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Top 6 Wholesale Scarves Suppliers From China

Fall is on the horizon which implies that it is the time for people to enlist their autumn wardrobe. There is no cold fashion accessory more important than a versatile and comfortable scarf.

From a classic plaid design to an oversized style, scarves can add an entirely new element to an outwear.As a business person, you need to find a supplier who can deliver quality scarves.

wholesale scarves
Wholesale Scarves

This article will help you know how to find the best wholesale suppliers in the China market and some of the best scarves suppliers you can work with.

Tips on Finding the Best Wholesale Scarves Supplier

  • Check the Market

Look at the scarves in the market. Does your target market need Pashmina, fleece, cotton, chiffon or cashmere scarves? What are the bestselling colours?

Look at the season you are planning to sell the wholesale scarves. Look online at the performance of the online stores and see fashion trends.

Do not overlook the offline retail market. The social media platform is a good platform to understand the fashion market. Dig in to see what is good for your wholesale scarves market.

  • Check the Vendor Type You Need

Before you start looking for wholesale scarf vendors, decide the type of vendor you need. This includes manufacturers, wholesalers or dropship suppliers.

Manufacturers would be the best choice if you want your wholesale scarves customised to your liking. Wholesalers can be both suppliers and manufacturers.

The fact that they source scarves forms different manufacturer means that their prices are costlier as compared to manufacturers. Drop shippers offer different products at wholesale without minimum quantity.

  • Company’s Compliance

Look for a company that complies to the various safety standards to ensure that you don’t end up with scarves that are made of harmful materials.

This means that the wholesale scarves supplier should be fully licensed to manufacture, outsource of distribute the various scarfs.

Top 6 Wholesale Scarves Suppliers

a. Nihaojewelry

wholesale cheap scarves

Nihaojewelry has been supplying fashion accessories to more than 50 countries. The platform has fashionable and trendy scarves on their catalogue to meet your fashion needs.

All the production chains are completed in its factory and special inspection is done to ensure that the scarves are of good quality.

Shipping is made within 7 days, so if you need a quality wholesale scarves supplier, you need to visit nihaojwelry. Check out the trendy scarves on this platform that range from $2 to $5.

You can get cotton scarves, silk scarves, linen scarves, satin scarves, chiffon and many more scarves. With live chats, you can get fast and responsive customer service.

b. Alibaba

 Alibaba homepage

Alibaba is one of the popular B2B platforms that provide different suppliers for wholesale scarves business. From the platform, you can find numerous wholesale scarves suppliers that showcase high-quality scarves.

You need to know that the wholesalers require customers to buy on a minimum basis. The processing time for bulk products can take up to 20 days.

In this case, you will have to make a more accurate order forecast for the suppliers to arrange accordingly. If you know the minimum number of scarves you need, check the platform and you will not be disappointed.

c. Chinabrands

Chinabrands homepage

Chinabrands are one of the best wholesale scarves suppliers in china for quality and affordable scarves. The company offers quality services, from B2B to dropshipping.  

Chinabrands have a wide range of wholesale scarves, and all of them is at wholesale prices. No matter you are looking for cheap scarves wholesale or wholesale scarves in bulk, you will get what you want from Chinabrands.

With more than 200 warehouses in the world, shipment is made within two business days. The platform provides the best and competitive prices for all businesses including cotton, cashmere, silk, Pashmina and many more.

d. Hkscarf.com

HKscarf homepage

For fashionable and affordable wholesale scarves, HKSCARF is one of the platforms to visit. The platform offers discounts and coupons for orders done at wholesale.

Once you register and get qualified, the platform offers free delivery to their customers. The platform offers a minimum order of $100 or 20 units for every customer as they offer wholesale scarves in bulk.

But unfortunately, they do not offer a sample. Making the payment is easy with the use of visa, MasterCard, Maestro, America Express, and western union.

e. Yiwuscarf

Yiwuscarf homepage

Yiwuscarf is a company from China, which is focused on wholesale scarves business. The company is involved in designing, developing and manufacturing and distributing scarves.

You can find a variety of cheap scarves wholesale from them. Their main products including pure silk, polyester, rayon, nylon, cotton, acrylic, and mixture fabric scarves, are all with very low price but satisfied quality.

Yiwu is a well-known commodity market for customers all over the world including Europ, America and Asia. To purchase wholesale scarves in bulk, Yiwu is a place you can’t miss.

f. Hktdc.com

Hktdc homepage

HKTDC was created in 1966 to help different business in Asia and offer a platform to showcase them to the world. The platform helps both medium and small scale businesses to take their business worldwide.

The platform product line includes classes of pure silk, rayon, nylon, cotton and a mixture of fabric scarves. Working with great manufacturers mean that they get to sell their wholesale scarves with good discounts.

For your wholesale scarves in China, this is one great port of call website to find quality supplies of scarves in China. You can contact these suppliers on this platform and request quotes for your products.

All scarves are in stock, and the shipment is made within 24 hours. This does not include custom and branded scarves. The company exports to more than 50 countries in the world.

At Last:

Scarves are the trendiest and fashionable accessories that will never fade away. Choosing the right wholesale scarves supplier is important for your wholesale scarves business.

Conduct your research well and select the best supplier that goes hand in hand with your target requirements. Many platforms can be suppliers for your wholesale scarves business. Above are top wholesale scarves suppliers that you need to consider.

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