look for the bets niche to stock up your business. Some of the styles above have remained trendy for several years so you don’t have to worry about dead stock. However, you need regular research and update your business to stay relevant in the market and keep customers coming.

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