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Top 8 Wholesale Sunglasses Suppliers

Sunglasses are popular accessories among different people irrespective of gender. The demand for sunglasses increases as summer draws near as a fashion accessory under the scorching sun.

Sunglasses are mean much more for fashion enthusiasts. They have different designs and colors to go with different outfits. Therefore, sunglasses are undoubtedly a promising business for any retailer.

Whether you plan to conduct your business offline or online, you have to get a wholesale sunglasses supplier.

wholesale sunglasses China
Wholesale Sunglasses China

Tips for Finding the Right Supplier

  • Check the Sunglass Market

Nowadays people busy sunglasses not only to protect their eyes, but also as a fashion accessory.

You can conduct research online or go to different stores to understand the fashion trend and choose the products that will appeal to your business and target market.

  • Market Experience

While looking at the wholesale sunglasses supplier, you need to look at the companies with the best experience in the industry.

With years of experience, you will know that the supplier is trustworthy and makes high-quality products. Experience comes with knowledge.

They will be well versed with the market trend and will update you on any trending item that comes up. To get a trusted supplier!

  1. Verify the supplier’s contact information.
  2. Look at the customer service provided by the supplier.
  3. Check the supplier’s track record from other retailers.
  4. Conduct an inspection after making a purchase.
  • Look out for too Cheap

As a retailer, budget is important in business planning. In that case, pricing is very important to any business. If the offer is too good to be true, then it is not true.

Make a good market research and make an informed decision. Business planning does not mean that you choose price over quality. If you want a good wholesale sunglasses supplier, do not aim for the cheapest but quality options.

Where to Buy Unique Sunglasses

Nihaojewelry homepage

Nihaojewelry is one of the leading dropshipping wholesalers in China. The company delivers to more than 100 countries worldwide.

You get to wholesale sunglasses at an affordable price. Trendy and fashionable sunglasses are added every day.

Nihaojewelry never disappoints when it comes to quality. Cause they have their own factory and production chain. You are assured of quality wholesale sunglasses.

Additionally, there is no MOQ requirements at Nihaojewelry. So you don’t have to worry about the capital if you choose Nihaojewelry as your wholesale sunglasses supplier.

  • Olympiceye Wear 
Olympiceyewear homepage

Sunglasses are your favorite companion when it comes to stepping out under the sun. If you are looking forward to providing the best quality sunglasses to your customers, then this is the wholesale site that you need to visit.

Here on this site, you can get all styles and designs of sunglasses that you may be looking for. Fulfil the demands of your customers by ordering from this site.

The huge collection of sunglasses on the site is surely going to leave you confused. You can search for the products based on categories. One of the best qualities of the site is that it provides you with the latest technology based sunglasses at a much affordable rate. 

The site also allows you to order in bulk, which can prove beneficial to you. Before, you can start ordering you need to register on the site.

  • Chinabrands
Chinabrands homepage

If you are still wondering where to buy sunglasses, Chinabrands is one of the best options for you. Chinabrands have a wide range of sunglasses, and all of them is at wholesale prices.

No matter you are looking for cheap sunglasses, qualified sunglasses supplies or other goods, you will get what you want from Chinabrands. Suppliers at Chinabrands will be able to offer you fully automated order fulfilment services, ensuring you spend less time on processes and more on customer satisfaction.

Chinabrands has warehouses in different parts of the world. It means that you don’t have to worry about your shipment taking too long.

  • Glasses Factory 
Theglassesfactory homepage

This supplier has more than 20 years of experience. This means that you can buy quality wholesale sunglasses from them.

Glass factory ships to Europe, Australia, America, and other countries around the globe. The supplier currently has 6 product lines and three branch factories. 

Some of the products manufactured by the company include Fashion sunglasses, folding glasses, wood & bamboo glasses, etc. The manufacturer develops 2000+ new styles each year.

  • City Sunglasses
CitySunglass homepage
City Sunglass.com

City Sunglass has been yet another good site to get wholesale sunglasses. This site is quite reputable among many people. The site has unique styles and designs of sunglasses that are not with many suppliers.

The sunglasses are budget-friendly, let alone with the quality. If you need to provide your customers with quality but unique sunglasses, check out the City sunglasses. The site also holds weekly fashion sales where you can get the products at a much lower price.

  • CTS Wholesale Sunglasses
CTS Wholesale Sunglasses homepage
CTS Wholesale Sunglasses.com

The next supplier to look for unique sunglasses is CTs. The site will offer you cool designer sunglasses. The products are put under different categories.

You can get enormous discounts that will increase your business profit margin. You can request a sample and check on the quality. There is no minimum order requirement for the purchase.

  • Miami Wholesale Sunglasses
Miami  Wholesale Sunglasses homepage
Miami Wholesale Sunglasses.com

Miami Wholesale Sunglasses are experienced wholesale sunglasses supplier located in San Diego, USA. You can be assured of getting premium quality designer sunglasses.

The supplier features stylish and quality sunglasses at wholesale prices. With a simple design, Miami Wholesale makes the process of purchasing easy. You can look forward to wonderful customer service.

  • Noble Designers

This list cannot be complete without mentioning Noble Designers. The site offers a variety of wholesale sunglasses from Dior to Burberry and many more.

However; you need to register on the site in order to check the details of the products. The process of purchasing is quick and you can order whatever you need. If you need authentic designer sunglasses, this site will be of good help.

At Last:

These are some of the best suppliers you will not be disappointed dealing with. If you want to grow your retail business, look at the mentioned sites and it will be one of your smartest decisions.

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